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  1. It will be great if events are given the go-ahead ... if safe ... but unless they can split the event into batches of 30 people and presumably no general public gathering to enjoy the vehicles ... I don't see how. We're all looking forward to being allowed back out and driving and socializing. Fingers crossed . Good luck though.
  2. David ... the navigation notes they provide are really clear and easy to follow. Like you, my wife had no interest at all in accompanying me hence my son very happily came along. A child can navigate from the route given out. If you join up with another vehicle ... or two just let them navigate and enjoy the drive. Other than that invite a mate ... or take a good neighbour ... anyone will enjoy the occasion. Sorry part of this response is to Neil. I remember you saying a couple of years ago you were considering entering. Find a way if possible ... another magazine article here.
  3. Hi David. I participated in the event in 2019 - took one of my lads with me , who happens to live in London so overnight accommodation was layed on, and we had a good time. It was a nicely organised event and on the run down to Brighton we took time out to stop off at a cousin's place for tea and cake! It would have been even better had we known other participants and been able to partake with them ... but ... that was not to be the case. Might be over priced for what you do/get out of the day but well worth the experience as a one off. I would enjoy the event a second
  4. alanh65

    Air horns

    Couldn't ask for a more detailed wiring diagram ... superb response. Many thanks 'Sparepart'.
  5. alanh65

    Air horns

    Thank you Bob. Thank you Martin.
  6. alanh65

    Air horns

    Thank you Martin. It was actually late 60s when I had my landy ... so same sort of time! Your description sounds like the wiring diagram in my post. When I am given my birthday present ... I'll wire it up on the bench prior to fitting into hoodie. Many thanks. The horns will naturally only be used legally ....
  7. alanh65

    Air horns

    Now that I see the steering wheel as a steering wheel ... Doh! ... it makes a lot more sense - thanks Ian Back in the day .... a long, long time ago ... I had triple tone horns on my series I Land Rover which I could switch between a single (combined) note or 'musical' tone - I wondered whether the switch shown on the compressor might facilitate this option? Does anyone have triple tone horns that allow this choice (legal or illegal sound) ...
  8. alanh65

    Air horns

    Thank you Ian and Steve.
  9. alanh65

    Air horns

    Gentlemen ... apologies ... and Ladies, My original twin air horns on the car have now given up the ghost (after 24 years) and are in need of replacement. I have purchased a set of triple horns ... for my to give me for my birthday!!! So will not be fitting them until the weather improves (I have no garage) The wiring diagram below came with the horns, before I get anywhere near trying to fit them and wire them up, I am seeking your advice. I have pencilled a few questions on the wiring diagram as I am uncertain as to exactly what is what. Could anyone please give me a be
  10. I use that one and it is connected permanently to my battery at present as I try to use the car on dry days. Unfortunately the car just sits on the drive in all weathers and the cold can play havoc with the battery, hence keeping it constantly topped up.
  11. Last year, my son who lives/works in London expressed an interest in participating in the London to Brighton Run. My father, who passed away many years back, was brought up in London and then his family moved down to Brighton where he became a member of 'Brighton Shiverers' ... back in the day, and where he was schooled. It seemed an appropriate opportunity to mark the fact that that 'history' led to our existence ... so to speak. Not the most exciting of drives for a hoodie but we had a great time, I drove down, my son drove back and we spent the evening in London celebrating.
  12. Now those look nice and comfortable ....... very nice.
  13. The hoodie I drive is now about 24 years old and I have owned it for about 6 years. It has its numberplate across the nose cone and no-one has ever made any negative comment ... to date!
  14. alanh65

    Camping trailer

    A very good day to you all. My daughter has just bought a LARGE family tent and now needs to have a towbar fitted to her car. She is also looking for a large camping trailer with a hard top/cover in order to put cycles on top. Anybody have one that you might hire out or are considering selling? I would prefer to deal with a fellow club member than a random ebayer. Many thanks. I am located in Sutton Cold field.
  15. Having had to miss the August Wales Road Trip for the past couple of years ... EXTREMELY disappointed - our children and their families can only go away during school holiday time and we all meet up abroad as a large family. This May trip would be an outstandingly brilliant alternative ... but we have planned a wedding anniversary trip away .... How can such happy family events cause such disappointments?! At this rate I'll forget how to drive my hoodie! Have a superb 'weekend' one and all - it will be a fabulous event.
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