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  1. Now those look nice and comfortable ....... very nice.
  2. The hoodie I drive is now about 24 years old and I have owned it for about 6 years. It has its numberplate across the nose cone and no-one has ever made any negative comment ... to date!
  3. alanh65

    Camping trailer

    A very good day to you all. My daughter has just bought a LARGE family tent and now needs to have a towbar fitted to her car. She is also looking for a large camping trailer with a hard top/cover in order to put cycles on top. Anybody have one that you might hire out or are considering selling? I would prefer to deal with a fellow club member than a random ebayer. Many thanks. I am located in Sutton Cold field.
  4. Having had to miss the August Wales Road Trip for the past couple of years ... EXTREMELY disappointed - our children and their families can only go away during school holiday time and we all meet up abroad as a large family. This May trip would be an outstandingly brilliant alternative ... but we have planned a wedding anniversary trip away .... How can such happy family events cause such disappointments?! At this rate I'll forget how to drive my hoodie! Have a superb 'weekend' one and all - it will be a fabulous event.
  5. Took my car to that a couple of years ago - it was a great event. Lots to see and extremely well attended. A good day out.
  6. Darn and blast ... we are booked for an outdoor concert with a group of friends that weekend. Would have loved to have attended this event. Did enjoy the London to Brighton run though!
  7. Well, I'm confused ... When I had to complete all my details for entering this year's London to Brighton Run, I found information of about ten other Robin Hood vehicles. I emailed Stephen Smith (organiser) to ask if I could make contact with other Robin Hood entrants in order to make some arrangements for meeting up for the run and I received the reply below. Apparently I was the first with a Robin Hood to enter! I can only assume, that somehow I opened a document/folder/page which showed entrants from a previous year! There is a promise of a free photograph if there a few of us
  8. Afternoon Rich …. not got plans for an alternative/additional Wales Road Trip have you? I'm gutted to have to miss your August one - yet again - but would love to be able to make another of your fabulously well organised trips, should there be one in the pipeline! Alan
  9. £99! Not an amount I would normally consider … but as a one off … I'm going for it.
  10. Many thanks for all your help. Children have said to leave it to them! Will see what happens!
  11. I have been looking forward with great excitement to this year's Wales Road Trip, as I had to miss last year's. Our children … who still have to work for a living, in order to pay my pension … have once again booked a French Country Home for all of us (15) to holiday together as a full family - for a week in August. They have to choose the month/dates as, unlike us, they have to return to work after the summer break. When have they booked? You are correct … yep … that week of the road trip! To ease my very great pain, one of my lads has arranged for he and I to participate in
  12. Many thanks Dan. I have spoken to my 'kids' about my request for a decent camera to record trips and they are also researching. When they have got back to me I'll be in a position to respond to your excellent suggestions. Thank you very much.
  13. Thanks Neil that looks a damn good buy. Thanks Bob, will explore your link.
  14. I hope that a combination of excellent food and liquid refreshment have not increased girth such that climbing in and out of kits has become 'difficult'! I am beginning research into a suitable (vastly improved upon) camera for recording the few Hoodie trips that I make. I currently use my dashcam, which isn't bad but I would like much better results. GoPro Hero 7 beckons me BUT there is no way I would be able to pay anything like that amount - and get away with it! So …. what more economically priced camera do any of you use and has anyone had a delightfully expensive replacement fo
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