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  1. alanh65

    Website feedback thread

    Added myself to the map - thanks for the info. as to how to do it. Like the new layout … now that I have had a play! No doubt some things will take getting used to, some things will annoy - but on the whole GOOD JOB, WELL DONE.
  2. alanh65

    Pictures Of Front End

    The original 'skeleton' … just in case it helps.
  3. alanh65

    Pictures Of Front End

    This is my Series III Robin Hood. Built in 1997. Monocoque. I can't access your photos for some reason but hope these help you.
  4. Just returned from 3 superb sunny weeks in France and uncovered hoodie in preparation for the Midlands meet tomorrow. About to start the kit but as I touched the throttle, the cable snapped!! Anyone know, from my photos, whether this is an original sierra cable - and if so, does it just push backwards out of the clip in order to remove the old cable? Battery also in need of a recharge after so long neglecting it - so no meet this month I'm afraid. :( … Oops, title should read Series III ...
  5. Back in the UK again ... will check diary and calendar and try to make it.
  6. alanh65

    Project Rhocaravan

    Bloody amazing !!!!! A fabulous job.
  7. alanh65

    Wales Weekend Fri 10Th To Sun 12Th August 2018

    Gutted I missed this year. Am still pottering around France in ridiculous heat and sunshine BUT would have loved what sounds like a damp road trip. Glad you thoroughly enjoyed it once again.
  8. alanh65

    Wales Weekend Fri 10Th To Sun 12Th August 2018

    Rubbish … rubbish … rubbish ... look what I'm missing by being in France!!! I'm well pi**ed off - any chance of me popping back just for the meal … please?! Gutted that I'm missing this year's trip - rubbish planning this end! Hope you have another fabulous weekend, highlight of the calendar. Enjoy.
  9. alanh65

    Cars In The Park - Lichfield 7Th And 8Th July 2018

    Went last year … an excellent day out … not quite ready to drive yet, but not long now. Itching to get out - missing all this fabulous weather! Surgery healing fast … "come on!"
  10. Now we have light evenings, the meets should be great. Unfortunately, will be missing these and other events for a while as have just had my prostate removed and am walking around at a very slow pace as my body heals. Will have to get my 'adult kids' to take the car out to keep it mobile ... guess they should do the same with me!! To anyone else in the Prostate Cancer Club ... hi. Both my wife and I hope to have me driving soon ... different reasons ... but same ambition.
  11. alanh65

    Wales Weekend Fri 10Th To Sun 12Th August 2018

    Very sadly ... not this year. Will be in France. Extremely disappointed it is always such a SUPERB weekend.
  12. alanh65

    Nothing To Do This Weekend? Eosb 2018

    One of these years I will successfully fit the Eoyb into my diary! To date, I have never managed to attend a single one :cray: We have a weekend booked up in Newark where we are (for free) fed and entertained over the weekend, with the likes of: Strictly dancers, comedians or on this occasion Shawaddywaddy and The Three Degrees - tribute groups - but still excellent value (even if we had to pay!). It will happen ... IT WILL ...
  13. alanh65


    Thank you an interesting insight into Rhocar. I had never even thought about how it came about but now understand a little more. Nice explanation, without any political undertones.
  14. alanh65

    Is This Ilegal?

    Guessing ... but needs checking. I assume you still 'own' the vehicle until DVLA have received appropriate paperwork informing them of new owner's details and new owner does likewise. Could you receive speeding points etc even though you have sold the car ... ?? Fined for being on the road without MOT ... ?? Whilst writing this - you have had more positive answers I see. Must type much quicker - or - not type at all!
  15. alanh65

    Pacet 10" Blow/suck Cooling Fan For Sale

    Dan - your name is on the box. If you would like it before Monday week, give me a shout and we can arrange something.