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  1. magh

    Pinto emissions fail

    I’m going to check the v5 in the morning but I’m 99% certain it’s listed on there. I do I have a pipercross px600 filter I did think about leaving it off to allow as much air into them as possible
  2. magh

    Pinto emissions fail

    I’ll have a look but I’m sure it’s 3.5 as i only did the Iva in 2018.
  3. Afternoon all unfortunately the kit failed it’s mot last week one of which was emissions the co failed at I think around 4.7 when it has to be under 3.5 its been stood over a year for various reasons and it’s running r1 carbs. When it was set up by Bogg brothers I think it was 2.8 or something. I’ve cleaned the carbs and put new plugs in and slightly turned the air fuel mixture screws for idle. Sadly as it has no mot i can’t drive it to get them set up and the mot garage won’t touch the carbs. I’m back in the morning for a retest and just wondered as it’s unburnt fuel causing the issue would increasing the idle speed help at all along with me already lowering the a/f mixture screws or would the increase in revs create more vacuum and jn return pull more fuel anyway? Thanks all
  4. Thanks to all that replied. just an update I ordered the 20.6 and all good thank you. I changed both the rear cylinders at the same time last night took less than 30 mins for both then bled the system so back up and running again. just need to get the CO emissions down and it’s will pass it’s retest
  5. Mine is the first option with the holes side by side but that comes in a 20.6mm and 22mm
  6. Evening all unfortunately the kit failed it’s mot on Friday one of which was the brakes. It has been laid up for 18months mind been over them all today cleaning all sliding pins etc and when I pulled a rear drum off one of the cylinders has started to weep so that won’t be helping. Now what part do I need as some are 20.6mm bore and others are 22mm im running standard Sierra upfront and don’t have a servo just the Ford ka master. thanks all.
  7. I purchased an adaptor ring for mine to run a quick release with my old mountney. it wasn’t cheap but a brilliantly made product from bg racing and gives lots of options.
  8. Hi sorry not logged in for a while. Sadly not this ended with weeks and weeks of waiting for a replacement that I was promised would have spare material left on it and it finally arrived a couple of months later and still wasn’t anywhere near right so I just made my own from scratch
  9. magh

    r1 carbs

    I have r1 carbs on my pinto and run a pipercross px600 filter no problems and doesn’t hit the bonnet.
  10. A friend of mine purchased one 2 years ago as part of the caterham academy. He opted to do the build himself. I popped in just after it was delivered and the chassis came with engine and box installed all brake lines ran side panels all fitted and most of the wiring installed. It took him around 3 weeks to complete the full car. I must say it is easier when you attach part D to F using supplied fixings XYZ. there was no thinking how the hell am I going to make that fit and where and with a non existent bracket that needed fabricating.
  11. I have the smiths telemetrix gauges. They wiring diagrams are all online. The following is the tachometer. https://www.caigauge.com/documents/product-instructions/tachometers/pil055-iss2-279.pdf
  12. Matthewsons isn’t far from me. Nothing ever goes cheap there. The other year they sold an original Mini Cooper that was completely rusted and only purchased for the vin number really made silly money and headlines in quite a few motoring papers.
  13. magh

    Battery power

    Generally I’ve found that to be a bad cell. But yup new battery time.
  14. New electric garage door replace the old up and over which means having to move what ever vehicle is parked I front of it. Gets fitted next week, it’s the lazy things lol.
  15. I have pretty much that exact layout and can see the water, oil and fuel fine when driving. On the 2B the tubes behind the dash almost dictated where my dials would actually fit.
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