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  1. You probably could, but if you've got the electric pump, why not just use it all the time and ditch the mechanical one. Less stuff to go wrong.
  2. Assuming it was originally built with the V6 it would be rare because if you were using a Sierra as a donor, you'd be more likely to use a 4 cylinder one as there would have been more of them around in the first place. It is heavier which would have some effect on the handling but I'd live with that to have a torquier engine and a better sound. If you wanted to do more tuning, it's a bit limited unless you've got very deep pockets but even a standard 2.8 on a single carb should be 140bhp.
  3. Well I must have been busy doing something (actually in the garage) because I'm a few days late posting the welcome list. (I'll be posting some pictures later to show what I've been up to). Down to the more important business and welcome along to the following new members who joined in May. The slight easing in restrictions means those of us in England can at least get out in their cars without feeling quite so guilty but I'm sure everyone in looking forwards to a return to normal, whatever that turns out to be. Tommy L Tommy gun07 Bishop Auckland Nicholas P-H nickp Southport Mark W Mw@p2plogistics.co.uk Stoke on Trent Keith C Keith Clipsham Guilsfield William W William Williams Cogenhoe David L DaFreeLum Cannock Gordon B Gordon Butler Hartlepool Richard S Richard Stainsby Bishop Auckland Christopher S Series7 Congleton Katie N Katie Nunn Darlington Mike F Mike Fahey Goring-by-Sea Nicola S TRAB (roary the racing car Bishop Auckland Dave B dave baker Bradford
  4. I just polished mine with a wire brush on a drill. It came up a lot better than I thought it would.
  5. Use the Mondeo caliper brackets and drill out the mounting holes in the Sierra uprights.
  6. I think I ended up using a 19mm master cylinder. This is the third cylinder I've tried, the pedal effort is quite high but it does stop OK if you stand on the pedal.
  7. Buy youself some of this: https://www.toolstation.com/action-can-ct-90-cutting-tapping-fluid/p61138
  8. Anyone thinking of camping at Elan Oaks might want to consider booking sooner rather than later as they only have a limited amount of space and with all the cancellations this year, they are likely to go fast.
  9. richyb66

    IVA Sub K

    OK, I understand. What you've done so far looks to be a very good standard. I think everyone goes though phases of wondering if they'll ever finish, you just need to keep pushing on and the end result will be more than worth the effort.
  10. Nothing wrong with a cheeky stroke!
  11. richyb66

    IVA Sub K

    When you say rebuilt, was this bought as an unfinished, non IVA'd car?
  12. I have rebooked camping at Elan Oaks for Whitsun Bank Holiday 2021. It seems like a long time away but at least it gives me something to look forward to.
  13. If it's a standard carb and mechanical pump, you should be able to remove the vapour separator and it'll work OK. Not necessarily connected to the separator but on kits, the underbonnet heat after the engine is switched off can evaporate the fuel in the carb making starting after a few days tricky because the pump needs to refill the carb. If this happens, you might need to fit a low pressure electric pump.
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