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  1. Thanks to everyone for turning up tonight, nice to have a catch up.
  2. Ok, I've make a booking for 19 people. If you want to come along, let me know asap and I'll amend the booking a couple of days beforehand.
  3. richyb66


    MGB handbrake on the side of the tunnel on the driver's side. Fits between the seat and the tunnel.
  4. richyb66

    2L Zetec

    Might help if you say what parts your after.
  5. 1mm bigger sounds about right. The edge of the core plug only needs to turn in a bit as it's pressed in. Use some sealant around the edge, something like red Hylomar.
  6. It's nearly that time again, the West Mids post Christmas meal which due to circumstances outside our control, last happened in 2019. The date is Wednesday 25th January 2023. Same format as previous years and at our usual monthly venue The Malt Shovel Pub, Coventry Road, Nr Stonebridge, Coventry, CV7 7HL https://maps.app.goo.gl/P7mBK68FBauW2q6C6 To keep the table bills simple, most people normally opt for the carvery but other options are available: https://www.tobycarvery.co.uk/restaurants/midlands/stonebridgeislandmeriden/carverymenu#/ Meet up from 7PM onwards and aiming to eat around 7-30. I like to give the pub a rough headcount in about a week's time and then give them a more exact numbers a few days before the event so if interested parties can pencil it in their diary and let me know as soon as possible please. Everyone welcome (including ladies and kids) and new members (or those thinking of joining) are especially welcome. ATTENDING Richard and Jackie Dean and Nicola Martin and Jeff Steve, Dee and Paige Steve, Rebecca, Geoff and Pat Bob and Di Jez Dan, Becky and Lily Andi, Clare and Jasper
  7. https://www.mm-4x4.com/range-rover-p38-v8-petrol-fuel-pump---stc4344-8443-p.asp Shop around, prices vary.
  8. I fitted Landrover pump in tank in my 2B. It needs to be modified to reduce the overall height to fit in the tank which is a fiddle but do able. Tank needs a bigger hole making in the top which you can do in-situ. You need to cut the hole very accurately or it won't seal, this means draining the tank completely then chain drill and file the hole which will be about 100mm diameter. You need to make up a clamping arrangement to clamp the pump down on to the tank. I've probably got photos somewhere of what I did that I can share. Sender unit can be used but you need to modify the float arm to get it to work.
  9. A degree or so of negative camber (in at the top) won't hurt. The limiting factor is you can only rotate the top ball joint in the wishbone by whole turns and still have the taper pointing down to fit in the hub upright. This can make it impossible to get the same camber on both sides.
  10. Yes, night and day. £ for £ it's the best money you'll spend to improve driveability
  11. Can someone with a Superspec who's got weather gear measure from the top of their windscreen frame back to the centre of the roll bar in mm. Helping someone who needs to fit their windscreen and frame before they start installing the weather gear. Obviously he wants to start by getting the screen in the right position.
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