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  1. Nice job that, looks good.
  2. Yes they do but they're not cheap https://www.powerflexsuspensionbushes.co.uk/powerflex-front-outer-track-control-arm-bush-ford-sierra-inc-sapphire-non-cosworth--pff19-101-112785-p.asp
  3. Try and make a tool with 4 pegs on it to unscrew the joint as they can be very tight. You can use some exhaust tube and cut it down to leave the 4 pegs to engage in the slots in the joint. Add a locking tab to stop the new joint coming unscrewed, you can see more details here half way down the page: https://nw.rhocar.org/parts.htm
  4. I though it was only copper rads that needed to use old (glycol based) antifreeze. Newer antifreeze is OAT (Organis Acid Technology). Glycol is normally blue and OAT is red / pink. That said I'm using OAT in a copper rad and it's been OK for the last 10k miles.
  5. I think I'm missing something here. If you have new and old pistons, old pin and old rod then they should have everything there to measure. Also presumably the new piston came with a pin? All the pins rotate in the piston ,Pinto pins are a press fit into the rod whereas the Cosworth rod would have a rotating (floating ) pin and hence needs retaining with circlips to stop it moving sidewards and touching the bore. Assuming the current pistons are 2.8 V6 and you're using Cosworth rods they what is the issue with fitment? The Cosworth rod is wider at the small end that the 2.8 rod so it nee
  6. You probably just have + .060" pistons. The circlip groove is neither here nor there because they can be added easily. If you still struggle, let me know and I can put you in touch with someone but the would probably need to have the piston and rod to measure to ensure the piston size is correct and then machine the required grooves.
  7. Clipped to the inside of the tunnel is fine. The problem area is where it needs to pass the vertical chassis tubes in the gearbox area but if you bend the pipe carefully so it follows the contour of the tubes, it is possible. IVA only requires "adequate" clipping which is pretty meaningless but if you can get clips every 150 to 200mm it should be fine. Remember to take photos, it will be hidden from inspection at the IVA test so photos you can present on the day might be useful.
  8. September has come and gone and we've had just one club organised event for the whole kit car season. The End of Season Bash earlier in September very nearly didn't go ahead due to COVID regulations but we just managed to scrape in the weekend before the rule of six came in to force. I hope that everyone who attended enjoyed it and with a bit of luck, maybe we'll actually see more events next year and will get to meet some of our newer members face to face. Until then, it's just a verbal welcome to the following new members who joined in September. David H David Horabin
  9. Looking forward to following this. Norfolk seems to be a bit of a hot spot for new members so I think there will be a bit of local interest in this as well.
  10. richyb66

    Sad News

    I'm very saddened to have to post this but I've just been informed that John Ball, Derby and Notts Area Secretary has passed away. As soon as we have any more details we will let you know. Obviously our thought's are with John's family and friends at this difficult time.
  11. Hi Laurent, Apart from the factory supplied wet weather gear (the full vinyl roof and doors), I'm not aware I've ever seen off the shelf doors etc for any of the Robin Hood cars or even drawings for the parts that someone have made themselves. I have made quite a few Surrey tops and doors for both Robin Hoods and also GBS Zero and from my experience, no two cars are exactly the same size and in fact many are slightly different between left hand side and right hand side of the car. This means that even if you make a template for say a 2B, on a different 2B you will need to adjust the
  12. It to stick your wheel arches on to the brackets. Personally I prefer bolting them on.
  13. Make sure the contour of the dash to the left of the steering wheel follows the shape of the vertical chassis tubes as closely as possible.
  14. There's abut 5 other members within 10 miles of Norwich, plus one in Kings Lynn and one in Great Yarmouth so actually a few of you out that way.
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