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  1. You would be very welcome, particularly as two of my stalwarts can't make it (booked holidays before checking ). There will be food stalls in the fair, but I normally take a packed lunch. Up to you.
  2. After a last minute cancellation yesterday as a rain band refused to move out of our area, we did a quick 24-delay and went today. We went back to one of our favourite places (mainly because they don't charge for parking ) in the grounds of Burghley House near Stamford (of Horse Trials fame). Our trip times vary between 35 mins and 60 mins so we each get a good run in the cars. Since we were there last they have closed our normal parking field but have built a brand new, large car park in the grounds. So we parked up in there (still free) and as it was quiet set up there for a picnic. As you will have noticed it has been a beautiful day so it was great just sitting there and catching up. (Note: There are actually 4 cars, Derek & Mo's 2B is hiding behind mine Most of us a busy for the next 2 weeks so it looks like our next meet will be the Corby Glen Sheep Fair on the 8th October, although we may sneak in a one-off in the preceding week.
  3. As is customary at this time of the year as the season closes down, we are invited to display our cars at the Corby Glen Sheep Fair (https://sheepfair.co.uk/. Post Code: NG33 4NW This is a classic small village fair, with food stalls, craft stalls, dog show, fun fair, morris dancing and classic cars. We have been displaying our cars here for 10 years (ever since I moved into the next village ) and will do it again this year. For a small village show it often attracts well over 50 cars of all shapes and sizes so it is well worth attending. In particular it is unusual as it is free and you can arrive/leave whenever you like. I'll post more details nearer the day, so put it in your diary.
  4. A classic village fair
  5. The Club has recently stocked up with some flyers. If anyone is thinking of going to a car show where they can usefully distribute them (we normally slide one underneath the windscreen wiper of any kit cars not displaying our sticker ) just let me know and I will send you 10 copies (the most I can send under a second class stamp). Al
  6. You may have noticed I have implemented a new option on the blue banner called 'Useful Sites'. At the moment it has PDF copies of the recent magazines, the old NW Group pages that still had some very relevant information, a link to some build blogs and, not surprisingly, a page for Superspec owners that I have edited. It would be nice if we had similar pages for the other models so people don't have to search the whole database for useful information on their car. So if anyone would care to look after pages for the 3,3A,Exmo,2B... please let me know. And if anyone knows any other good build blogs to add please let me know as well.
  7. Another month gone by, and this one was fairly quiet compared with previous months, although still showing the same pattern. Only 32 members were up for renewal and 24 of them stayed with us. To balance that we had 5 new members join us: GIWRS (Paul) Chorley Darrell B20 (Moritz) Germany Me Paul Dalton Deal nelmo Jimmy Jago (Anthony) Sandy Me Kenner (Andrew) Featherstone Grim So welcome one and all. Al (Membership Secretary)
  8. alanrichey

    Exhaust Wrap

    I've always had it on mine and I am reasonably certain it helps to keep the air in the engine bay cooler, thereby helping the overall cooling system. Doesn't disipate it of course, simply moves it to outside the engine bay. Also my clutch cable passes between 2 of the pipes so that helps it to not melt I was grateful for it one day when my lower water hose blew off 60 miles from home and I was able to reach through and reattach it without getting third-degree burns, So on balance I think a good idea Al
  9. Sorry, can't make it this year, 4000 miles away.
  10. July was a bit of a seismic month. We had 46 members up for renewal and only 30 actually renewed, which was a bit of a disappointment. But on the other side of the coin we had 11 new members sign up, which is close to a record for me, so that is really good news. So a big thanks to all the returnees and a welcome to the following new members. As usual it is username (with Christian name in brackets is it isn't obvious), location and Area Sec. jga_uk (John) Banbury apgodden Chris Doncaster grim Nigel Crockford Harborough Magna richyb66 Mark Jarvis Dawlish Warren (Devon) Robbie2B Mark Harwood Oulton Me Neill Martin Lincoln Me Dave Nelson Wiveliscombe apgodden Kevin Lugget Duns soupstone Tony Horley nelmo Shed Ross on Wye richyb66 Tickover (Graham) Leighton Buzzard Me/apgodden Cheers Al (Membership Secretary)
  11. Better today, we managed 5 cars. And there were a few more on the other stands as well, but nowhere near as many as normal. I think people were put off by yesterday, and anyone from the North was still drowning Better luck next year.#
  12. Just been given permission to go again tomorrow as weather looks better Hopefully see a few more of you.
  13. Well that was fun Here is the Club Stand at 11:00 this morning: Just two Alan's (Me and alantoon). That was actually 1 more than I expected. It was also 1 more than the GBS Club Stand and 2 more than many of the other stands. Basically it was raining continuously so the outside was a washout. I gave up soon after so I don't know if anyone else pitched up. It was actually quite a pleasant journey up and back as the rain was not very heavy. Since fitting my wind deflectors I have no need of doors so even though the roof was up it still felt quite open. Just a bit disconcerting when I went through puddles (My exhaust is on the passenger side) when the whole car would fill with steam for a few seconds and fog up the inside of the windscreen. I am also finding it more and more difficult to get in and out with the roof up as I get older and stiffer. The inside was better, a full complement of stands in the exhibition hall, with half of it dedicated to manufacturers and half to retail stalls. Although the staff probably outnumbered the customers. Here's a few pictures: Let's hope the weather is better next year.
  14. I’m not sure who is camping. There are quite a few banners around with people, hopefully one of those will be going on Friday. Anyone else planning on going on Friday ?
  15. Same with me I'm afraid, black clouds all around.
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