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  1. magh

    wiper motor

    It could be anything. But the majority of people use a classic mini / landrover wiper set up. Lucas do make these. Have a google and see if they match the look of yours or post a photo of what you have / any part numbers you can see. Cheers.
  2. Yes you can get an adaptor to convert the thread. That’s what I had to do for my smiths sendor and gauge.
  3. As above the light would be more noticeable that been said I don’t have one, I just have the pressure gauge which I prefer as if it starts dropping or I noticed it has dropped off from its normal running position I know there is a fault starting therefore could possibly catch it before I loose all oil pressure as that’s then the light would illuminate. I do tend to regularly keep an eye on it along with my water temp next to it.
  4. magh

    Distributor wobbling

    Evening all, I have been having some running issues with my 2.0 pinto running r1 carbs. Start, Tickover and full throttle runs great but when just feathering the throttle to maintain speed or ever so slightly increase speed it splutters randomly. It’s become worse just lately and is more Prominent when the engine is hot. now I’ve been thinking it’s a carb related issue but I lifted the bonnet earlier when the car was ticking over and the distributor is wobbling. Almost moving round in a circular motion so I’m thinking the spindle may be bent. Hence causing a missed spark. I’m pretty certain there shouldn’t be any movement with these from side to side? Also noticed there is oil on the base so possibly the o-ring has gone. cheers Mike.
  5. The one to the left with the treaded end is the oil pressure sensor and the bit that it looks like the finger is pointing at is the pcv valve I think from memory.
  6. magh

    My 2B Build

    I think I may have saved the drawings from the old Colin usher site years ago drop me your email and I’ll have a look to see if I can find them for you.
  7. Tiger racing sell a push rod that’s what I used and cut it down to suit. Works well with my Ka master cylinder linked to the Sierra brake pedal in my 2b.
  8. I use a small denso unit on mine they are pretty much one of the smallest you can get and very popular with Kitcars.
  9. I think mine are around 5mm. Never had any problems.
  10. I removed the servo altogether and just run the master cylinder but did as many others do and changed it from Sierra to a Ford ka one as the bore size is more favourable.
  11. Yeah I’d settle for those too lol.
  12. Well I mean let’s face it anything’s a vast improvement and will feel like a million pound upgrade I’m sure lol
  13. Upgrade the coil overs to some nice gaz ones and bin the zimmers.
  14. magh

    brake pedal reach

    As brumster has suggested I removed my pedal and cut a slit and bent and kept refitting and bending until I got it where I wanted then welded some steel back in and a plate across the rear.
  15. I got mine registered in 2018 and got an age related plate. As above as long as you send evidence in it’s really not hard. on another note tho as it’s technically registered as a new vehicle you do qualify for the 3 year mot same as a new car so mine doesn’t require an mot until July next year.
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