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  1. richyb66

    Market harborough sports and classic 19/5/2019

    Are those taken at the Showground?
  2. richyb66

    Market harborough sports and classic 19/5/2019

    Any pictures?
  3. richyb66

    Moog6 Update

    It just keeps getting better, really like this traditional look.
  4. richyb66

    Coventry motofest 1st and 2nd June 2019

    More details of the event here: https://www.coventrymotofest.com/ Well worth a visit if previous years are anything to go by.
  5. richyb66

    Vaughan’s monocoque build

    Certainly plenty to go at there. Keep the pictures coming so we can see how you're getting on.
  6. richyb66

    Sierra shocks

    They will probably be Sierra but to be sure it's probably worth removing one, measuring the open and closed length and maybe post up a photo.
  7. richyb66

    Wiper wiring and Sierra stalks

    Start by having a read through this thread, most of what you need to know should be there.
  8. richyb66

    Wanted Rostyle wheels

    Bit of a long shot but you never know. A good friend of mine is on the lookout for a set of Ford 13" Rostyle wheels ( original fitment on amongst other things, the Cortina Mark 2 1600E for those of you old enough to remember). Let me know if you know of any that aren't already on Ebay and I'll pass the information on.
  9. richyb66

    Sierra steering shaft

    That might be a bit too much. It's held in by being a tight fit in the triangular nylon bush at the bottom end. In addition the triangular tube has to fit inside the triangular part further up the outer column. You won't be able to tell how much engagement you have at the top without pulling the inner shaft out and measuring it, then checking it will still fit in the upper section if it is extended to the new position
  10. richyb66

    Sierra steering shaft

    Yes, it slides in and out of the outer column. How much longer do you need it?
  11. richyb66

    Zetec Overheating

    Sounds like you might have an airlock, can you let it idle with the rad cap off and see if it will purge any air out.
  12. richyb66

    Project Valtezza

    Did you check the exterior projections on that letter box?
  13. richyb66

    EOSB 13th to 15th September 2019

    Kids tickets are now available in the store.
  14. richyb66

    EOSB 13th to 15th September 2019

    Hi Dan, just to clarify Matt's post, as you are booking the tickets it'll be £15 each for you and Sue. Keira gets in free. I'm just looking at whether we need to add kids tickets to the store at nil cost in case we need to send them a wristband.
  15. richyb66

    It’s a pass!

    Well done. Good to see that the examiner was keen to help you get a pass.