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  1. magh

    IVA Disaster Parts I and II

    Def do the trailer option fortunately I have access to one so used it for my Iva just piece of mind that you will at least get there! A rolling road road session is well worth the money whilst on mine it wasn’t running quite right and I too had the accuspark plugs in. They whipped them out and fitted some good old ngk plugs and that made a huge difference to the running. Maybe worth a try.
  2. magh

    Pinto immobilizer

    It’s most likely not going to be needed but something as simple as a wire and switch that will take all of 10mins to fit for added piece of mind I feel is worth it.
  3. magh

    Pinto immobilizer

    Afternoon all as above I’m wanting to fit a device to prevent the car starting / been hot wired when I leave the kit parked up places. Due to it it been a pinto I’m sure I’ve read on here and understood that if I simply run an earth to a switch and on to the negative side of the coil when the switch is on and makes the earth the car won’t start? Didnt want to try it and blow the coil as it wasn’t cheap. Also the reason for not killing the electric fuel pump is a, it’s next to the tank so means running cables through the car and b, I’m running bike carbs so there would be a short supply of fuel allowing it to start and move granted not far but even so. Cheers Mike.
  4. magh

    Fame at last!

    Mines the orange mudguards to the right haha I’ll take that
  5. magh

    Superspec Steering Column Bush

    I used the following technique from north west hoodies. http://nw.rhocar.org/supporting_the_steering_shaft.htm
  6. magh

    Wipers on the wrong way

    the easiest way is to flip the wheel boxes over. If you look they will most likely be forward of the metal pipe so by taking them off and flipping them so they sit to the rear of the pipe it flips the direction rotated but you will need new arms designed for the other way.
  7. magh

    Help with Fog wiring

    If it’s the savage switch you are running simply swop the switch fronts the emblems pull out to change them. And as you say if it’s just a retest that’s all they will check
  8. magh

    Help with Fog wiring

    Look up the wiring diagram for the cartek version using the savage switch as I’m sure I had to loop 2 pins on the switch
  9. magh

    Help with Fog wiring

    Basically as follows. Run a 12v feed (permanent) to your savage switch. And connect the yellow wire to the switch so when the switch is pressed the 12v runs through the switch and into the yellow wire. Connect the red wire into your dipped headlight cable. ( this is how the box knows to allow power to the fog if your headlight is on or not to allow power if it’s off ) Then connect the brown to the positive feed running to the fog light. And finally the black is simply an earth.
  10. magh

    Help with Fog wiring

    I use that switch ( savage ) with the cartek version of your box I think there were only 5 wires dead simple and worked great. keep at it I’m sure you will crack it.
  11. Just checked the garage and it’s the earlier manual that does cover it thaf would be great brumster, I shall message you now.
  12. I have one in the garage which I will be checking to see which I have the green/blue one. As I can’t remember which one I have. I have ordered a clutch release bearing just Incase luck is in my favour lol.
  13. I’ll have a look is it a specific Haynes manual for the type 9? Thanks
  14. Weather depending the engine and box will come out Sunday. Then I can have a look. I comfident with most things mechanically but I think a gear box is prob asking for trouble lol.
  15. IanS, the car is stationary and neutral and the noise exists press the clutch in and it stops. When driving it home in gears 1-4 the noise is there, press the clutch and I think the noise was still there select neutral and coast and it went. Sadly the box will have to come out to remove the cover. As it would mean removing all cockpit trim and drilling a lot of stainless rivets to get the trans tunnel top off and even then it’s under the dash as I built a sealed firewall the engine won’t take long to get out will prob be the box that takes the time. Sadly it’s not been modified for a drain hole plus I’d rather work on the box on the bench to inspect it. Always at the start of summer lol.