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  1. Few more there than on Monday night. Good to catch up with people. Bit of a late night for us as we didn't get to Wales until midnight.
  2. It depends on how quickly you need to sell one car. Zetec probably has more tuning potential but you might not be bothered about absolute power. A decent Pinto on bike carbs is still a nice engine in a 2B. Swapping 2 engines isn't going to be a weekends work and anyone who says it otherwise is lying. If you can keep 2 cars, why not get some use out of the 2B and if you think it's worth the effort, swap engines over the winter.
  3. richyb66

    Vin Plate

    Mine passed with Robin Hood plate, the only reason it would fail would be the wrong information or the stamped characters too small.
  4. 19mm cylinder is probably about right for the front brakes without a servo. Ford Fiesta used to use a trick inline limiter valve but even if you can get one, it'd be a bit trial and error. Might be better trying it with no valve and then if it needs one, use something like this: https://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/p/wilwood-brake-adjuster-knob-type-m-ba-wil
  5. Yes, looks a nice car. I don't think it will take long to sell.
  6. That's pretty much your only option. Which wheel / wheels are driven and is the single at the front or back?
  7. 2B will be wider than an Series 3 in the cockpit. S3 is stainless steel monocoque which has been known to crack around the front suspension area. 2B is round tube chassis, either mild or stainless steel and not know for cracking. Any other advantages of one over the other will probably be down to the specs and quality of the build. https://nw.rhocar.org/identification.htm
  8. Cock, it was always a Monday night.
  9. A bit quiet in kit car corner.
  10. The inner nut is a LH thread.If you've turned the nut anti clockwise you've tightened it further and squashed the collapsible spacer a bit more. Locking the nut and turning the pinion anti clockwise to screw it off in to the casing is the best way. Without the proper tool, you need to lock the pinion to stop it turning which might be difficult. You could jam rags in the gear teeth but it's a bit animal and I wouldn't recommend it. If I was doing another one, I'd drill and split the nut to get it off and then use a new nut. @nelmo my full copy of the mag article got corrupted, do you still have a copy you could e-mail me?
  11. It's more about the spec than the age. All 2Bs will have similar sized cockpits but could be wishbone or sliding pillar front suspension as supplied.
  12. Another weekend of decent weather for most of us so hopefully a few will have been out and about in their kits. Another month has passed and we're already planning the End of Season Event, time certainly flies. Thankfully we're starting to see a few area meets starting again so try and support them if you can. We've had another busy month for new memberships so welcome to the new members below. If you don't have a local meet in your area and would like to try and get something regular started, let me know and we'll try and help. Brian S Brian Seedle Blackpool Matthew B Matty75 Dunfermline David W Dave_uk101 York Chris M Chrismac Middlesborough Mark R Tayto.King Romford Chris M oldgitmk1 Newcastle under Lyme Edward B Edward Briscoe Henley on Thames Gary H Gary Hull Southampton Andy W Andy whiting Northampton Peter C peter Liverpool Michael B Michael Baker Repton John G John Gaunt Dalmuir John N Johnboy Harlow Gavin M gavin macfarlane Great Moulton Richard T Richard54 Cramlington David T dave192 Stockport Joshua S josh Cambourne
  13. Anyone else interested in this? Let me know asap please.
  14. Organisers are trying to gauge interest for a Classic Car Show at Knebworth House on Sunday 30th August 2020 and we are invited. They have completed a full risk assessment and will be implementing strict social distancing rules, using a larger outdoor space than usual, enhanced handwashing/sanitisation and additional safety measures on site. If anyone is interested in attending, please add your name To this thread by the end of this Sunday 2nd August so we can let them know and potentially reserve spaces.
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