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  1. Agree that map needs a little tweak. Some of the numbers are lower then the corresponding numbers. 11 /15 /14 /17. But dam good as a base to tweak to get someone started.
  2. blue

    Pinto won't start!

    Ah ok. So sounds like you have fuel getting to the carbs. Look through the carbs <might need a mirror >. Open throttles can you see fuel being pumped in ?? screwdriver in the end of a plug lead placed on rocker cover a- does spark jump from screwdriver to rocker - Yes - spark is fine ———no —-check spark an engine even with piss poor timing will still try to start agree spraying so brake cleaner etc in the carb mouth is a 2 sec check to see if it’s fuel.
  3. Hi air con and power steering both come off then you need to buy an aux pulley from someone like retro Ford or poss GBs. This bolts if looking at the engine above and to the right of the water pump. I’ll try and find a pick and post it.
  4. blue

    Pinto won't start!

    Hi. On the video is that the fuel pump I can hear at the very beginning. If it is the loud clicking is because there is no fuel inside the pump. The pump will quieten down when it’s full of fuel. you can hear it’s trying to start
  5. blue

    Miserable failure

    You get these in machine mart. Amazon etc
  6. Remember a shock NEEDS rebound and compression a spring that holds a shock at the full extent of the travel will drive HORRENDOUS
  7. Ah sorry. Just looked and they now sell the 3J gearbox’s. So the prices are treble what they was.
  8. Rally design ltd do a replacement gearbox off the shelf if you fancy a drive. it’s got uprated internals and is based on the gears from the capri so has a much better 1st gear. I think the price was around £700 odd but it has been a while since I’ve looked at there catalog
  9. Ok can I ask you say it floods. So do I take it the plugs are wet ? Plumes of black smoke while it’s running bad smell of petrol ?? What are the symptoms you actually have please.
  10. I’ve done it a few times. a few of us get together and make a day of it. I took my zero , friends had a McLaren /Shelby mustang Gt800 , BMW i8 /Lamborghini and a few others I can’t remember we had a great day and are booked again for this year as the tickets were carried over from last year.
  11. One IMPORTANT thing to remember with the zero suspension arms is the tubes inside the bushes MUST not be able to turn - the bush must spin on the tube NOT the tube in the brackets. So weather you fit the washers or not the bolts MUST be tight to grab and hold the tube
  12. Brands hatch performance are uk dealer /supplier in the uk for spartan2/3
  13. Top man. We like cheap easy fixes
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