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  1. richyb66

    Winter Maintenace/Mods

    First winter for a good few years that I've not had a major project on and frankly, I'm feeling a bit lost.
  2. richyb66

    Moog6 Update

    Not the ending to the build I was expecting . Someone is going to get a very nice looking car.
  3. richyb66

    Stainless Robin

    Speak to Dave at Dampertech, he's got lots of experience supplying springs and dampers for all models of RH. http://www.dampertech.co.uk
  4. richyb66

    Sigma RWD conversion

    Ditch the needle roller bearing and use a plain olilite bearing. I think you need 17mm O/D and 1/2" I/D so it should be easy enough to buy one of these and get the centre bored out and the O/D turned down to size. https://www.bearingboys.co.uk/?catid=1158&display=&orderby=&att1=12mm&att2=18mm&att3=
  5. richyb66

    Rear Diff Nuts and bolts

  6. richyb66

    Rear Diff Nuts and bolts

    None of the Diff bolts are anything fancy thread wise but I think the diff flange bolts that hold the lobro joints on are metric coarse. From memory when I swapped mine I had to buy bolts that were different to the ones supplied. I just went to a fastener supplier in Tamworth who had them on the shelf.
  7. richyb66

    Rear Diff Nuts and bolts

    Kebrells in Coventry will have all the bolts you need. They were in Harper Road just off London Road at the town end but they may have moved up to Canley. Probably best to take the old bolts (or what's left of them) down there https://www.google.com/maps/place/Kebrell+Nuts+%26+Bolts+Ltd/@52.398684,-1.555828,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x3d6c75b8baf3a93e!8m2!3d52.398684!4d-1.555828
  8. richyb66


    No, everyone can see that if the person has added it to their profile. The point is if people put a location in their profile or add their location to the members map, it's their decision to do so, so they are giving consent. What the club can't do is use member information that we hold on record, make it public and assume people are OK with it. Obviously the more people that put their location - which need not be exact, on the member map, the better it is because other people can see who's in their area and we can plan area meets more easily.
  9. richyb66


    The introduction of the new GDPR regulations in May this year means that we are now no longer able to include lists of local Members when we send out welcome packs. This makes it far more difficult for new members to know who may be near to them and I believe this is having a negative impact on the club as we try to organise more local meets. We already have a number of regular area meets and I have been going through the database to try and get an idea of the geographic spread of members and to try and identify other areas where it may be possible to start new ones. These don’t need to be a stand-alone event, there seems to be car shows cropping up everywhere now and it might be easier, certainly between April and September, to meet up at an existing event. That way at least there will be stuff to see even if the turnout isn’t that good. Areas where we seem to have members close together include Bed & Bucks, Cambs, Essex, Norfolk, South West, South Yorks. This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it gives an idea of where it might be possible to get some area meets up and running but we can’t do anything unless people start to show some interest. If you’re interested in supporting a meet in your local area, let us know on here, together with your approximate location. If there seems to be enough interest in one location, I’ll start a separate thread and we can take it from there. We’re also interested to hear of other existing regular events that might be a potential meeting point. Winter may not be the ideal time to be starting new meets (although with few car events it is good to catch up on what members are doing to their cars over the Winter) but by starting to plan early, I hope we might be able to get things in place for early next year. If anyone has any other ideas, post them up for discussion here or contact me via pm. Thanks.
  10. richyb66

    Brake lock-up

    M10 fine thread
  11. richyb66

    just testing

    What would that be worth now? Maybe we should start a 'Photos of cars I have owned' thread.
  12. richyb66

    just testing

    Is that a Borgward Rob?
  13. richyb66

    Ecu Zetec Blacktop

    A variation in Nigel's suggestion - Megajolt for ignition, bike carbs and a Q plate at IVA? Unless you're dead set against a Q plate. IVA is hard enough and costly enough to get through as it is and going the age-related registration route will mean a cat and proof of single donor. Aftermarket ECU is flexible and should future proof for later mods if you do them but personally I'd look for the cheapest and simplest route to get through IVA and then modify later.
  14. Next Wednesday, 28th November, 7PM onwards, Malt Shovel Pub, Coventry Road, Nr Stonebridge, Coventry, CV7 7HL Entrance to the pub car park is off the A452 Chester Road heading North 50 yards from the island. This will be our last 2018 meet. See you there
  15. richyb66

    Website feedback thread

    On the desktop browser click your user name at the top right hand corner of the page, a drop down menus will appear with Sign Out at the bottom. On the mobile browser click the 3 horizontal bars on the top right hand corner and Sign Out is there.