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  1. Having had to miss the August Wales Road Trip for the past couple of years ... EXTREMELY disappointed - our children and their families can only go away during school holiday time and we all meet up abroad as a large family. This May trip would be an outstandingly brilliant alternative ... but we have planned a wedding anniversary trip away .... How can such happy family events cause such disappointments?! At this rate I'll forget how to drive my hoodie! Have a superb 'weekend' one and all - it will be a fabulous event.
  2. Took my car to that a couple of years ago - it was a great event. Lots to see and extremely well attended. A good day out.
  3. Darn and blast ... we are booked for an outdoor concert with a group of friends that weekend. Would have loved to have attended this event. Did enjoy the London to Brighton run though!
  4. Well, I'm confused ... When I had to complete all my details for entering this year's London to Brighton Run, I found information of about ten other Robin Hood vehicles. I emailed Stephen Smith (organiser) to ask if I could make contact with other Robin Hood entrants in order to make some arrangements for meeting up for the run and I received the reply below. Apparently I was the first with a Robin Hood to enter! I can only assume, that somehow I opened a document/folder/page which showed entrants from a previous year! There is a promise of a free photograph if there a few of us from the club … I am almost overwhelmed with the offer !!!! Seriously though, if there are others joining, it would be good to somehow organise us running the route together (for spare parts and mechanical knowledge if nothing else!). Although we may have different start times, we could meet up at a suitable car park within 5 miles or so of the start and carry on from there. I have some of the old club logo banners stuck to my vehicle … are there any of the new banner which I could replace them with to advertise the club whilst touring 'down south'? Or a small triangular pendant flag on my aerial? Good Afternoon Alan Unfortunately due to the dreaded GDPR introduced last year we are unable to share this kind of data. However I can let you know that you are the first Robin Hood owner entered on the run so far! We usually have a handful of entrants each year with Robin Hoods each year. If you are happy to share details of the run on the RHOCAR forum and social media platforms I am happy to encourage a bigger presence in 2019 and would be able to offer a free 7x5 START photograph for club members and yourself. All they would need to do is let us know they are a member of the club when booking and we will sort the rest! Lets see if we beat the Cobra replica gathering from 3 years ago – they had 24 on the run! Look forward to meeting you both. Regards Stephen D Smith Events Director GE Classic Motor Events 1st Floor, 25 Alcester Road, Bromsgrove, Worcs. B60 1JT T: 07484 151519
  5. Afternoon Rich …. not got plans for an alternative/additional Wales Road Trip have you? I'm gutted to have to miss your August one - yet again - but would love to be able to make another of your fabulously well organised trips, should there be one in the pipeline! Alan
  6. £99! Not an amount I would normally consider … but as a one off … I'm going for it.
  7. Many thanks for all your help. Children have said to leave it to them! Will see what happens!
  8. I have been looking forward with great excitement to this year's Wales Road Trip, as I had to miss last year's. Our children … who still have to work for a living, in order to pay my pension … have once again booked a French Country Home for all of us (15) to holiday together as a full family - for a week in August. They have to choose the month/dates as, unlike us, they have to return to work after the summer break. When have they booked? You are correct … yep … that week of the road trip! To ease my very great pain, one of my lads has arranged for he and I to participate in this year's London to Brighton Run in hoodie. No where near as great a weekend as meeting up with you lot in Wales BUT should be a bit of fun. Anyone else taking part this year? I can see that there are currently 10 Robin Hoods booked in - maybe far more by the time it starts in June. I'll drive down to London the day before the event and stop overnight with my lad who lives in Shepherds Bush.
  9. Many thanks Dan. I have spoken to my 'kids' about my request for a decent camera to record trips and they are also researching. When they have got back to me I'll be in a position to respond to your excellent suggestions. Thank you very much.
  10. Thanks Neil that looks a damn good buy. Thanks Bob, will explore your link.
  11. I hope that a combination of excellent food and liquid refreshment have not increased girth such that climbing in and out of kits has become 'difficult'! I am beginning research into a suitable (vastly improved upon) camera for recording the few Hoodie trips that I make. I currently use my dashcam, which isn't bad but I would like much better results. GoPro Hero 7 beckons me BUT there is no way I would be able to pay anything like that amount - and get away with it! So …. what more economically priced camera do any of you use and has anyone had a delightfully expensive replacement for Christmas and would like to sell off their current piece of kit at a wonderfully reduced 'wife acceptable' price? Someone may even be able to recommend new but at a cost that I could get my three 'kids' to purchase, as they would then also be able to record the trips they go on, when borrowing dad's hoodie. 'Hoodie New Year' one and all, may we experience the best dry and sunny 2019 weather possible.
  12. Added myself to the map - thanks for the info. as to how to do it. Like the new layout … now that I have had a play! No doubt some things will take getting used to, some things will annoy - but on the whole GOOD JOB, WELL DONE.
  13. The original 'skeleton' … just in case it helps.
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