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  1. A pinto weighs around 117kg the cologne v6 weighs about 130kg. So really no difference but the tuning beyond head work becomes expensive but the standard torque will make you smile every time you turn the key.
  2. Standard square facet on the Acc part of the ign switch I always put an inertia Switch in the power feed as god forbid you have an accident you don’t have 40ltrs a min still being pumped Out
  3. I suppose it could be a “ mistake “ on the DVLAs part if engine and chassis numbers Match with log book but log book states 1600cc instead of 2000cc but the correct engine/number is in the car
  4. Hi chaps I thought I’d ask some thoughts from someone that’s done it is it still as easy as change engine number and cc size on log book to go up from say a 1600 to 2ltr or is it now one of them DVLA ba11aches where I’m Now gonna need an engineer report etc.
  5. blue

    Mazda 6 speed gearbox.

    Hi that’s the same setup I’m thinking of using what mods did you have to make pls as mine is an early chassis does the NC 6speed fit or just the 5 pls.
  6. blue

    Mazda 6 speed gearbox.

    Have emailed g s and Richard says the NS 5 speed is a direct fit and there soooo cheap
  7. Back in my escort days we had to run bpR 6es plugs or we had the same problem
  8. blue

    Mazda 6 speed gearbox.

    Thanks. Was hoping to use the Mazda box but might have to buy a bell housing to fit the existing box to the Duratec I think I’ll ask GBS what they say
  9. Hi does anyone know if the Mazda 6 speed or 5 speed If fitted to a 2.0 Duratec fits inside the standard zero chassis. ??
  10. blue

    Cam swap

    Ha ha ha.
  11. blue

    Air filter

    Hi you can buy the correct item from GBS.
  12. blue

    Cam swap

    He said he has a Webber fitted
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