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  1. alanrichey

    Clutch Cable Setup

    The Superspec was notorious for breaking clutch cables. The reason was traced to the fact that where the cable entered the pedal box it changed direction by about 10 degs and then attached to the pedal. This meant that every time the pedal was depressed the cable was put under a sideways tension. Once they are modified to remove that bend and the inner cable stays perfectly straight then the problem goes away.
  2. alanrichey

    MT75 Clutch Fork and Release Bearing

    Again, the Superspec ones are incredibly loose. I think RHE were playing safe as a 'locked' arm would make the clutch operation near to impossible. All they have done is put the arm on the bolt, left about 3mm of thread and then put 2 nuts on the bolt .
  3. alanrichey

    MT75 Clutch Fork and Release Bearing

    Permanent feature of the RH Superspec . RHE used some home-made release bearings and did not appear to make any effort to attach them to the fork. I been wondering for years why mine is clattering . Although I have the opposite problem, mine rattles when I am in neutral with the clutch pedal up, thus allowing freedom of movement to the bearing. Don't really understands why yours does it the other way, when in theory, as you put the clutch pedal down the bearing should be trapped between the pressure plate and the fork and thus unable to move.
  4. alanrichey

    Lincolnshire Meets for April

    Nice lunch, here are the Robin Hoods at the Robin Hood
  5. alanrichey

    How do I attach a photo

    Phone pictures run to about 3-4 Mb so they exceed the 1Mb limit. You need to resize them to get the file size lower. Lots of way of doing that, just Google it.
  6. alanrichey

    Lincolnshire Meets for April

    No preferences so I'll make an executive decision for Saturday, Time TBD. Still only 3 of us, any more ?
  7. alanrichey

    Lincolnshire Meets for April

    No, I'll decide tomorrow so I can book a table.
  8. alanrichey

    Lincolnshire Meets for April

    Weather looking good for the weekend, so who fancies a pub lunch ? I'm suggesting The Robin Hood pub at Aslackby ( NG34 0HL on the A15 between Bourne and Sleaford). It's actually the Robin Hood & Little John pub but that does not seem so relevant Any preferences for Sat or Sun ? So far we have 1. Me 2. Nigel and Helen
  9. alanrichey

    Lincolnshire Meets for April

    Good run out to the 'Gearheads at the Ground' and a good start to the season. The drive was perfect, a bit of mist and low cloud and chilly, but with being wrapped up nicely it was great, and the engine loved the cold air. Also a perfectly timed return trip, getting home 40 mins before the arrival of the rain from the East. A good turn out the Showground with cars of all shapes and sizes and a lot of visitors. Good to see Nigel and Nick. Also had a Zero there, identity unknown. Weather looking good for a pub lunch next weekend. Watch this space for an update next week. Al
  10. alanrichey

    Dashboard cutting

    Mine has been sounding like it's at death's door for 6 years
  11. alanrichey

    Dashboard cutting

    Looking good. As a matter of interest do you have the Superspec clutch rattle (engine running, gearbox in neutral, clutch released) ?
  12. alanrichey

    Brake lock-up

    Certainly agree that squeaky shocks is pretty standard for the Superspec (if you still have Zimmers fitted), but I am not aware of any brake problems. I have locked them a few times but only when heavy braking on wet/gravel roads.
  13. alanrichey

    Lincolnshire Meets for April

    Sounds good.
  14. alanrichey

    Lincolnshire Meets for April

    Looks like Spring has finally arrived so time to get out I know most of the Lincolnshire (and honorary Lincs members) are on the Stilton Cheese Run on the 28th, but that is a bit too long to wait. Subject to weather I think I will visit the 'GearHeads at the Ground' meet at Newark Showground at 10:00 on Sunday Apr 07th https://www.facebook.com/events/608698709555946/ and take a picnic (£2 entrance fee for charity). If anyone who hasn't been before fancies going then PM me for details. That leaves the W/E 13/14th to see how the weather goes for maybe a pub lunch (I assume Easter weekend is for family get together )
  15. alanrichey

    Gearheads at the Ground

    Newark Show Ground. See https://www.facebook.com/events/608698709555946/