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  1. Putting a bit of oil down the bores confirms it’s a ring problem but putting oil down the bores can fowl the plugs I would use a different set of plugs for the test or after it.
  2. Ok. The dieseling is prob because it’s off the idle circuit and the throttle is held open slightly as stated it’s important to adjust both mixture screws or as you said you’ll go round in circles it does sound like your chap is not quite familiar with this kind of carb. but they can be set up quite nicely there is quite a bit on the net regarding setting up that carb. maybe change the pump jet to a 50 0r 55 or you’ll get a flat spot as you put ya foot down.
  3. Hi did you get any more information on why he could not tune it. is it lean on idle or flat out. running the v6 carb on pintos has been done for decades if your not familiar with this carb it has TWO idle mixture screws and it’s important to undo BOTH and by the same amount not just one the pain in the bottom one is against the cam cover if fitted to the standard pinto manifold. and you’ll need a right angle screwdriver to turn it. a handy tip is to always use a new gasket/heatsink between carb and manifold
  4. The trouble with the sbd ecu is it’s no longer supported so dealers that have the mapping facilities might now be few and far between but why not find someone with a rolling road to run it up and see how it’s running before spending ££££££ changing something that might be running fine
  5. This is the other way you can do it
  6. blue

    Low pressure pump

    Ha ha ha. Yes I run a facet red top pump as a low pressure pump 5 years now no issues your high pressure pump is designed to push not suck. It WILL burn out
  7. blue

    Low pressure pump

    Nan’s saying. Buy cheap buy twice. look at the other reply’s. “ I have 2 Chinese ones mounted side by side “ buy 2 and that way you have a spare” buy ONE well built expensive pump and fit it and forget about it could NEVER understand why someone would spend £1000s on a kit car but skimp on something that will leave you on the hard shoulder QUALITY IS REMEMBERED LONG AFTER PRICE IS FORGOTTEN
  8. Try brands hatch performance 01474 850666
  9. blue

    LP fuel Pump

    Are you running the factory wiring loom ? the low pressure pump is run by the emerald ecu on the factory loom BUT the wire for it comes from the ENGINE loom plug and just needs to be put to earth it will then come on with the key I have the wiring dia somewhere and will let you know the colour
  10. blue

    gearbox oil

    Stand the oil in a bucket of hot water for 5 mins. It flows like water after
  11. Hi you said it was timing. Can I ask what is the timing set to on tick over
  12. blue

    Throttle body cable

    Hi a good way is to trim off the plastic thread of the part that goes in the square enough so it goes slightly inside the fixing. This just about gives enough movement for full throttle
  13. Two caps with valves will ‘fight’ each other. Go and buy a cap for the rad WITHOUT a valve easy and simple fix. eBay 200825310828.
  14. I bonded them on with the tiger seal - used a tiny bit to make sure they were in the right place once happy applied loads to arch and support and held over night with a ratchet strap over the top and around the wheel . 130mph +. At silverstone on GBS track day and 8 years on and still as solid as the day I fitted them.
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