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  1. I've arranged good weather for this Sunday (25th) for the Show (http://stamfordcarshow.co.uk/). For those coming, don't forget to print up your instructions and that the recommended donation to charity is £5. As in previous years we are just on the left as you enter the Meadows. Show starts at 10:00 so probably a good idea to be in position before that time. See you there Al
  2. alanrichey

    Stalk Question

    My indicators and hazards use individual relays, so when some water got into the indicator relay and they stopped working, the hazards still operated.
  3. Not likely. I used a T-piece to drive an oil gauge and a pressure switch. You just have to make sure the connectors are correct size. The Rover engine uses M10, not sure about the Pinto. (Just search Amazon for 'oil pressure t'
  4. Afraid not, but it is a standard Sierra propshaft, so I guess they can be found.
  5. The full title of our car is "Robin Hood 2B Superspec" Maybe with a "05" after. So we are talking about the same model.
  6. Andy and I both have the same filter but in different places. Just follow the fuel lines through the tunnel and to the engine and you should find it. As Andy said, the filter is NOT a clear plastic one, it is a metal canister about 6” long and 3” diameter.
  7. I told you in my post, check the MAP (Inlet pressure) and see if it behaves as I described. Disconnecting the battery will kill some of the memory but the important stuff is held in non volatile memory so isn’t lost. The fuel filter is where the original builder put it, there is no stock answer. i really can’t help more until you run MEMSScan or MEMSLogger on a decent journey and post the log file.
  8. Does anything show up on MEMSAnalyser ? Check the MAP, You should see 3-6 psi at idle climbing to 15 psi under load.
  9. Looking good, we all learnt from that Now we just need to see your log file from MEMSScan
  10. I recall seeing a SuperSpec kit (unfinished) where the bottom of the rear coilovers went through a specially drilled hole that was offset from the 'dish' in the trailing arm. On the other hand mine are perfectly lined up with the 'dish'. Maybe there are different designs of training arms ?
  11. No need for a relay, those are for high power applications (horn, lights, fan....). The coil will be low power so a direct feed is sufficient.
  12. I did a search for the Escort Mk7 instrument cluster and it suggested that Pin 18 is an ignition switched live (output). So I guess that makes sense if that is the primary source of power to the coil. It also explains why I couldn't find it linking to anything as it probably connects internally to the 12V ignition input to the cluster. You have probably burnt out part of the circuit board. You just have to find the gap and solder a jump wire. Or, if you can't find what has burned out all you need is an alternative source of ignition-switched live and join that to the coil.
  13. Cable in the post. Once installed you will be able to test the 2 relays using software. Not sure if you know already but the data port is a floating 3-pin plug near the ECU with a rubber cap.
  14. This is an interesting point. I initially assumed it was something to do with the rev counter, but when I got a spare instrument cluster I drew up a diagram for the printed circuit board on the back. At first check that pin does not appear to be connected to anything on the cluster. That doesn't make much sense (although this a Robin Hood we are talking about ). I didn't follow it up (if it ain't broke don't fix it), maybe I should. Because the Fuel pump doesn't run when the ignition is switched on I still think the problem lies with either the Fuel Relay (I had one fail on me), or the ECU Relay. As I said before, if you can hear the stepper motor operating and the ECU relay switching off 10 seconds after the ignition is switched off then the problem is the Fuel Relay If not then it is the ECU relay. And swapping each one with the Horn Relay (which is what I did), will solve the problem.
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