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  1. alanrichey

    Huntingdon weekend 29/06/19

    Can only make the Saturday I'm afraid. Someone else will have to eat my Sunday breakfast
  2. alanrichey

    Superspec springs upgrade

    I think you will find GBS can sell you the brackets as well. Be very interested in the result, as that sounds very stiff to me. I actually like my very soft suspension
  3. alanrichey

    Huntingdon weekend 29/06/19

    I think I already paid from a post in April. Do you have a list of those that have paid ?
  4. alanrichey

    Pinto immobilizer

    The Superspec comes with a ‘crash’ switch to cut power to the fuel pump. If it is reachable a sharp tap on it acts as an immobiliser. Could be applied to any car.
  5. alanrichey

    Fame at last!

    I’m next to you so I will bask in the glory as well Are your rear lights legal ? I thought they had to be red glass even if the bulb is red ?
  6. alanrichey

    Another Super Spec cooling question

    That looks like the standard fit before Andy’s modification. On most of our cars that results in a running temperature of 70-80C, so we blank off the grille a bit to get it nearer 90C. interesting you say it works with the bonnet off. So maybe the problem is just that the hot air cannot escape from the engine bay. I have put some marine louvres on mine to try and help it. Or maybe try lifting the back of the bonnet up a bit to provide an escape route. The modification is to reroute the 20mm pipe so it goes into the bottom hose instead of the top of the rad. But that only affects warm up time, not the steady state temperature.
  7. alanrichey

    Superspec Steering Column Bush

    I may be wrong but I don't think we have any Superspec owners on the forum who are running the DOHC engine, so you might not get a reply.
  8. alanrichey

    Superspec clutch cable

    Only £15 on E-Bay
  9. alanrichey

    Superspec clutch cable

    If it's any consolation, there are 2 types of Superspec owners. Those that have had a clutch cable break and those that will have a clutch cable break. The clutch is inherently heavy because of the design, although mine got a lot lighter recently when I replaced the clutch cable. When I took it off I couldn't actually make it move, it had just seized up. So my car is on it's 4th cable (and I still carry a spare in the boot). Luckily they are freely available on E-Bay.
  10. alanrichey

    Superspec clutch cable

  11. alanrichey

    Petrol smell

    This happened to me, identical symptoms. First thing I did was to remove the boot cover, the tunnel top and the bonnet and then start the engine. It was obvious the smell was coming from the tunnel area. It turned out the leak was coming from the join between the plastic red/yellow fuel lines from the back of the car to the green, wider fuel lines that went to the engine. Because the original builder had just pushed the plastic lines inside the green ones without inserting any sort of metal insert, just tightening the clamps simply squashed the plastic pipes and did not make a proper connection. There was no sign of a physical leak, it was just a gradual buildup while the car was sitting in the garage.
  12. alanrichey

    Ground clearance

    Mine is 3" after winding up the front suspension, but I have fitted a sump guard and I still catch it occasionally.
  13. The Superspecs all have a reinforcing piece of steel 80mm x 3mm across the width of the car to which the rear bolts of the seat (and the bottom seat belt mounting) are attached.
  14. alanrichey

    Corby Glen Sheep Fair

    https://www.sheepfair.co.uk/ PM Al Richey, Lincolnshire Area Sec for details.
  15. alanrichey

    Stamford Car Show

    (requires registration) http://stamfordcarshow.co.uk/