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  1. i guess thiings are almost back to normal now, had my first local area meet without restrictions last week. Not one of our biggest turnouts but still good to catch up with a few people. The Stoneleigh kit car show is going ahead at the end of the month, it was a bit late bring announced and it'll be interesting to see if this hurts visitor numbers as people have committed to other events the same weekend that were announced earlier. I think there's going to be a lot of clashing events over the next couple of months as there's a lot happening later than normal. July was another busy month for renewals and also the following new members: David S dai.s Cwmbran Timothy D Tim Nantwich Robert N newbie Salisbury Kenneth S Kenneth Steer Aldershot Mark O Mark Olliver Glasgow John S nzjrs Cambridge James R James Surrey New Malden Lee B Lee blaney Sunderland Clive M Nottingham Welcome to everyone. Remember to post your approximate location on the Members Map, it helps everyone see who else is local to them. Not everywhere has a local area meet, if it looks like it might be worth starting something in your area, let me know and I'll try and help get something up an running. We have vacancies for Area Secreteries in many parts of the country, if you're interested in stepping forward we'd like to hear from you. As a minimum we'd like you to set up a regular meet which isn't difficult to do and we can help with contacting members in your area to get the ball rolling. I'm hoping to meet a few new members at Stoneleigh so if your there, come and find me. I'm always interested in putting faces to names and I'm keen to get regular area meets set up in more parts of the country.
  2. Sharp edges are the only things I can think of, if they're not contactable it should be fine.
  3. I keep the membership database, I've updated it to show your new address as in your profile (house number 29). Generally I only check addresses at renewal time to see if it matches the address details held by PayPal (assuming it's a PayPal renewal), otherwise we have to rely on people contacting us.
  4. Rob, I've edited the price in the main advert for you, not sure why it wouldn't let you do it.
  5. Next Wednesday , 7PM onwards, Malt Shovel Pub, Coventry Road, Nr Stonebridge, Coventry, CV7 7HL Entrance to the pub car park is off the A452 Chester Road heading North 50 yards from the island. Things should be back to near normal now so hopefully they won't call last orders at 9pm.
  6. Hi there can you tell me who is the  area secretary for Scotland , thanks 

    1. richyb66


      Hi Glen, the position is currently vacant so we're open to volunteers.

    2. Glen s7

      Glen s7

      Offt  ah ok , guess it’s something I could think about il have to get my membership up to date first , 🤣, was looking for info my s7 is now classed as historic but deal are asking me if I have proof of when my chassis was made I have lots of  paperwork from when it was bought but nothing says date of frame build , also found first copy of boys in hoods and a few other early issues  would up load pics but all too big in size 😂

  7. I'll try and make this but I'll probably be in the tin top, done over 300 miles in the kit this weekend so need a break.
  8. The pressure regulator will be bolted to the fuel rail. It should have a small vacuum pipe connecting it to the inlet manifold / plenum. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/380284249173
  9. Faulty fuel pressure regulator could cause the pressure in the fuel rail to rise to high as it wouldn't be bleeding excess fuel back to the tank. Higher than expected fuel pressure would cause it to run rich, which won't help emission. I'd be looking at the regulator first.
  10. Taptite screws have a machine thread on them, like M4, M5 etc. and a blunt end. The first few threads are tapered so they've got a lead in to a pre drilled hole, the size of which is fairly critical. The triangular shape of the screw body helps them tap the thread as they go in, a bit like a tap and screw all in one. Better than a traditional self tapping screw, less likely to strip and more serviceable.
  11. Didn't think Pintos has a low oil level sensor. It'd need a lot of oil in it to bring the level above the sump to the block.
  12. If they're triangular they'll be Taptite self threading screws like this but obviously not this size https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/203255826041?hash=item2f52fdc679:g:YYYAAOSwu1dgCqin
  13. Thanks Bob, I'll check it out.
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