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  1. The easy answer is to ask GBS. They IVA these all the time- buy the time you mess around changing this and that one phone call will get you a pass.
  2. You can buy them from GBS.
  3. This is the original throttle linkage
  4. blue

    Stoneleigh 2023

    Hi chaps don’t know if anyone else got the email from the show owners saying stoneleigh is no more. There saying it’s no longer viable and the kit car show will now be a combined show on June 3/4th June at the three counties showground Malvern Worcestershire newark will still happen on the 22nd / 23rd
  5. blue

    Sad News.

    Very sad to hear. My thoughts are with his family
  6. blue

    Filter advice

    Car builder solutions sells the Crome pancake filters
  7. Rear passenger side has LEFT hand thread. So tightens same way wheel goes round {if driving forward]
  8. On my M5 I have a tracker by ‘TRACKER’ and with one -phone call I can disable the engine was told if you say shut it down now they will shut it down weather it’s doing 10pm or 110mph. I also have one on my Zero that I can remote cut the engine from my App and it shows me where the car is.
  9. If your running the MINI wiper motor replace the park switch located on the motor -when it becomes faulty it sometimes causes a straight to earth popping the fuse.
  10. Ok if it’s out of an auto you need to change the crankshaft position mount. The auto puts the crank sensor 2 teeth out You can get them on eBay or GBS sells them.
  11. Ok what type of wiring loom do you have ? Home made or off the shelf. m0st gauges feed off one power source- do you have power to them ? if yes then they need an earth - do you have one of them ?? Everything else is a sender or a light
  12. Are these not £450 from race line ??
  13. Check this out. Might help. eBay 393400137949
  14. I believe GBS sells them
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