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  1. blue

    Plug and play GBS loom

    Hi OK have you fitted and tightened ALL the Earth wires If i was looking at a relay that buzzes I would be looking for a bad earth wire
  2. blue

    3d printing

    Hi can anyone recommend somewhere to get a 3d printed cone made - 20mm-80mm and say 4 inch long It will need to be solid as I want to drill and tap an 8mm hole straight through
  3. blue

    Steering column vibration

    Also is it speed depending or all the time ?
  4. blue

    Steering column vibration

    Hi sorry for late reply OK left to right - generally look towards the wheels /discs lumps /bulges on tyres etc Up and down generally something else shaking like unbalanced propshaft etc something shaking whole car
  5. blue

    Steering column vibration

    Hi can I ask HOW the steering is vibrating is it left to right or up and down
  6. blue

    pinto with twin 40s ! Standard fuel pump!

    Hi facets are noisy if mounted direct to chassis but mounted near tank on rubber bobbins you'll only hear it with engine off
  7. blue

    Pinto Idle

    That hose originally went to the top of the air filter - just block it off as your using a K n N filter
  8. blue

    What did you get for Christmas?

    All fitted yesterday just need a fuel reg now and I'm all set
  9. blue

    What did you get for Christmas?

    A set of throttle bodies - complete ,manifold fuel rail,air filter ect ready to bolt on
  10. blue

    Kit spares chassis wiring look

    Probably because most answers related to zeros are already posted and answered
  11. blue

    Its A Smoker!

    Hi thanks for letting me know on the oil As Peter bell says 20/50 in a pinto -modern oil is just to thin My neighbour had a fiesta that used to blow blue from the exhaust and burn oil at an alarming rate -it was only a chance chat while he was -in his words filling it with oil again I noticed him using semi synthetic 10/40 He want back to a full mineral oil and all problems went with it
  12. blue

    Its A Smoker!

    Hi can I ask what oil your using
  13. blue

    Superspecies Engine Swap

    Hi are you running full injection? The reason I ask is I'd probably look at crank sensor as a car can idle for ages but when driving heat soak can cause it to break down But if full management I'd doubt you'd get flooding as inj would not fire Can you scan the car and record live data ???
  14. blue

    Superspecies Engine Swap

    OK so to start you know it's loosing it's spark as it's still getting fuel Get a timing light clip it on a lead when it stops and see at what point it's loosing the spark If it's coil run a temp lead from battery and see if it starts If a fault is random it's a pain to find but you know your fault will happen so a logical approach should find it quite quick
  15. blue

    Pretty Sure Its A Blown Head Gasket

    Stick some sandpaper to a sheet of glass larger then the head lay it on a bench /table and rub the head back and forth until head is same colour all over -one flat pinto head