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  1. Bentley gauges are quite accurate but it’s not the gauge I’m worried about- never thought of them as anything more then a slight indication of engine temp now with regards to bypassing the stat I put a second stat in the top hose effectively blocking off the rad -no difference the engine only runs Luke warm- you can leave it running an hour and still hold the top hose the side effect is poor heater but logic says it MUST get hot unless it has the most efficient heater matrix in the automotive world.
  2. Hi if I’m reading your question right the wire comes straight from the ign switch to starter solenoid it’s the pink wire on the ign switch loom.
  3. Hi. Tried the stat thing this is it’s third. !!! Yer done the blocking off half the rad -used a sheet of Perspex it just runs cool !!
  4. Hi chaps. Just throwing this out there for ideas. my Bentley engine does not get hot. It gets warm but not hot. so done the usual new stat (yes original equipment ) even run it without the viscous fan until the electric ones cut in still the car only gets warm - yes I know logic says if the main electric ones cut in and out then the engine (coolant) MUST be up to temp but you can still hold any hose and it’s only Luke warm. Yes the electric fan switch might be kicking in to soon -they NEVER run with viscous connected (there there for the condenser-with a back up facility for
  5. I bought the expensive e marked LED bulbs and GBS put it through the IVA with them. So technically my zero was type approved with LED lights
  6. Thank you both for your answers just bought my third zero and there is so much electric tape on the wiring it’s a fire waiting to happen.
  7. Hi don’t suppose anyone has the wiring diagrams for the international gauges by any chance. looked on the net all I can find is the old style wiring. The new stuff has a multi plug in the back.
  8. blue

    Vicky green loom

    If not try this https://www.dropbox.com/s/ilk94wicgli40xu/vicki_green_pinto_wiring_loom.pdf?dl=0
  9. blue

    Vicky green loom

    Hi hopefully this is readable
  10. blue


    Not from a performance point of view. The only benefit of them is longer change times. They last around 60k. before they need changing
  11. blue

    Facet fuel pump

    Hi the closer to the tank the better as there design is to push not pull. how do you have it mounted. Is it on the rubber cotton reels or hard mounted
  12. blue

    Cooling System

    I think it’s safe to say that the water pump is not doing what it’s supposed to do the reason the switch does not come one till around 10mins after is due to thermo siphon effect. a Davis Craig type pump will do the job but fit it with its controller i have one fitted to my zero from when I built it ~ I removed the impeller from the pump and never had a problem
  13. Ok LED lights can be a nightmare. Because they work on such little currents the slight currant back feed through the switch can make them work where a normal bulb will pass the current but not shine. as a temp measure put standard bulbs back in while you check your wiring once your happy everything is working swop one bulb at a time. You might need resistors in the indicators or the headlights might need a relay so they only get currant from one feed. I have had friends fit LED headlights etc and seen exactly this problem on OEM cars. all manner of strange things started to happ
  14. Hi were the bike carbs new or used. the reason I ask is I bought a set from eBay from someone that says they were using them on there pinto but after fitting them there is NO WAY these were being used as when I used my AFR gauge they were running SO lean at idle they would have melted the pistons ( prob why they were being sold) I had to drill out the bypass jets before the bypass screws had any affect and I had all the speal about they were set up by bog brothers etc.
  15. Just a thought have you took the main earth strap off the engine when you removed the starter
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