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  1. philshelton

    Coventry motofest 1st and 2nd June 2019

    booked in for the ace parade on Saturday
  2. philshelton

    Cooking - gas vs. induction

    you will more than likely need to run a new circuit for it as most require 32A supply. Depends what you have oven wise, if you have a single oven that will run off your ring main and you can use cooker circuit for hob.
  3. philshelton

    Stilton Run 2019

    Great day out again. Thanks to Derick and Mo for sorting out dinner again.
  4. philshelton

    Some people would be better kept out of the garage.

    Better removed from existence
  5. philshelton

    Stilton Run 2019 Lunch

    Sorry not been on in ages Helen has paid deposit
  6. philshelton

    Sad News

    Funeral is 18th March 12:00 smart casual. family flowers.The Vale Butterfield Green Road Luton LU2 8DD England
  7. philshelton

    Sad News

    I have been messaged by Gemma Coles tonight to tell me Graham Coles (GDC) passed away today.
  8. philshelton

    New Jim Clark Painting unveiled!!!!

    You should be selling prints of that.
  9. philshelton

    Goodbye Leicestershire

    Fantastic Night going to miss you and Clare. wish you all the best in your new jobs and location . catch you at the rhocar events
  10. philshelton

    Stilton Run 2019

    got ours 57, 58, 59
  11. philshelton

    can't believe its 5 years

    Miss you Mark Bruce, thoughts are with Emma and the boys today.
  12. philshelton

    Website feedback thread

    Yep dark theme it is then. Thanx to all who keep this club going
  13. philshelton

    Website feedback thread

    the background is a little bright so harsh to look at.
  14. philshelton

    Stainless Steel Bonnet

    Same as Bob says, angry grinder with stainless steel cutting disc mark out on masking tape
  15. philshelton

    Camber Wedges

    change the handling and reduced inner wear on tyre well worth fitting for anyone with a sierra rear sub frame