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  1. Danielle

    EOSB 2022

    We may be able to get on for about 5 ish after chatting to Steve today. Also for anyone staying overnight on the Thursday, we are going for dinner at the Langton Inn pub - welcome to join us
  2. Danielle

    EOSB 2022

    Food Van will be there serving food: Friday between 5 and 7 Saturday between 8 and 10, 12 and 2, 5 and 10 (he might pop off if service is slow and come back so just grab a member of committee if he has gone) The bar will be there from Friday evening serving a variety of drinks
  3. Danielle

    EOSB 2022

    Earliest is 6pm arrival on the Thursday
  4. Danielle

    EOSB 2022

    Hello everyone It has been confirmed this weekend that if you would like to camp on Thursday 1st September then you are more than welcome to. This will be no additional cost to your ticket. At the moment we cannot confirm if facilities will be there regards toilets, but we will get back to you ASAP
  5. Matt rang earlier in the week and we are allowed on fron 1pm
  6. In the past we have been able to leave as and when. I am assuming this is still the case
  7. If you just let them know you are with the UK Kit Car Club, you will be shown to our stand where you're more than welcome to join us
  8. Club bits for the stand will need collecting before the event x
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