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  1. Looks lovely. I too have just bought my first kit car and im looking forward to meeting everyone. Im pretty local in stockton on tees
  2. Thanks guys. Ive got it booked into motoscope on Friday. He reckons he should be able to do it and they have a rolling road so fingers crossed.
  3. Cheers. Im going to take rocker cover off and see if the cams have been changed or not and then double check the timing. Failing that I'm looking for someone who can remap that style ecu which after abit if research might be hard as its quite an old system. What aftermarket ecu would people recommend using or would it be better to find someone to map it and then see what ecu they would like.
  4. Hi all. Just picked up my s3 at the weekend and the paperwork for the twin 45s being setup says the timing is advanced to 16 degrees and it needs to be 10. Does anyone have any knowledge on whether the mbe967iD ecu will control the advance in the timing or if its more likely to be the vernier cam pulleys which are set up wrong. Thanks
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