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  1. It starts cold and runs for a few minutes before splitting and then misfiring and stalling. Does this sound more like choke or a coil ? Reagrds Rory
  2. Hi got the 2l pint engine on a webber 28/32 carb. It's got the original mannual ignition from the key on it.
  3. Hi Whilst driving the other day my car started misfiring and cut out I was then unable to get it start for some time and when It did there was big smoke plume it ran for little n cut out again. Any ideas what may cause this ? Many thanks rory
  4. Just currentley have the original mechanical pump attched to the engine, is it worth updating this to an electric on or replacing with a like for like ?
  5. Hi yes thankyou the clutch cable was slack so tighened this and clutch is now running. Next problem as soon as it gets warm it splatters and pulls air bubbles up the fuel line and stalls any ideas ? Many thanks rory
  6. Im not sure on the setup i belive it maybe a superspec as it manily stainless steel bodywork folded to make a chasis, however is first registred in 98. Ive attched some photos of the top of the pedal bos and the connection to clutch plate if these are anyhelp. Im located in Teesside area if there is someone willing to take a look let me know! Cheers rory
  7. Hi i recently snapped my clutch cable, ive put a new one and can go through the gears fine whith the engine off but not its whilst running, is the next job a new clutch ? Any help would be great cheers rory
  8. Hi what would tell me if it was superspec?
  9. Hi yes you were correct snapped clutch cable so just looking for a replacement. Any recommendations ? Thank you for posting the identification doc ill try work out which it is. Many thanks for the help
  10. Hi i was told on buying it was a robin hood 2b but never been 100% sure The cable looked okay but i didn't notice a quadrant in the pedal box when i removed the top in the engine bay ? I'll take some photos tomorrow when i get the car home and put them on here.
  11. Hi When i pressed the clutch in today there was a crunch followed by the pedal becoming very slack and unusabale. Also yesterday the car wouldnt select revers but all gears were working fine today when i first went out. Luckily i hadn't started the engine but was woudering if anyone knew what may have caused this ?
  12. Hi I recently broke the rear suspension, I've got a new set of 2.25 id, coil over AVO shockers. My question is what lb of spring will these need or whats recommended? Is there anyway to tell off the old ones ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi I have snapped the rear coil over shock absorbers on the car, the ones that I have broken are a AVO 130 090 I can't seem to find a replacement part and was woundering if anyone would be able to help me out with advice on an alternative replacement. Thank you in advance for any help . Rory
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