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  1. Hi. There is no reason your pedals should feel clunky there are many zeros on the road inc 2 I own and my pedals are smooth. they won’t feel like your high end daily driver but there Certainly no cortina the standard zero pedal box is actually quite good can I ask when you built the pedal box did you ream out the bushes on the tube or just squeeze them on - it sounds like the pedal box just needs a bit of work.
  2. That sounds like fuel enrichment/ pump jets not working causing lean mixture - if you can drive top gear flat out fuel pump is fine. If you stamp the gas and car splutters then runs its running lean momentarily
  3. blue


    Spoke to Stonleigh park today regarding getting no response from the Hotel to be told Stonleigh ground is closed for the foreseeable future with all shows till January cancelled and that the kit car show for next year is as of yet not booked by the organisers! Bugger was looking forward to that in a few weeks
  4. blue

    Misfire or imagination

    DONT use it. Throw it in the bin. to get the nice blue colour you will be running sooooooo lean you’ll burn a piston. if you want to tinker buy a tail pipe lambda clamp fitting and an air fuel gauge controller Like the MTX L PLUS.
  5. Me too been using green flag for a number of years. Had no problems.
  6. First remove the plug from the wiper motor and see if your getting 12v to both feeds. Might be a motor prob not a wiring issue
  7. Also if you get stuck GBS. Sells them
  8. blue

    Alternator wiring

    Alt light should only come on with MAIN ign NOT acc switch
  9. blue

    Road tax

    Don’t get me on my soap box about the poxy DVLA. Bought another kit 5 weeks ago and can’t tax it or drive it as the poxy log book ain’t come back - the chap I bought it from could not find the log book but I’ve know him a long time So know it’s all straight Anyway had to do it manually - 5 weeks and nothing and there CLOSED !! You can’t Email them due to COVID. You can’t call them due to COVID you can’t on line chat due to COVID......... there a f00king joke.
  10. blue

    Smiths water gauge

    Hi. EVERYONE I’ve spoken to has this problem with the flight gauges. you would think for such an expensive setup they would be more effective ~ you can send them back for re calibration but I think it’s poor there so far out to start with. I have the wiring dia and will dig it out.
  11. Yes well done. Hope it inspires you to keep going
  12. Hi. Yes we have. ok if you hold the key engaging the starter and the engine sounds like it’s running check the main earth as sometimes the engine earths through the starter if the main earth is poor.
  13. Ok idle mix screw approx one turn out from full in. hold throttle open slightly while cranking if nothing spray some brake cleaner /easy start in carb - does it start for a second or 2 ? If yes fuel problem if no look at spark but from how your description reads it sounds like fuel as car would not try to start if it was spark
  14. This is a common issue you could fit a one way valve near the tank to stop the fuel returning to the tank but this is why most builders fit an electric fuel pump.
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