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  1. Change of plan, I now won't be there double booked myself
  2. WallerZ

    just testing

    Worked for me, used the drag to attach uploader. No idea about using an image hosting website....
  3. WallerZ

    Website feedback thread

    I found just finding your address on the map by zooming and right click, you can drop a pin for your location too. Had the same issue of not being able to even put my address/postcode in to search etc. Is the members map locked to just members or can any public account view it?
  4. I had some warranty thrown in on a car I bought a number of years ago. Car threw a check engine light on the way home from this garage, unfortunately by the time I could turn round and get back they'd have closed so ended up calling the next day. Surprise surprise the warranty wouldn't cover any investigation (quick google said it would be one of 2 things) and even then, they wouldn't cover one of them. Ended up getting the work paid for by the garage by threatening action under Sales of Good Act (thats how long ago it was). They subsequently covered the work to get it investigated and fixed. IMO the law is a much better warranty than any warranty. Buying a used car is always a gamble and anything can go wrong - you're just lucky if its covered under the warranty. My Audi had an engine mount snap, that was a rare random failure, warranty wouldn't have covered it but still cost me £900 and a week without a car. Brand new car I'd have argued but at 85k miles it would definitely be "failures happen" parts.
  5. I'll be there about 6ish for Carvery, anyone else joining?
  6. WallerZ

    Midlands Area Run Out Sunday 28Th October

    Weather and Saturday tinkering dependent, I'll text you Saturday
  7. WallerZ

    Interesting Things Needed

    I have one of them, however its very location specific and not fitted to the car, but definitely stops you very quickly
  8. WallerZ

    Interesting Things Needed

    Definitely able to reuse the holes for a front wing supports
  9. WallerZ

    Interesting Things Needed

    Nitrous Purge Kit
  10. WallerZ

    Braided Brake Hoses

    https://furoreproducts.co.uk/custom-brake-hoses I used these guys, been on my car 4-5 years and still going strong.
  11. WallerZ

    Mazda 1800 Rolling Road Results

    I've seen figures in MX5s range from 150-180 bhp. Depends on your starting point and any other mods. I think the GBS exhaust system made up for any losses over 26 years on my 115k miles 1.6 engine so will be interested to see where you end up
  12. WallerZ

    Led Headlights

    I read into these a while back for various cars. There was a lot of grey area over the levelling/washing systems or something? Some said if LED's then you need them, others using the "if fitted" argument and therefore not required if they weren't there originally....despite the LED upgrades. Don't know if this has been closed out but I would be interested in this too.
  13. Finding where you dropped the 10mm socket isn't a winter mod
  14. WallerZ

    Midlands Area Run Out Sunday 14Th October

    Will it involve any traffic? Thats what kills me right now haha. Will see if I can get on to relocate bits beforehand so put me down as a solid maybe but unlikely