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  1. until
    Started up again after a 9-year gap, let's support it.
  2. alanrichey

    Kimbolton Car Show

    Regular show, always well attended, lots to see and do.
  3. alanrichey

    Sad News

    I've just heard that Ivan Farrington (wanderer on the forum) passed away recently. Ivan was a long time Club member and many of us will remember him well as he made a point of going to every show and Club meet possible, even driving 4-5 hours to get to them. I was particularly close to him as he was one of the first Superspec owners I encountered, some 9 years ago, and it was the first time I had seen one of the gold 'titanium' finished cars. We spent lots of time discussing the foibles of the car design and how we were going to fix them. I will miss his company. I am trying to contact his family through the new owner of his car and I will pass on condolences on behalf of the Club.
  4. Lovely day out, each of us had between 40mins and 80 mins drive. Plenty of room in the car park so we parked in our usual position next to the Hunter and the Jetstream. Sat on the grass for our picnic, watching the aircraft, including the Spitfire. A bit hot of course so we had to move into the shade. And we managed to meet up with a new member who is getting his turbo Superspec being built so we could show him 2 completed examples, although the naturally aspirated types. That might be it for June now, although you never know
  5. You are probably going to have to dismantle some of it. Firstly as the IVA inspector will want photos of the invisible bits (think seat belt lower mountings) and, more importantly, that the work carried out so far is safe and of a high standard.
  6. You will probably be OK although that depends on the examiner. it might be worth checking with the IVA staton you intend to use. They may that a plate could be removed so you must engrave the number on the chassis itself.
  7. Interesting. My VIN Is stamped on the top chassis tube on the left side of the car. Mind you, she went through the SVA in 2008, maybe it changed with introduction of the IVA.
  8. As I thought, although we have already had a meet for June, it was very early, and the weather is so good that we are going to have another. It will be our usual lunchtime picnic (bring a chair) and it will be on Tuesday 21st June. We are going to revisit Sywell Aerodrome (NN6 0BN) as it has a reasonably big car park, nice grass areas to sit on, overlooking the airfield, a small mesuem and, of course, aircraft. It is the home of the Blades aerobatic team who were at home when we last there and we also had a Spitfire selling rides. See you there Al
  9. Not an easy question Offically all the guidance said it was off a Ford Fiesta, but looking a bit desper we now think it came from a Ford Escort. That makes more sense as the instrument cluster is off a Ford Escort so the sensor and guage would match. The problem is that some of the cars had a Mk2 instrument cluster and some had a Mk5 cluster. I've looked at pictures of each one and the Mk5 looks the closest to what I have. Hope that helps.
  10. A great day out. For me a 100 mile round trip in perfect weather and road conditions (Except for the occasional gust of wind to make it 'interesting'). Unlike the last time when you just couldn't move for cars, this time there were a reasonable turnout, mainly GBS Zeros, 4 Robin Hoods (I think, although I may have missed some)) and a smattering of 'others' (Ford Mustang, Ferrari kit...), so there was plenty of room to park in the forecourt. Apart from Dave(Hawknorth) , by coincidence the other 2 hoods were from Grantham very close to me. As the new Membership Secretary I gave the hard sell for the Club Note the price on the latest Zero (Ouch!) Here are 2 Hoods And I managed a prime position in front of the Showroom And the cakes were as good as ever !! Al
  11. Cracking day again, beautiful weather and a lovely drive there. As expected, being half-term it was quite busy, but we all managed to park together. And met up with a new member from Lincolnshire. Probably have to have another one in June Al
  12. As some of may know I have taken over from richyb66 as the new Membership Secretary. I have always thought this was a good idea to post the new member details, in my case, as an Area Secretary, to see if anyone has joined from Lincolnshire. So I intened to keep it going. As a reminder, the second column is their forum username so if you wish to contact them then use the forum Message system to send a private message. So welcome to the following new members who joined in May: Simon P Simon Parish Bolsover Robin S Robs931 Tewksbury Ivan H Ug1y Hull Simon K-D Simon1966 Doncaster Richard W Richard Walker Chesterfield Alex W Alex137 Hereford Moreton S Mort Blakeney, Garry R Garry Richardson Sutton Coldfield Stuart H Stuart Hall Nafferton Andy B andybdunoon Dunnoon Simon H Simon Hoskins Little Fenton Richard N Kermit Western Super-Mare That brings the total membership to 379. Al
  13. A new month, so time to get out again. We are starting early, so are having our regular picnic on Thursday 2nd at 12:00. As it is half-term, everywhere will be busy so we are playing safe and going to Burghley House in Stamford (PE9 3JY) which has plenty of free parking. We normally park up in the field shown in the picture. See you all there
  14. The Superspec uses an Escort rack and is also bolted directly to a cross member. In fact I can’t think why you would fit rubber mountings. Surely the last thing you want in a steering system is movement or flexing, it should be rock solid, when attached to the chassis. Or have I misunderstood what you mean ?
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