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  1. OK, decision made. As it's so cold we won't do our usual 'al fresco' picnic, we will go indoors Venue is the Buttercup Tea Rooms for coffee and a snack. (LE7 9FE, https://buttercupstearoom.co.uk/). Meet up at 12:00 on Tuesday 25th Jan. Anyone fancies a run out, see you there, Al
  2. Fair point. PM your availability and I will try and arrange one that suits you.
  3. Like a few of us I haven't SORNed my car for this winter and it looks like the next couple of weeks are the reason, as the weather looks nice and settled. Thinking of doing our usual run out and picnic lunch next Tuesday/Wednesday (25th/26th). No destination yet, depends on where people are coming from, but we tend to go somewhere with in 50 miles of Stamford at the moment. Anyone wants to join us, even in a tintop , let me know.
  4. Have you not downloaded the IVA Manual ? I’m sure it must be in there.
  5. I believe GBS were given a government grant a couple of years ago to design and build an electric kit car. Haven't heard anything since, so maybe they filed it under 'too difficult' ?
  6. Good, thanks for replying. So far we have 32 owners which is good total.
  7. Very happy to lend you my spare one. Just need to figure out how to get it you. Happy to meet you half way (from Tamworth) if that helps. Don’t need a ‘deal’, just need an excuse for a run out
  8. Can’t help on the return line as the my Superspec is fuel injected so uses it, but I have a very effective breather system. There are two breather pipes, a small one (3mm) on top of the tank that deals with the day to day running, preventing a vacuum forming in the tank as you use the fuel. In my case it simply vents into the boot area although I suppose it really ought to have some sort of valve to stop fuel coming out in the event the car is rolled. The second is a much wider (10mm) one that goes up to the filler cap and joins the main filler tube about an inch from the cap. This allows air to flow out of the tank during filling and allows me to use full pressure on the petrol pump rather than dribbling it in.
  9. Cracking day out. Weather was a bit chilly but we all wrapped up well and were fine. Watched the Lancaster taxi, impressive sight but I don’t think I would spend £385 to join them Museum also we’ll worth a visit. Weather for the next 2 weeks looking a bit iffy so might be Nov before we get together again. Watch this space.
  10. Now the Corby Glen Sheep Fair is done & dusted, it’s time to look ahead. We are now planning to go to the Lincolnshire Aviation Museum next Thursday 14th to see the Lancaster taxiing. If anyone fancies joining us drop me a message for details. Al
  11. What a cracking day, blue skies all day, plenty to do and see, lots of people attending. I guess it was a combination of the weather and the desperation to go somewhere We only managed two cars as our other 2 regulars were stuck by lack of petrol. But Derek/Mo and I enjoyed it anyway. Some lovely cars, although the picture of the 4 cars was taken first thing in the day before the hordes descended on us. By lunchtime you could not move. The poor organiser was on his first time and was hopeful he might get up to 20 cars. Little did he know I reckon there were over 50 by early afternoon. Lincolnshire won't be closing down over winter so watch this space for the next meet.
  12. Unless you are talking about something else, the carbon fibre rear end on the Superspec is not the real thing, it is actually plastic, it just looks like carbon fibre
  13. Those aren't the standard seats that came with the Superspec, we have ex-Vauxhall Vectra Recaro seats. I guess the reason you are getting this problem is that the Superpec has a specially lowered floor to allow for tall people. Are the seats on runners ? Ours are, so that means we can bolt them directly to the floor. Also we don't have the harness holes in the headrest that you have. Sorry, that doesn't really help you much Al
  14. Great day. Weather was just about perfect for driving (I covered 86 miles, although some of that was caused by road closures and unplanned diversions). Then we managed to spend almost 3 hours just chatting. Nice to get everyone back together after quite a gap. Next meet is the Corby Glen sheep fair on 3 Oct, although weather looking a bit iffy at the moment.
  15. Hi Peter Sorry, mistyping, I meant camber not castor. In fact my self centring borders on brutal. If I am in a turn and relax my grip on the wheel she will snap back to straight ahead instantly. One of the reasons I am loath to change anything
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