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  1. well hoping all things are good I just booked the Hampton..................
  2. all it says is 6j as I said removed from a zero I believe et on zero is 20mm
  3. anyone going to this its next weekend,very good show previous years............
  4. still for sale I have pic of silencer but not manifold
  5. gaz0571

    drl headlights

    drl headlights as sold by gbs used but in good condition collection only please £50 no offers.
  6. I will alwso throw in gbs silencer and cat for extra 30 if it helps..
  7. zetec 4into1 exhaust manifold in good condition has been used, believed to be same as gbs sell £50 no offers.pm if interested.
  8. gaz0571

    Sad News

    very sad news condolences to family
  9. gaz0571

    my pics

    Sorted now thanks to using a smaller image.
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