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  1. Have to miss it I’m afraid, on holiday. Recommend it though, cakes are very good
  2. Thanks, but It's always been here On the menu see Useful Sites > Build Blogs.
  3. https://www.gov.uk/check-vehicle-e10-petrol Not much help to Superspec owners though The other problem for us is that while the site can tell you about the engine, it doesn't tell you about your fuel lines, which may or may not be E10 compatible. I still use E5.
  4. The purpose of this post is to explain how we use your personal data and how you can opt out if you wish. The member database is a password-protected Excel file on my computer. Only my deputy and I have access to it (my deputy in case I go under a bus). The database contains name, address, membership number, expiry date, e-mail and forum username. We do not store any other personal details. It is backed up weekly to an on-site hard drive separate from my computer. There are only 3 occasions when any of the data is released. 1. Four times a year the full name and address of members getting a hard copy of the magazine are released to the printing Company who print and distribute the Club Magazine. 2. Each month I post a ‘Welcome to New Members’ on the forum that gives just forum username, the town they live in and their first name if it isn’t obvious from the username. 3. The Area Secretaries are given name, forum username and town in order that they can contact members in their area. We believe that is the minimum required for the Area Secretaries to operate efficiently. Now that we have introduced the option of receiving the magazine as a PDF file, which is sent through the forum message system to the member’s e-mail address, I am quite happy to remove the postal address of any member who has opted in to that system. Just let me know. And if anyone does not want us to store their address at all then again, let me know. Just be aware that in that case you will not be able to receive a magazine or be informed of any local meetings. I regularly purge the database, removing any member who fails to renew. I should add that no-one on the Committee is an expert on GDPR, we are just doing what we think is right and following the online guidance for small Clubs. If anyone reading this has a greater understanding of it please get in contact. Al Richey (Membership Secretary)
  5. And welcome back into the Club, received your application just now.
  6. Hi everyone A few months ago I took on the role of looking after the Website. It's taken me some time to get used to the software and I apologise for the couple of times when I crashed the system with my experiments During that time I was helped by Neil Hammond, and my thanks go to him for his assistance. However, he is probably going to leave the Club in the near future and has suggested I find someone else. I'm getting on a bit so there is a remote (I hope) possibility of me popping my clogs. As such, we really need someone who can step into the breach. You don't have to be a computer whiz kid, you just need to be reasonably computer literate, most of the job involves amending the options within the software. A understanding of HTML and Javascript would be useful but not essential. Anyone feel like taking it on ?
  7. Turns out May was our best month for some time. As usual a few members didn't renew, in this case 6 of them, but the really good news is that we welcome 10 new members. Hopefully as Summer rolls on we can keep up the momentum. So here they are (username, location and Area Sec). Charlie Martin Ashford ThanasisPolitis Alan Vowler Crowthorne apgodden ThanasisPolitis Redhill New Area Secretary for South East Andy_mr2sc Dover ThanasisPolitis Mike Leeds Grim Greasy Hands (Michael) Stevenage apgodden Georgie Buxton Huddersfield Grim Ian Grant Selby Grim GlowingManifold Prestatyn smpaarrkky Jon Olds Sunderland alantoon Good to have you all on board, hope you will join and get involved with the Club.
  8. Hi Just been in touch with Steve Johnston and he suggested I contact you.
    I am going to look at a RH s spec on sat for my lad. wondered if you knew anything about it, first reg 2007 as HY07 CZJ reg changed to RH07 SSS in 2010 ? Regards Kevin
    1. alanrichey


      Hi Kevin

      Doesnt ring any bells and it isn't on my list of owners.  Good luck, hope to bring into the group.


  9. Agree with Woolies, as they are quite near me (and you, Market Deeping) Also both of them will almost certainly have a stand at Malvern Kit Car Show on 1/2nd Jun All the trim on my car just clips onto the sharp edge and doesn't need any adhesive.
  10. It was some years ago, and I'm not sure I fully understood my mechanic when we decided to replace the bushes on the front suspension of my Superspec (one was an advisory on the MOT but we decided to replace all 4). When he pulled out the old ones he was a bit surprised and said they were very hard and really used just for racing, not toddling along. I presented hime with 2 replacement sets, The first was from KitSpares (GBS) for £8.70 The others were from Powerflex and were polyurethene and I think they cost around £25. He was a bit concerned that the Kit Spares ones were a bit soft, so he used the PowerFlex ones. So far they are working well.
  11. And we did enjoy ourselves Weather was perfect again and we all had nice long drives around the 50-80 minutes mark. We arrived a day after a Supercar Show had been staged so the Car Park was a bit full, although we still managed to park together. We didn't see any aircraft but we did see lots of classic cars being either driven away or put on trailers. We also had an nice hour or so repairing Andy's car (Wouldn't start, diagnosed as fuel pump failure). Luckily I had a spare pump and we had 4 comprehensive tool kits so we eventually managed to get him going so he could go home under his own steam rather than on a flatbed . Nicely demonstrates what the Club is all about. We were joined by Pete, our newest member, who has an absolutely stunning Ronart car. Donor was a 4.2Ltr Jaguar, straight 6 (Check out the exhaust !!) A good day all round.
  12. OK, decision made. It will be Sywell Aerodrome (NN6 0BN) at 12:00. This is one of our favoutite haunts. It has a nice car park, a nice grassy area to sit and you get the bonus of a free museum (donations) and aircraft to watch and, most importantly, a toilet close by
  13. After a gap of a few years without cars the organisers have now asked for our participation in this years fair. See www.https://midsummerfestival.co.uk/ for more details. Free entry and it's a good day out.
  14. A sudden window of good weather has opened up on Monday 20th before it pours with rain for the rest of the week. Some of the East of England team are going out for a lunchtime picnic, but it's also time for all the other retirees, self employed, house husbands and out-of-work members to get the cars out. If anyone from 'out of state' wants to join us let me know. We will decide on the venue when we know who is coming. Al
  15. Another nice day for the East of England group. Weather superb, location lovely and a nice run in the cars for everyone. Thanks to all who supported it.
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