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  1. philshelton

    New Jim Clark Painting unveiled!!!!

    You should be selling prints of that.
  2. philshelton

    Goodbye Leicestershire

    Fantastic Night going to miss you and Clare. wish you all the best in your new jobs and location . catch you at the rhocar events
  3. philshelton

    Stilton Run 2019

    got ours 57, 58, 59
  4. philshelton

    can't believe its 5 years

    Miss you Mark Bruce, thoughts are with Emma and the boys today.
  5. philshelton

    Website feedback thread

    Yep dark theme it is then. Thanx to all who keep this club going
  6. philshelton

    Website feedback thread

    the background is a little bright so harsh to look at.
  7. philshelton

    Stainless Steel Bonnet

    Same as Bob says, angry grinder with stainless steel cutting disc mark out on masking tape
  8. philshelton

    Camber Wedges

    change the handling and reduced inner wear on tyre well worth fitting for anyone with a sierra rear sub frame
  9. philshelton

    Nothing To Do This Weekend? Eosb 2018

    Great day out on the Saturday. Big thanks to Keath and everyone who put in all the work to make it happen.
  10. philshelton

    Nothing To Do This Weekend? Eosb 2018

    Really hope to make it but delivery of new van that should of been Friday now looks like its going to be Saturday
  11. philshelton

    Newcastle Under Lyme August Bank Holiday

    Post details then if the weather is ok you might get quite a few
  12. philshelton

    Totally O/t. Anyone Into Canoes?

    Learn to paddle k1 and k2 its fantastic
  13. philshelton

    Totally O/t. Anyone Into Canoes?

    You need to get in to the racing class of canoeing, k1 for single outing k2 with jasper or Clare. Or k4 for family and a friend.
  14. philshelton

    Plumbing Question

    about 10 raps of page or use a bit of boss white on fitting seat, olive and thread.
  15. philshelton

    Plumbing Question

    Can you post a pic of where the leak is. If you need to get it soldered I would think £45 - £90 to get it done. Should only take someone about 30 mins from arriving to finish, quick end of day job .