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  1. magh

    help with unregistered car

    £90 for the retest.
  2. magh

    split bonnet,

    I just used very small chrome c trim looks very smart.
  3. As above very good for the money.
  4. magh

    Stainless Steel Bonnet

    I used an air saw with some decent blades worked fantastic nice control clean cut and no heat build up and very quick too.
  5. magh

    Floor Strengh

    Yes, I welded some 6mm by 60mm flat bar from side to side 2 off the correct distance for the seat runners. I drilled through these and the floor as when you bolt the seat runners down it pulls everything together. I then welded of these for the harness mounts and triangulated back to the chassis.
  6. magh

    Throttle Cable Routing

    The threaded part through the pedal box is actually an adjuster to fine tune and take up slack. Handy to have especially after you have fitted a new cable as it will stretch with use. Id just look at fixing it to the pedal better to prevent fraying.
  7. magh

    After A Few Bits

    I have a rear view mirror the bolt down to scuttle type not stick to windscreen type of that helps.
  8. magh

    Camber Wedges

    Im interested in a set will pm you shortly. Thanks.
  9. magh

    Grp Body Panels

    I wouldnt bother the stainless is only 0.6mm if I remember correctly and doesnt particularly weigh that much. Id put my bets down that the same panel in grp would actually be heavier as it will have to be considerably thicker. You can purchase grp front and rear wheel arches and a dash for the 2b from kitspares which is gbs parts site. Although I had 2 dashs from them and neither were big enough so still ended up making my own.
  10. magh

    Later Robin Hood Nosecone Badge

    I have the yellow archer one available if thats anygood?
  11. magh

    2B Wishbone Suspension

    Personally even if you purchased a full second hand set id still replace said bushes and track rod end etc. You are talking about £15 delivered for a pair of news Sierra ones QH etc. Bushes are about £3 a pair I think and youll need 8 youd be aswell just getting your parts sand blasted repaint or powder coat and fit the above. That way also ensures they will fit back into your mounts. As we all know the tolerances by Robin Hood when these were made werent exactly great.
  12. magh

    2B Wishbone Suspension

    Iirc the drag link on top wishbone is usually ford transit ball joint. The track rod ends are Sierra. And you can get new rubbers to go in the arms off eBay.
  13. magh

    Rear Engine

    Unless you were considering a bike engine I dont think it would be worthwhile. And even running a bike set up you would have to fit a counter weight in the front which is just adding unnecessary weight overall.
  14. magh

    What’S Your Winter Project?

    My list was to fit the windscreen which Ive actually just done. Make a boot with lockable lid and try to get the fuel gauge more accurate when at the lower end was only really concerned it read full for the Iva lol.
  15. magh

    Wiring Loom

    If you google pic resizer loads of free sites come up that allow you to edit them