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  1. magh

    Pre IVA MOT

    I Iva’d mine in June last year and no mot was mentioned. So I have an age related plate and the 3 year grace. Personally I would trailer the car to the Iva. You are travelling a long way a lot can go wrong and don’t forget there are other idiots on the road too. I didn’t want to risk not making the appointment as you loose the full fee and cannot rebook it.
  2. magh

    Required...Thighs and Calves like Usane Bolt

    I changed the resovoir on the ka master cylinder for I think it was a transit one which sat nice and lever and lower on total
  3. magh

    ECU IVA Setup

    Defiantly worth the dyno session plus you can get them to check the emissions then it’s one less thing to worry about at the Iva
  4. magh

    2B Fitting Front Wings drilling holes

    Many people including myself don’t bolt them for that exact reason they crack. We bond them it’s how gbs Caterham etc still fix them now. I used tiger seal it’s a black pu adhesive widely used in car repair body shops and when it sticks it sticks. I first riveted some metal corner trim they use when plastering a house you give a larger bonding surface area. Then applied plenty of the tiger seal and sat the wings into the position I wanted them with supports and leave to set. For good measure I then ran some fibreglass on the underside of the arch and over the fixings to be safe. Hope me that helps. Mike.
  5. magh

    Required...Thighs and Calves like Usane Bolt

    I run standard Sierra front discs and rear drums but use the Ford ka servo. And it’s perfectly manageable.
  6. magh

    Fitting mini wiper motor to ford Sierra stalks

    If you also do a search I had a thread a few weeks ago about exactly this. Although I had some issues but there is some excellent fault finding and tips from long boarder and others on my thread.
  7. magh

    Car Information Sheets

    That’s a great idea I shall fill it in and send it over as I don’t have a laminated once I get back from Asia.
  8. magh

    Stoneleigh Kit car show

    Cheers Richy I did attend the year before last so if the pitch is going to be the same place I have a rough idea. Cheers
  9. magh

    Stoneleigh Kit car show

    What pass will we need to be on the club stand. Hoping to make this on the Sunday will be the first show with the kit from completing the build.
  10. magh

    Wiring wiper motor.

    So another update. After disassembling the motor every thing was fine including the raised part to activate the switch. I unclipped the switch from the motor body and pressed it in and the motor parked fine. Turns out the switch hasn’t been pulling into the motor body enough for the switch to park the motor. A couple of cable ties and job sorted. Thanks to all that’s helped.
  11. magh

    Kev's Locost Turbo Build

    The steering angle looks much better now
  12. Wow what were they thinking. I mean fair play someone has put a lot of hours in but I’m not sure why lol
  13. magh

    Wiring wiper motor.

    That’s great thank you I’ll pop the motor apart and see what’s what.
  14. magh

    Wiring wiper motor.

    Yes that’s exactly how I’ve wired it and as you say when the stalk is in the park position 1235 have 0 volts when everything was disconnected from the motor The only thing I can think of is the park switch is stuck making contact therefore allowing a flow from 4 the ign live at the motor to flow through 2 the park wire to the stalks which is in the off position so connect the feed to the slow hence the motor running.
  15. magh

    Wiring wiper motor.

    So a little update just managed to get some time in the garage. I disconnected the wires from the motor and connected my multimeter. I have the ign live, and earth. The slow feed is dead until activated on the stalk. And same with the fast. I connected the motor back up wire by wire. Earth and ign live then slow then fast. Every thing works brilliantly. The second I connect the park wire to the motor it just starts going by itself. I then pulled the park wire and checked for power and nothing so it must the the white plug on the motor and the park facility must be faulty that’s the only thing I can think of. Cheers Mike.