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  1. I have pretty much that exact layout and can see the water, oil and fuel fine when driving. On the 2B the tubes behind the dash almost dictated where my dials would actually fit.
  2. I’d say that looks great! Don’t forget to order some arch trim similar to P trim and it nips between the rear arch and body work it just hides the little bits where it doesn’t quite sit flush and in my opinion really finishes it off! You may well of seen my orange 2B whilst at gbs as it’s getting some accident repair work carried out.
  3. I followed the tutorial on nw hoods on fitting the side panels. Took my time and all went well.
  4. I have the cad drawings of the panels so you could get a new rear panel cut drop me a message if you want a copy. If you do go the other route drop me a message on the suspension upgrade I may be interested cheers mike.
  5. I’ve always fancied giving Gtechniq G1 a go seems to have really good reviews. I too tried rain-x on the kit and made no difference unless at higher speeds.
  6. magh

    Brake line route

    From memory I think the max distance between fixings is 300mm so anything less is great. I ran fuel and brake lines down one side and electrics down the other side.
  7. How have you found the upgraded handling pack?
  8. Very nice work my kit was originally Oxford blue and now orange good choice
  9. As above that’s a shortened sump so fill to max level. I think from memory mine is about 2.5 litres.
  10. I just ordered the front flexis for the 2b on kitspares which fit fine length wise. I then mounted through the side panel in a place giving me the correct amount of hose required for full lock but not too much to fowl anything.
  11. I went along the lines of the metal plaster corner trim riveted to the wing stay and a generous amount of tiger seal to bond it down and that’s it. Has held perfectly including when someone drove into the side of my kit in July and smashed the arch bent the wing bracket and knocked the steering out but the arch is still stuck on well lol.
  12. magh

    2.0L Pinto Timing

    No 1 on the dizzy of looking over it from the passenger side points backwards towards the passenger footwell.
  13. If you are unsure just simply ring the test station where you are going for the Iva and ask to speak to one of the inspectors. They will happy give you the answer with the added bonus of knowing it’s from them who are actually the people that make the decision.
  14. I had a plate stamped by a friend and work and welded it myself. Never had it inspected by a garage or anything signed off. The Iva tester looked at it check the digits were correct and it was welded all the war around not just spot welded and was happy. That was on 2018.
  15. magh

    Geometry stuff

    Not that I have a zero but was reading about suspension the other day and I’m sure I recall factory height was 130mm front 140mm rear. I’m sure others will know for sure tho.
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