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  1. As above that’s a shortened sump so fill to max level. I think from memory mine is about 2.5 litres.
  2. I just ordered the front flexis for the 2b on kitspares which fit fine length wise. I then mounted through the side panel in a place giving me the correct amount of hose required for full lock but not too much to fowl anything.
  3. I went along the lines of the metal plaster corner trim riveted to the wing stay and a generous amount of tiger seal to bond it down and that’s it. Has held perfectly including when someone drove into the side of my kit in July and smashed the arch bent the wing bracket and knocked the steering out but the arch is still stuck on well lol.
  4. magh

    2.0L Pinto Timing

    No 1 on the dizzy of looking over it from the passenger side points backwards towards the passenger footwell.
  5. If you are unsure just simply ring the test station where you are going for the Iva and ask to speak to one of the inspectors. They will happy give you the answer with the added bonus of knowing it’s from them who are actually the people that make the decision.
  6. I had a plate stamped by a friend and work and welded it myself. Never had it inspected by a garage or anything signed off. The Iva tester looked at it check the digits were correct and it was welded all the war around not just spot welded and was happy. That was on 2018.
  7. magh

    Geometry stuff

    Not that I have a zero but was reading about suspension the other day and I’m sure I recall factory height was 130mm front 140mm rear. I’m sure others will know for sure tho.
  8. There is no such thing, it’s a 2b and the age it’s purely from when the build was completed for example my 2b is 2018.
  9. Not sure on the tie rod but the track rod end is Sierra
  10. Post up a picture of it and someone will be able to identify it as you can imagine all sorts have been used/supplied with these kits.
  11. Surely if you fit a diff for better acceleration you would increase your rpm at 60mph. I’m sure I have a 3.92 fitted to a type 9 and do around 3000 at 60
  12. As above I’m looking for a hub boss to fit my sierra column that goes to a 70mm pcd so I can fit a quick release that I have. The hub I currently have goes to the 100mm mountney which is obviously too big. Hoping someone maybe has one thrown in a box? Cheers Mike.
  13. magh

    Vin stamp

    That’s what I did and had no problems with my Iva in 2018.
  14. There was also a steel pipe supplied from Robin Hood the had 3 slots to bolt to the rear of this. It was then very crude and had 2 pipes welded to it to form a 90 degree bend. I cut this off about 2 inches from the fixing so I could use that to attach to the filler cap then used a rubber 90 bend.
  15. magh


    I’ve renewed again with Adrian flux, had a shop around with the others mentioned and for me flux came in cheapest yet again and always had a great service from them
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