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  1. Hi also my car failed iva because seat belt anchor nuts where not fixed ie welded or captiveso nut would not turn
  2. Its all automatic fog lights won't come back on after lights are turned off or ignition without operating fog light switch car builder solutions have a video on you tube
  3. I had similar issues with a superspec which I bought new had all invoices etc still ended up with a q plate they wouldn't give me age related or new req even though these kits originally were all new chassis engine etc apart from refurb rear axle .Good look with dvla they just seem to be very awkward
  4. I did a iva in Sept 22 and the tester checked that they stayed off after ignition is switched back on an fogs only come on after reset car builder solutions do a relay to facilitate this for about 30 quid
  5. Hi thanks for reply can you give more details pleade
  6. Yea sorry I made aistake
  7. Has any body modified the handbrake on a super spec as I have finally got mine on the road but find the handbrake a pain to reac any info etc would be appreciated many thanks
  8. Webstermick


    Hi all happy new year. I've finally got my Robin Hood super spec on the road .And I'm wondering if anyone has modified the handbrake position as when I'm strapped in I can't reach it. Any diagrams meauserments and parts used would be very useful many thanks
  9. Hi all I'm new to this site just got my superspec iva on 2nd attempt, now trying to register it dvla rejected my application ad I need a certificate of newness how do I get 1
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