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  1. In all my years as a technician I’ve never bought a prop shaft that came packed with grease UNLESS the supplier stated so. That’s new or rebuilt maybe the supplier forgot to tell you it needed Doing before fitting.
  2. Hi lovely looking car. in regards to Tire pressures a tire should only go up 10% when warm so start at a set pressure say 20psi from cold go on a modest drive and check pressures again if tires have gone up by more then 10% then starting pressures were to low. If gone up less then pressures were to high. gives you a pressure for your car.
  3. blue


    Ok is battery large enough to supply enough AMPS to starter. Do any cables /starter get warm while cranking Also which engine are you running.
  4. blue

    Race line water rail

    223726865456 This is correct.
  5. blue

    Race line water rail

    Hi sorry been busy eBay number 22372685456 this is 100% charity auction all precedes to Autism
  6. Hi I have a new smiths flight rev counter sitting on a shelf £80 posted.
  7. Hi I think kit spares sells a Sierra master cylinder
  8. blue

    Race line water rail

    Will eBay this item this weekend.
  9. blue

    Race line water rail

    Hi yes. Pls PM me.
  10. Hi I have a race line Zetec water rail it’s been hanging around a while could do with a sand and and a respray looking for around £30 plus postage which will be around £6/7 with Royal Mail,
  11. blue

    Gbs inlet plenum

    Hi no sorry. Now sold.
  12. blue

    Last Stonleigh

    Ha ha ha. No def not ive Been to Stonleigh every year for the last 15 ! its funny you mentioned CKC as the article in question was with stent and his view was he would rather let it end this year then combine it with a classic show to enable it to continue and yes it’s true I did mention a local show that blew Stonleigh to the wind I don’t know how long you have attended but one thing it was not this year was busy !!! Half the halls closed ‘ no small traderers outside /no brick a Baack stalls and the fact kids could run up and down the street - before these half wits took control you could not even see the brick a brak stalls until you were close due to the amount of people but I understand the show the organisation puts on on the other side of the grounds on the same dates has quadrupled in size in the last few years and admittance prices have dropped year on year
  13. blue

    Last Stonleigh

    Hi has anyone else heard the rumour that this to be the last Stonleigh kit car show. There is rumblings in other car magazines that this is the last one if that’s so it will be a shame but it’s been expected for some years as the show has been allowed to decline year on year
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