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  1. philshelton

    EuroBash 2023

    Shame you will miss this event https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://grandprixretro-puynotredame.com/&ved=2ahUKEwiwp67Ax7L5AhWZR8AKHa9sCGkQFnoECAYQAQ&usg=AOvVaw10NKjo7jczsWoqa8q22x-9
  2. Phil Shelton 53 Horse well lane Wigston le18 2hr.
  3. Mr Parish you missed a great catch up, we were only there Sunday. Meet up with Andy grim, rich marsh, Dan Elliott to mention a few. Maybe you can make end of season bash
  4. Derek can you book Helen and myself in for lunch please
  5. Bread and olives x 2 Chicken pat x2 Fillet steak, phil Turkey, helen Cheese sl7atecphil Chock orange helen
  6. Hi Swifty sorry you were disappointed, I can assure you if you had made your self known to me and many others you would of been made welcome. Shame you felt you cold not come on the run out, where abouts are you located so maybe some one can point you in the direction of your nearest area meet.
  7. Amazing weekend great run out. Thanks to all that put the effort in for this year's start of end of season bash
  8. Helen avocado, Turkey, cheese Phil chicken liver pat, lamb shank, sticky tof
  9. so long as she sits around c she shall be fine. now say that fast 10 times
  10. Photos from the weekend https://photos.app.goo.gl/jS4rdXC1SguZ5XWf9
  11. good luck with the move hope all goes well. Enjoy steaming on the loire, wish you a safe and enjoyable trip.
  12. booked in for the ace parade on Saturday
  13. you will more than likely need to run a new circuit for it as most require 32A supply. Depends what you have oven wise, if you have a single oven that will run off your ring main and you can use cooker circuit for hob.
  14. Great day out again. Thanks to Derick and Mo for sorting out dinner again.
  15. Sorry not been on in ages Helen has paid deposit
  16. Funeral is 18th March 12:00 smart casual. family flowers.The Vale Butterfield Green Road Luton LU2 8DD England
  17. philshelton

    Sad News

    I have been messaged by Gemma Coles tonight to tell me Graham Coles (GDC) passed away today.
  18. You should be selling prints of that.
  19. Fantastic Night going to miss you and Clare. wish you all the best in your new jobs and location . catch you at the rhocar events
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