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  1. I have a self contained heater from a taxi which lived under the drivers seat and put hot air into the passenger area. It is a self contained unit which I intend to put inside the car. My question is does the cold air intake need to be drawn from outside the car to pass IVA or can it just pull cold intake from inside the car pushing hot air to vents to defrost windscreen. Thanks for any info / help
  2. The images are now on postimages web site use url:- https://postimg.cc/gallery/21rvskb2k/
  3. I am having a problem trying to workout the arrangement for the brake, clutch and accelerator pedals. None of the videos show the type of bracket or pedals (see attached pictures) I have but rather use the original Sierra pedals. Can anyone help with pictures or video of a car with the same arrangement. I am also trying to fit the firewall but do not have the base for the battery box so can't work out the correct location. Can someone supply dimensions of the battery base. The other part of the firewall with the circular cut out does not appear to fit in with the bracket arrangement for the pedals (see attached picture). Can anyone provide pictures of their solution for this bracket arrangement. Unable to attach photographs due to size restrictions - does anyone know of a way around this.
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