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  1. It's on the west side of the Tamworth Road and North of Cliff Hall Lane at the bottom of the W shaped lake. It's well signposted off the main road.
  2. We took a short drive over today to see where the site is. The exact location is Cliffs Lake, Tamworth Road, Tamworth B78 2DL. There was a guy in the gate today restricting visitors because they were only allowing people in to the Waterpark which is on the same site. The Waterpark is open and bookings for that can be made via their website www.clifflakes.com although numbers look limited. If anyone wants to do a run out on the Saturday, I have a route which we did today which is jut under a hour drive, a stop where we can get food and loos and then a similar distance back.
  3. Hi Gerald, yes I still have them all. PM sent.
  4. It's a RH part, not sure if GBS will still have them. An advert in the Wanted section might be a better starting point.
  5. Like Jez I also binned the RH supplied welded pipe so I could use flexible hose to get a smoother transition. Filling up is still a pain as it still blows back and I have to go easy on the trigger. Luckily I switch the engine off while filling, otherwise I wouldn't be able to put the fuel in fast enough to keep up.
  6. This isn't mine, I spotted it on another forum. Looks like it runs with the original Ford ECU so a fair bit of hard work wiring has been done. Price seems reasonable as well at £350 and it's in London https://www.rodsnsods.co.uk/forum/stuff-sale/2-0-zetec-engine-554799
  7. I feel like I'm pulling rabbits out of a hat with these things, hopefully there aren't any more lurking. I still have 4 for sale so I've put them on Ebay as follows. 2 three wire non-vacuum advance. These are listed at £25 posted but if a club member wants them, I'll pull the listing and do them for £15 posted https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133461966815 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133461971686 Two wire vacuum advance. Listed at £20 posted but if a club member wants it , I'll pull the listing and do it for £15 posted. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133461977217 I still have other parts for sale in these threads:
  8. If you put the rivets the other way round, you won't be able to stick carpet directly to the floor without them showing through.
  9. The universal joints on your steering shaft are out of phase.
  10. richyb66


    Can we keep this thread relevant to potential insurance providers rather than complaining about any particular company. I know there will always be good and bad experiences with most companies but it doesn't help us find support for the club if only the bad experiences seems to come to the fore.
  11. richyb66


    There's never a definitive cheapest insurer so it's important to shop around. Get quotes from the companies that support the club, we appreciate their support and it's good when we can give a bit back by putting business their way.
  12. I'd give it a light sand with 240 on a grit da sander to key the surface. Do any repairs with filler if you're that bothered how it looks. I probably wouldn't spray it though, just because it's quite big and likely to make a mess. I think I'd be roller painting it with something like a boat topside paint.
  13. richyb66


    If the top mounts go to a single point directly behind the seat cut out then they should be OK but would almost certainly mean moving the top mountings on the chassis. When the harness is fitted and put under a forwards load, like in a crash, they mustn't put any load in to the seat. This might mean that even if the harnesses go either side of the headrest, the mountings will still be respaced.
  14. Is it only running on 4?
  15. richyb66

    Crunchy gearbox

    If you're using the Sierra pedal box and clutch pedal, the adjuster is at pedal end. It's supposed to be automatic but sometimes they don't work. Have a look and see if there's any adjustment left on the quadrant and also see this: https://nw.rhocar.org/clutch pawls.htm
  16. richyb66

    wiper motor

    The Lucas is the most versatile. You can change the distance between the spindles and the sweep angle easily. Parts are still available and complete motor's are still cheap and plentiful.
  17. richyb66

    shiny bits

    The big one is for the water pump.
  18. richyb66

    shiny bits

    It's only taken you 4600 posts.
  19. Highly unlikely, the 2B is a much wider car.
  20. No reason why not. However you could argue that a light coming on might be more noticeable than the needle dropping on the gauge even if by the time the light had come on, the damage is already done.
  21. Obviously in the current climate the EOSB date is still tentative but we are making every effort to run the event on the planned dates. Today is the 1st July so entries for the Early Bird Prize draw have ended but a big thank you to every one who has purchased tickets so far and helped to show support for the event. The following people will be entered in to the prize draw, Good Luck! Kerry A 5 entries Sharon A 5 entries Mark B 5 entries Dean R 3 entries Danielle R 3 entries Chris S 2 entries mark T 2 entries Denise J 2 entries Mark E 1 entry Sharon E 1 entry Paul L 1 entry Ken F 1 entry
  22. With a lack of shows to look forward to, this year seems to be flying by. With the opening of some pubs very soon, we might actually be in a position to get some of the area meets back up and running which will be a good start. July has been another good month for new members so welcome aboard to the following people. Please remember to put your approximate location in the Members map to help keep in touch with other people local to you. https://www.rhocar.org/index.php?/membermap/ Robert F robfoster Leicester Silvio P Silvio Pignone Pinner David O’L Wavey Southampton Gerald M max Kings Lynn Jonathan M Jon Abergavenny Lee D Lee Dodds Newton Abbot Alan C Bullcrums Sunderland Nicholas M Nicholas Matthews Wombourne Nick M Nick Mann Guernsey Adrian W Adrian Birkenshaw Adrian D Engineered Racing Derby David A Dave A Grantham Mark E Tonka Doncaster Paul M paulmiskow Wadebridge Steven B Steve B Preston Stephen W Steve W Bristol Peter B Peter Bonavia Trowbridge Anyone who has renewed or joined as a new member since 5th June will still be waiting for their welcome pack. Apologies for this as we have been having problems sourcing membership cards. The cards are expected from the supplier this Friday which should give me the chance to get all of the outstanding packs in the post this weekend.
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