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  1. Hi guys im just starting a rv8 conversion and needed an side exhaust maker anyone know a company or person ? Around the Suffolk area please. Many Thanks Mike.
  2. hi thanks for the reply im interested in doing a rover v8 3.5 conversion and just wanted to know who made your prop shaft and are you running the normal v8 sump etc 

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    2. MIKEYRH


      Thanks for the link. I won't give up it must go in getting my engine next weekend along with a box and fresh ultra sonic cleaned carbs, engine has been rebuilt polished crank and heads re done, and getting it at a bargain price too. he's a good friend of mine. do you have any videos of your car running ? cheers mike 

    3. richyb66


      Here's one from my original rolling road session at Emerald.



    4. MIKEYRH


      Thats crazy was your hardest hurdle the steering linkage being your biggest issue ? was the conversion worth the head aches tho ? you still own the car now ? many thanks mike 

  3. As above has anyone done a v8 conversion on there robin ? If so can you contact me please. many thanks mike.
  4. Wanted full set of 13" alloys for my robin series 3 whats about ? many thanks
  5. when you get a mi can you have a look buddy as gagging to get my wings on cheers.
  6. did you have a look for the cycle wing brackets ?
  7. 4 x 195/50/15 tyres wanted asap. Must have good tread.
  8. have you please let me know as wanting to get my cycle wings fitted cheers. mike
  9. Hi guys whats the best place to get a uprated cam shaft/kit from and what do you recommend ? cheers
  10. do they fit on to the bull joint to secure them ?
  11. wanted cycled wing brackets for a robin hood s3 anyone help ??
  12. hi I see you have some cycle wings and are glued to the cycle stay brackets how much was you after for them as I need stays cheers

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    2. wowblaauw
    3. MIKEYRH


      have you got any metal support brackets kicking about as need some for my cycle wings I would of had the red ones fro you but have got carbon fibre ones and just need the metal brackets to fit them 

    4. wowblaauw


      Sadly, no. That said, I glued mine to the cycle wing outriggers which is what GBS do now. I used tiger silicone - very good sticky stuff.


    r1 carbs

    did you have a pic as I was looking at these filters

    r1 carbs

    have you any pics of yours under the bonnet please

    r1 carbs

    Yes please Peter and thanks im new to tye rh scene. Just picked up some r1 carbs and manifold today so wanted to have an idea of filter wise..

    r1 carbs

    Hi has anyone got a picture of a pinto set up with r1 bike carbs just wanted to see what filter set up they was using ?
  17. Hi all I wish to change me current long wings to cycle wings. has anyone got a oic of what brackets I need to buy for my s3 and also are there different sized wings ? Any help would be great.
  18. hi I see your running r1 bike carbs what did you do as to a fuel  pump ? cheers mike 

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    2. MIKEYRH


      did you de activate your old pump and how much was your new pump? any pics of your engine bay cheers 



      I removed the old pump and made a blank to cover the hole in the block. Pump was off e bay, about £15 _ £20. All dead simple.

    4. MIKEYRH


      Thanks buddy have you any pics of your set up please..what filters you running ?.


  19. Hi all I have just purchased a RH Series 3. I would like to change some parts so any help and advice would be great to save time and costs. 1.change my current long front wings to cycle wings. How easy and what brackets are needed ? best place or has anyone got any forsake ? 2. can you still buy new the Robin Hood badge for the nose cone if so where ? 3. wet weather roof I have got one with the car along with wet weather doors but I see that I may be missing a bar of some sort that supports the roof when up ! I see one in one of the pics of my car from a previous owner who had the car any ideas to where to obtain one of these ? many thanks in advance.
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