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  1. alanrichey

    HELP!! Building a Super Spec From Rolling State

    Forgot to mention I have a huge collection of documentation relating to the SuperSpec that AndyW and I have gathered from the Internet over the last few years, along with 8 newsletters I issued late last years to all Superspec owners. PM me with your e-mail address if you would like to have copies.
  2. alanrichey

    HELP!! Building a Super Spec From Rolling State

    The steering column is from a Mondeo.
  3. alanrichey

    HELP!! Building a Super Spec From Rolling State

    Including at least 4 Superspecs
  4. alanrichey

    Rover MEMS

    Well done. I would have bet money it wasn’t the ECU, just shows how wrong I was
  5. alanrichey

    Rover MEMS

    Are you sure it hasn't changed COM Ports as it is a new one? You need to look in Device Manager on the PC to make sure. More importantly, how does the engine run ? Has it solved the problem ?
  6. alanrichey

    Rover MEMS

    Good news, keep us informed of progress
  7. alanrichey

    Rover MEMS

    That's a useful list. It will take time but you could check all the relevant (2.0L pre-1995) MKC numbers on E-Bay making sure there is no cross on the face of the ECU (MEMS 1.9) and there is only the single plug connector and it has been unlocked. Most of the ones I looked at had a 30-day return policy so if it doesn't work you can send it back.
  8. alanrichey

    Dashboard cutting

    Vinyl covered MDF
  9. alanrichey

    Nearly ready

    Knowing the work you have put into the build and seeing the car a couple of times during the build I would expect it to sail through. Best of luck. (Mine was also SVAd through GBS)
  10. alanrichey

    Website feedback thread

    Minor point, but the 'Load More Activity' button appears even if there is nothing left to load, i.e. if you are looking at all unread messages and only one is displayed. Can it be greyed out/removed if there is nothing left to display ?
  11. alanrichey

    Website feedback thread

    Looks fine for me now, thanks
  12. alanrichey

    Website feedback thread

    Desktop and 1600 x 900 (Default for most 17" laptops I think ?)
  13. alanrichey

    Website feedback thread

    I'm getting an overlap of the title and my details in top right corner. This is in Firefox and Chrome, it is OK in EDGE,
  14. alanrichey

    "cheap" Chinese Gauges

    The latter. I normally have my iPhone mounted with a Satnav app running for speed limits. I must admit it also has the drawback that there is no built in odometer.
  15. alanrichey

    "cheap" Chinese Gauges

    I fitted one of these (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-Digital-GPS-Speedometer-HUD-Head-Up-Display-Overspeed-Warning-UK/153123570619) over a year ago as a temporary fix when my speedo cable broke. The sensor is built in, it just needs a 12V supply. It's still going strong over a year later (and 2 MOTs) and I love it. Best £18 I ever spent.