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  1. think it's a bit misleading when people say you have door on the wrong side. What they mean is that it is back to front, i.e. the 70 deg slope end goes to the front and you have it at the back.
  2. Does it crank at full speed ? I was having starting problems recently but that was slow cranking because of a dying battery.
  3. Depends on why you want it. I decided I needed it when I working on the wiring and kept having to disconnect the battery. As I would always have the bonnet off so it made sense to put it close to the battery. But if you think you will need it when the bonnet is on, or you use it as a security device then you will have to put it somewhere more accessible.
  4. Same here. Mine is decidedly scruffy, but is now 12 years old with 23,000 on the clock. The only way to keep them looking good is to lock them in the garage and only bring them out for car shows.
  5. Lower seat belt mountings springs to mind.
  6. Rimmer Bros (https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-CRC3949R) have a replacement at £100. I replaced mine after trashing my old one (don’t ask) and it was fine except the thermostat switch at the bottom. It comes with a single use washer which is now unobtainable. I blocked it off and bought one that fitted into the top hose. BTW, ‘Superspec’ not Super Sport
  7. I've promised my 5-year old granddaughter she can have my car when I pop my clogs (provided she trains as an engineer, of course). I said that based on the fact that with a stainless steel chassis and body it should last forever. However, there is one weak point in the car which is the Sierra suspension trailing arms, and although I rarely venture out in the rain and keep the car garaged, I assume that it will eventually rust away. Is there any mileage in applying some sort of preservative/underseal ? If so, any recommendations ?
  8. Just simple nut and bolts (with plastic covers) for me. Lasted for 12 years so far with no problem
  9. Just put normal edging strip along the edges. I did mine a year ago and although the shield gets hot the strip can take it.
  10. Lovely mid-week picnic at Rutland Water for the Lincolnshire (and affiliates) retirees Have to make the best of the good weather. Looking for this Sunday for the working members, I'll message you all the details.
  11. I know your details say you have a ‘Super Seven’ but do you actually have a ‘Super Spec’ ? If so this is a known problem with this design. Various suggestions have been made: 1. Poor earthing (Add an extra earth strap between engine and chassis) 2. Overheated starter motor (I have added a tube from the front of the car pointing at the motor to try and keep it cool) 3. Poor battery (fit a new one) 4, Ignition advanced too much (in theory the ECU programming is at fault) 5. Tolerances to tight between starter motor and flywheel (Not much you can do about
  12. Thanks. I hate to pre-judge the weather but at the moment Sunday is looking poor so may have to make it Saturday (Kerry, I know that rules you out). Stand by for a late decision.
  13. Burghly House at 12:00 is the plan at this stage.
  14. OK, 16th it is, more details to follow. Dave/Kerry: will you be solo or +1 ?
  15. Thanks I'll give priority to the 'workers' first so watch this space.
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