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  1. speedtripledan

    2gether insurance and maybe others

    Just a heads up, when buying these cheap policy's from the above and probably others, if you cancel the policy because let's say you sold your car they do not refund a single penny ! My policy was approx 2months old and her words were " there is no refund due after cancellation fees blah blah ". robbing bleeps ! I won't be using said company again for anything.... So beware peeps
  2. speedtripledan

    Ifor Williams ct136hd

  3. speedtripledan

    Supercharged SSC stylus

  4. speedtripledan

    Thats me and kit cars done.

    It took me 6yrs but I've sold the kit car, i.m done with kit cars now, after 12yrs of kit car moding and owning I've got bored of it all.... Bought a big Merc instead, 1car does it all tows the van, goes like *bleep* of a stick. Comfortable and SAFE. Have fun everybody
  5. speedtripledan

    EOSB 13th to 15th September 2019

    Just to clarify prices before I book. Myself £15, my partner sue £15 or £18? My 12yr old Keira £15 or £18 Cheers
  6. speedtripledan

    Clutch / gearbox horrific metallic rattle and crunch

    When my box did similar it was lay shaft needles and shaft had gone. Rebuilt it myself.
  7. speedtripledan

    South Yorkshire/Derbyshire to Stoneleigh

    Will be dragging the caravan down about that time. Will add to your rolling road block c u at 1130. Dan
  8. speedtripledan

    Supercharged SSC stylus

    I always dreamed of having / building a really fast car, now I’ve done it i hardly use it. I’ve done more mile’s on my mountain bike in the last 4months than I’ve done in the car all year ! So it’s time to let someone else enjoy it. I bought this car 5yrs ago as a bog standard stylus with 1800miles on and have spent 5yrs and 15k getting it to what it is today. 11000miles Spec is massive. zetec rebuilt with new main bearings, big end bearings and new oil pump. Bespoke mp62 supercharger conversion built by red7 autoengineering Ripley. Incorporating nissin gtir plenum, rx8 450cc injectors, custom inlet manifold. Twin 70mm throttle bodies. 60a denso alternator, twin belt drive one for the alternator one for the charger, electric water pump. Canems ECU Dyno.d by Dave at canems with dual maps, Map 1 is 243bhp and 256ftlb of torque. Map 2 is 130bhp great in the rain or when you have cold tyres. Flick of a switch while driving and it will go one to the other. Custom repackable stainless exhaust made by Martin Keenan (mk fame) Helix 4paddle hd clutch to handle the torque Raceline flywheel and sump Oddesey gel battery. Push button or key start. V6 type 9 rebuilt with all new bearings, Hd layshaft bearings HD synchro rings. Retro ford hydraulic clutch. Davis Craig ewp water pump and digital control. Retro ford water rail with triple core coolex alloy rad and intercooler. Mocol Remote oil filter and thermostatic oil take off and cooler. Procomp suspension all round Dotz mugello alloys with Toyo r1r tyres Willwood Midilite front calipers on 285mm vented drilled discs Rally design rear disc brake conversion 240mm discs English axle with rare 3.54 genuine ford cwp with quaife ATB diff Custom stainless 8.7gal fuel tank facet silvertop low pressure pump into swirl pot and sytec hp pump. ETB cobra white face gauges Mountney steering wheel Bespoke alloy gear stick knob and matching stalk ends. Led headlights Full weather gear Obp billet alloy pedals with willwood cylinders Cobra seats colour coded to car. mot till June. I've probably missed stuff off the list Have receipts for best part 20k This is a very quick car, not for the faint hearted! Good for 60 in the low 4,s. You can pop to the shops or blast it round a track, eat up the b roads, cruise up the motorway. Irritate bikers with its performance. It really is a sorted all round car. £10000 ovno Can email photos if interested Or will swap for hot hatch tintop ie focus st, golf/ Scirocco GTi etc
  9. speedtripledan

    Good quality tool chests

    My oldest Halfords tool cab is getting on 20yrs now and still perfectly good. At Xmas they will drop the triple set down under £249 if they haven't already
  10. speedtripledan

    can't believe its 5 years

    He is never far from my thoughts.
  11. speedtripledan

    Ifor Williams ct136hd

    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10156693078698608&id=609598607 3k ono
  12. speedtripledan

    Website feedback thread

    Why has my sign in name become my displayed name? How can it be changed?
  13. speedtripledan

    Ecu Zetec Blacktop

    I use a canems ECU on my zetec, good bit of kit been faultless sense I installed it
  14. speedtripledan

    Zetec Swirl Pot

    My car has a 2.0l swirl pot in the engine bay, fed from the rear via a facet silvertop low pressure pump, I did track days in the hot summer we just had with no issues what so ever on the fuel system.the oil overhead and the brakes melted but no fuel heat issues or surging problems. Why is it in the front ? There was no room in the back and the fuel tank wasn't suitable for modification at the time I converted the car to fuel injection. Use a good lp pump and it will be fine, mount the pot away from the exhaust in the air flow if possible and it works great.
  15. Yet I have a 1 yr warranty with my xc90, the Aircon pump failed took it in to a Volvo independent specialist the warranty paid up in so much as the cost of aftermarket part cost, I paid the the difference and had OEM original fitted they also paid for the regas and labour @ £50 an hour. So they are not all bad