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  1. Start by having a look here which lists 2.0 Sierra parts and see if anything is similar. Also try 1.6 Sierra. A picture would help to get an exact match. https://brakeparts.co.uk/shop/Ford/Sierra/82-89/Sierra 2.0 OHC Models/Hydraulic Actuation - Master Cylinders and Reg Valves
  2. Maybe their time would be better spent failing cars with illegal number plates.
  3. I have moved the threads that don't appear relevant to the link lightweight to other sections. I'm not planning on making a habit of doing this, there is probably a lot of other historic threads in the wrong sections but it's too big a task to do.
  4. When I cut mine I just marked the cut line on masking tape and cut it with a fine hacksaw blade. After separating the 2 halves of the bonnet, I used the blade in a frame to cut as much as I could and then finished it off with a blade with tape wrapped round the end. You could cut it with a thin grinding disc but I don't think you'd have as much control of the shape of the cut.
  5. New Year already and after all the excitement of the recent festivities, it's time to welcome the following new members who joined in December. Graham M Graham Mann Tonbridge Geoffrey S Doof Northampton Mark H smpaarrkky Newport Raymond K Raymond Kennedy Montrose Steve D Stonky 62 Reading Trevor M Trevor Malvern Craig M Craig
  6. Looks like a 2B sliding pillar: https://nw.rhocar.org/identification.htm No 2B is any more difficult to get through IVA than another. Plenty of people have done in and some pass first time so although unlikely, it is possible. Commonest fail points are probably sharp edges, emissions and failure to interpret the regulations correctly. Buying a registered car is the easiest option but then you don't have the satisfaction of doing it yourself. Part built kits can be more difficult to register if you're not careful with the paperwork, you need to prove that you've done most of the
  7. As Neil says, MOT isn't required, despite the fact that the guidance notes indicate that you do. If you've passed IVA and got your MAC certificate they you're good to go. Remainder of the process should be as shown here https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-registration/kitconverted-vehicles
  8. Erm, no. I don't like the colour.
  9. Just need the jump leads and the Easy Start.
  10. Engine is crossflow so not a Metro. Servo on LHS on a RHD car (looking at the rack) and shape of the rear pillar suggests it's a Fiesta and probably a MK1 (think MK2 onwards were cvh not ohv). Worth £2k if it's got a V5!
  11. Slave cylinder location might be problematic because most of them push and the cable pulls. Whilst I don't doubt that it could be done, it sounds like a lot of work compared to just getting the cable to work properly
  12. That's going to severely limit your choice of kits. The majority of people on here will have rwd configurations. As this will be your first kit, my best advise would be to use a proven donor like a Sierra or MX5. I don't recall anyone using a Volvo donor which means if you get problems, solutions and expertise will be in short supply.
  13. Is there a rwd gearbox to fit that engine, I thought they were only fwd or 4wd?
  14. Never had an issue with Emerald loosing maps on a battery disconnect. I wouldn't be convinced this is the issue.
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