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  1. I actually tried this a couple of years ago. See http://the-superspec-journey.blogspot.com/2016/09/gave-her-good-wash-yesterday-and.html I just replaced one side and then took the car to the Greetham classic car meet to ask for opinions. It was unanimous, everyone preferred the originals, much brighter and easier to see. However, I will admit they were cheap Chinese ones off E-Bay so maybe it wasn't a valid test compared to the CBS ones.
  2. Did you not have the original door hinges ? I simply fabricated some brackets from stainless steel and put them on the same bolts as the original door hinge so I could continue to put the doors on if required.
  3. Yes. See https://www.greatbritishsportscars.com/blog/gbs-cars-amp-coffee-event-update As I'm over 70 I won't be there
  4. until
    Grown out of the 'Horsepower at the Hall' this takes place at the Newark showground
  5. alanrichey

    Stilton Cheese Run

    The annual Stilton Cheese Run from Uppingham to Stilton
  6. alanrichey

    GBS Coffee & Cake

    Regular open day at the GBS factory.
  7. The most important thing to check is the V5. Make sure it is correctly registered as a Robin Hood. If not, then walk away Later: Ignore this, I just did an MOT check on the number plate and it does come up as a Robin Hood.
  8. Fitting wind deflectors was the best thing I ever did. Ever since then I have not used the doors except when I am leaving the car out overnight when rain is forecast. When I had both doors and top fitted I found it very claustrophobic, noisy and with very limited visibility. Without the doors the environment is transformed and no different to driving without the top. Obviously if the rain is horizontal you will get wet, but so far that has not happened to me. It took 2 attempts, as you can see from the picture the first ones did not go down far enough and the wind still came into the cockpit. So I made some longer ones. I haven't bothered to shape them to fit the car profile, but probably should have done. I just mounted them on the same hinges as the doors, using scrap pieces of stainless steel. In that way I can still put the doors on when required.
  9. Hi Had forgotten that, one of the penalties of getting old Cable in the post, looking forward to seeing your trace. It will definitely show if the lambda sensor is working or not. Al
  10. True Although your profile simply says Robin Hood as your car, we are assuming you actually have a 2B Superspec ? If so the 3-pin cable is not available commercially any more, so we Superspec owners have all built our own. Although I see that someone has actually built one and it is available on E-Bay, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rover-MEMS-Classic-Mini-Land-Rover-OBD-Diagnostic-CABLE/303464172974?hash=item46a7dfcdae:g:Lu0AAOSwn~JdoHGK However, I have a spare one I can lend you for a short time if you PM me your address. Having said that, your problem could be a fuel related and I am not sure that would show up on the analysis, but it is certainly worth checking. You might be one of the very few Superspec owners to have a working lambda sensor before checking If you haven't downloaded the PC software it is at http://www.rmrsoft.com/mems-scan.zip Let me know how you get on Al Later: I see I made the same offer back in September but never received a reply ? Did you get the message ?
  11. Standard 2B Superspec, with the 'T' series Rover 2L.
  12. Yes, 12-15 times (I lived in Naples for 3 years and every visitor had to do it ) but that was my pre-kit days so I did it in a Volvo estate. My advice is to it in a right-hand drive car. Doing it in a left-hand drive is very scary, and you are lucky if you still have a wing mirror at the end of it.
  13. It’s a shame that they have prevented cars leaving before the end. I had made a new year resolution to not attend any venues that implemented this practice, but at least it isn’t an early start. And resolutions are meant to broken, so count me in
  14. I don't know if this helps you but it shows all the possible alternator connections.
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