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  1. I'm coming. The first time in how many years! Hope to see you all later
  2. unfortunatey it doesn't have a heater, so I think stopping at lots of services will be the option for using the hand dryers to warm up and coffee to keep awake
  3. Sold the Robin hood - the new owner is driving here back to Scotland this morning

  4. So the car has a new owner, who is currently driving it back up to Scotland. Safe Journey Stephan. If anyone sees him give him a wave
  5. Well its come to that time when I have made the decision to sell my 2B. So here goes: Its a Robin Hood 2B with a 2L Pinto engine with an injection head. It Has ZX9R bike carbs on a Danst Engineering Manifold Type 9 5speed gearbox and sierra rear end. Martin Keenan Custom built Silencer - giving it a sweet noise and put a smile on your face each time you start it It has Full weather gear that fits Has a set of 5 Uniroyal Rain sport 3 tyres that have done around 400 miles since fitted last year ago. There are numerous other spares that will be sold with the kit. These include a F
  6. Ticket bought. We can only make the Saturday night. Do you need me to email you a copy?
  7. We will be coming, Will get payment sorted and form emailed by the end of the week. Not sure if we will be one or 2 nights though
  8. Evening all I've got the original seats in my kit - recaro ones and I'm looking to either swap them or get them retrimmed Can someone tell me the vehicle these seats would possibly originally been Any suggestions/advice welcome Si
  9. Dan Can you send a pic mate? Might be interested Si
  10. Hi All Need some help. I'm looking at getting new shocks and springs for the 2B, however, I know they are going to want loads of measurements from me and I have no idea what or how to measure them. Does anyone out there have a comprehensive list of these measurements that I could use so that I can give them to Dampertech, protech etc so I can get correct prices and parts before I order? Its a 2b with wishbones and has original zimmermans on it Thanks Si
  11. Simon Parish


    Guys I had an issue down here in Crawley getting the kit tested and it failing the emissions due to an age related plate and thus them trying to test for emissions. The MOT inspection manual: classes 3,4, 5 & 7 vehicles ( found here on DVSA Site) states in section 7.3 Exhaust Emissions - Spark Ignition - Non CAT test on the flow chart: "For emissions purposes only, kit cars and amateur built vehicles first used before 1 August 1998 and W*nkel** rotary-engined vehicles first used before 1 August 1987 are to be considered as first used before 1 August 1975." - I even called
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