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  1. Just simple nut and bolts (with plastic covers) for me. Lasted for 12 years so far with no problem
  2. Just put normal edging strip along the edges. I did mine a year ago and although the shield gets hot the strip can take it.
  3. Lovely mid-week picnic at Rutland Water for the Lincolnshire (and affiliates) retirees Have to make the best of the good weather. Looking for this Sunday for the working members, I'll message you all the details.
  4. I know your details say you have a ‘Super Seven’ but do you actually have a ‘Super Spec’ ? If so this is a known problem with this design. Various suggestions have been made: 1. Poor earthing (Add an extra earth strap between engine and chassis) 2. Overheated starter motor (I have added a tube from the front of the car pointing at the motor to try and keep it cool) 3. Poor battery (fit a new one) 4, Ignition advanced too much (in theory the ECU programming is at fault) 5. Tolerances to tight between starter motor and flywheel (Not much you can do about
  5. Thanks. I hate to pre-judge the weather but at the moment Sunday is looking poor so may have to make it Saturday (Kerry, I know that rules you out). Stand by for a late decision.
  6. Burghly House at 12:00 is the plan at this stage.
  7. OK, 16th it is, more details to follow. Dave/Kerry: will you be solo or +1 ?
  8. Thanks I'll give priority to the 'workers' first so watch this space.
  9. Astonishingly, the car sailed through the MOT with no advisories so I was without the car for only 2 hours I visited Burlghly House last weekend, and although it was very busy they were using 2 large fields as well so there was plenty of room. So I am happy to host a lunchtime picnic for 6 on either Sunday 9th and Sunday 16th. Could I have feedback on who would like to come ? The second meeting for 'retirees' will be midweek during the last 2 weeks of August.
  10. alanrichey


    Maybe you don’t have built-in ‘T’ piece in the filler neck ? Doesn’t really make much difference, although mine is probably less likely to dump fuel on the ground. But I don’t see the point of Max’s setup, why would you want a vent pipe from filler neck to outside air ?
  11. alanrichey


    I think 22psi is a bit high, I’m happy to be corrected but I think you will find most of us are running 18-20 psi.
  12. alanrichey


    The Superspec has a dual venting system. In the top middle of the tank (Fiesta or Escort, we are not sure) there is a narrow (2mm?) pipe with a short piece of plastic pipe (3cm?) to vent the tank during day-to-day driving as fuel is used. I guess this would leak fuel if the accident caused the car to be upside down. There is a secondary wider pipe (8mm?) that goes from the tank to the filler pipe, just behind the filler cap itself. This vents the tank while the petrol is being poured into the tank and allows me to operate the pump at maximum flow.
  13. My MOT Is next week so I might be without the car so 2 weeks time looks good
  14. All foreigners welcome, as there were only 2 Lincolnshire regulars last year Watch this space
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