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  1. speedtripledan

    Website feedback thread

    Why has my sign in name become my displayed name? How can it be changed?
  2. speedtripledan

    Ecu Zetec Blacktop

    I use a canems ECU on my zetec, good bit of kit been faultless sense I installed it
  3. speedtripledan

    Zetec Swirl Pot

    My car has a 2.0l swirl pot in the engine bay, fed from the rear via a facet silvertop low pressure pump, I did track days in the hot summer we just had with no issues what so ever on the fuel system.the oil overhead and the brakes melted but no fuel heat issues or surging problems. Why is it in the front ? There was no room in the back and the fuel tank wasn't suitable for modification at the time I converted the car to fuel injection. Use a good lp pump and it will be fine, mount the pot away from the exhaust in the air flow if possible and it works great.
  4. Yet I have a 1 yr warranty with my xc90, the Aircon pump failed took it in to a Volvo independent specialist the warranty paid up in so much as the cost of aftermarket part cost, I paid the the difference and had OEM original fitted they also paid for the regas and labour @ £50 an hour. So they are not all bad
  5. speedtripledan

    Which Tdo4 Turbo?

    Cheers for the info I thought that might be the case, now to find some large circlip pliers
  6. speedtripledan

    Which Tdo4 Turbo?

    Cheers for above info, think I've now hit a major stumbling block, to hang the turbo off the manifold it puts the oil feed and drain upside down or can they be switched ?
  7. speedtripledan

    Which Tdo4 Turbo?

    Turbo is on its way, where did you zetec turbo boys tap your oil feed for the turbo ?
  8. speedtripledan

    Led Rear Lights

    I used something similar on both my robin hood and Westfield looked great.
  9. speedtripledan

    Which Tdo4 Turbo?

    I've seen 13t and 19t, Impreza ones Saab ones, Chinese off eBay any good ? Know next to nowt about turbos and want to get building
  10. speedtripledan

    The Fairies In The Garage

    Does the dizzy have points? Or is it a later electronic one? If later I Had exactly the same happen to me I had to replace the dizzy for a new electronic one (aftermarket)
  11. speedtripledan

    Zetec Turbo Parts What You Using?

    Just ordered a standard exhaust manifold and will try and modify that to take a turbo, just need a turbo now
  12. speedtripledan

    Timing Gear; That Didn't Work So What Now?

    Slide hammers are good at shifting stubborn pulleys, my hammer has a hook attachment for such jobs
  13. speedtripledan

    Led Headlights

    Sorry no, I got lucky getting them 2nd hand from another car forum.
  14. speedtripledan

    Led Headlights

    My led headlights passed mot ok, as they did have nesseary beam pattern.
  15. speedtripledan

    Led Headlights

    Got some in my stylus, straight swap in no issues