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  1. I have always assumed it was a standard Sierra one as we definitely use a Sierra handbrake lever and Sierra brakes. But from what you are saying it has nothing to do with the cable. Your problem seems to be seized cylinders. AndyW has recently experienced the identical symptoms so I'll leave it to him to talk you through it. What was the serial number of your new pads ?
  2. Adjusting the camber is not easy. You have to break the top joint and then rotate the 'cup' to move it in or out. From memory I think a single 360 rotation equates to 1/4 deg.
  3. Alan, Can you help with part numbers for the U,J,s on the 05 Superspec, The gearbox is Ford MT75 and the Diff I beleive is Ford Sierra.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  4. I should have trusted my weather record more. As you may have noticed the weather front that was supposed to hang around all day, marched quickly east and was clear of our area by 09:30. So I drove down at 10:00 and the weather was fine up to about 15:00, although a bit chilly. I took this photo at 10:30 and as you can see, we had a grand total of 5 cars rather than the normal 40 or so. Although, to be fair, once other people realised the weather forecast was totally wrong we got about 6 more during the day. Anyone recognise the car next to me ? Al
  5. Even I have to admit this looks to be a non-starter. If there is a magical clearance I will go down, otherwise I will go down in the tintop and explain.
  6. Don't forget to take plenty of pictures of the build. Depending on the state of the car you may have to disassemble some of it to take pictures of the parts that the IVA inspector will not be able to see on the completed car.
  7. I don’t think they cancel it if the weather is poor. Sheep are used to rain I will make my decision on the day. But don’t worry about not coming if it is pouring down, the organisers will understand.
  8. Hi Alan whats your e mail address photos of memsscan too big to post on forum

  9. Crank Position Sensor come loose/unplugged ?
  10. 40Mb of stuff e-mailed When you get around to looking at my MEMS diagnostic software let me know and I will lend you my spare data cable. I will be interested to see if you are the first Superspec owner to have a working lambda sensor !! I think your closest Superspec is AndyW over at Kempston, about an hour's drive. Have a look on the Member Map to see all the other 2bs.
  11. I just checked the wiring diagram (the original one) and it shows the -ve wire goes to Pin 25 on the ECU (Ignition ) and the +ve wire (via a 10A fuse) to Pin 11 on the ECU (ignition sensing) and the second +ve wire just plugs into the engine loom with no indication of what that represents, but I assume it is simply an ignition switched live. No sign of a 3rd one. Also checked AndyW's wiring diagram and he shows the same, with the added extra that the -ve wire also goes to the tacho. We know from historical posts that there were 2 different marks of Escort instrument panel and RHE issued an addendum to the wiring that changed the wiring to the tacho. So it's all a bit of a mess. I would still like to see a MEMSScan logfile while you crank the engine just in case it shows anything obvious. Have you tried just feeding the +ve side with a 12V supply direct from the battery ? Later: Thinking more about it, if you are getting 12V on the positive terminal then the answer if probably that the fuse on the wire leading to Pin 25 has blown. So the ECU is not sensing the ignition has turned on and so does not provide the spark. (As Graeme suggested)
  12. This is one of the many documents I sent out to all Superspec owners. My offer to send them to you still stands Superspec Newsletter Six.doc As you will see, my car sounds like a bag of bolts with the clutch out, but has been like that for 23,000 miles
  13. To my embarrassment I think I am probably the only one that hasn't modified my cooling system. Other things keep getting in the way But I promise I will do it eventually. For Daniel, Andy describes the modification at https://www.rhocar.org/index.php?/forums/topic/45243-cooling-system-modification/&do=findComment&comment=382237
  14. Rimmer Bros should always be your first call for all things Rover. They are showing a 'throttle body to intake seal' at https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-LR024989. There isn't a picture so you need to call them to confirm it's the right bit. Also, I know Dean (deano266) had to replace the same item so I would drop him a message asking where he got it. Cheers Al
  15. 1. OK, see what you mean. These are not Superspec-specific, all the cars with Sierra front hubs have the same system. Not sure if those have an 'official' designation, basically they are just a length of pipe that fits over the bracket, is bent through 90 degs and then the wing is either stuck to them with Sikaflex or bolted on. Here is a picture of mine. You will see I have used the 'bolt' method. Also, it's difficult to see but my original builder drilled holes through the pipe and the mounting brackets to make a good solid fit. 2. There is no bell end at the other end, it is simply the end of the silencer. I have replaced my heat shield with a bespoke one, but I am sure there are other owners who still have the standard silencer they can show you. And I'm afraid I have no idea where Robin Hood sourced the silencer, but to be honest any silencer should do. Here is mine, and as you may have read in my blog, I have blocked off one of the outlets as I find the engine runs much better with a bit more back pressure. 3. My original builder was one of a very few people who fitted the windscreen pre-IVA. I suspect because he didn't realise the consequences (it meant he had to fit wipers, washers and demisters as well) I am sure everyone on the forum would recommend you do NOT fit the windscreen until after the IVA. Al
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