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    r1 carbs

    did you have a pic as I was looking at these filters

    r1 carbs

    have you any pics of yours under the bonnet please

    r1 carbs

    Yes please Peter and thanks im new to tye rh scene. Just picked up some r1 carbs and manifold today so wanted to have an idea of filter wise..

    r1 carbs

    Hi has anyone got a picture of a pinto set up with r1 bike carbs just wanted to see what filter set up they was using ?
  5. Hi all I wish to change me current long wings to cycle wings. has anyone got a oic of what brackets I need to buy for my s3 and also are there different sized wings ? Any help would be great.
  6. hi I see your running r1 bike carbs what did you do as to a fuel  pump ? cheers mike 

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    2. MIKEYRH


      did you de activate your old pump and how much was your new pump? any pics of your engine bay cheers 



      I removed the old pump and made a blank to cover the hole in the block. Pump was off e bay, about £15 _ £20. All dead simple.

    4. MIKEYRH


      Thanks buddy have you any pics of your set up please..what filters you running ?.


  7. Hi all I have just purchased a RH Series 3. I would like to change some parts so any help and advice would be great to save time and costs. 1.change my current long front wings to cycle wings. How easy and what brackets are needed ? best place or has anyone got any forsake ? 2. can you still buy new the Robin Hood badge for the nose cone if so where ? 3. wet weather roof I have got one with the car along with wet weather doors but I see that I may be missing a bar of some sort that supports the roof when up ! I see one in one of the pics of my car from a previous owner who had
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