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  1. Don't forget to book your tickets and stop at the green gazebo for directions You can purchase tickets on the gate. The weather looks good, not too cold or wet Look out for the flags Market Harborough Showground. Gallow Field Road. Market Harborough. LE16 7QB Hopefully see you all soon
  2. Hope to see many of you here this weekend!
  3. Arrival and set up. Then the bar and disco will be on Friday evening for those camping. Food and drinks will be available from 2pm on Friday for early arrivals
  4. Not long to go to get your tickets booked
  5. Not long to go! Don't forget to book your tickets
  6. Food will be available from Friday at 3pm Not many days to go! Hope to see you all at EOSB If you've not got your tickets yet, don't forget to book on
  7. Thank you to everyone who came to Stoneleigh this weekend it was great to see you all! Brilliant to be back to some normality Thanks to everyone who helped as well. Those of you who couldn't make it, hope to see you at EOSB
  8. When you arrive at the gate and pay, they are really helpful and will direct you to where you need to go just look out for the flags but people will direct you.
  9. I will be there setting up from about 8am. Sunday we have not been told but ideally 4pm
  10. We will be offering them during the daytime. But we will also have them for the evening too if they're not all gone
  11. Oh no, I know your dog is okay! Of course you can. Ideally the exact cash or booking online and showing us just to avoid as much handling of money back and forth would be fab. Hope your dog gets better soon!
  12. Food will be available on the stand. Who wants some? Burgers & Sausages
  13. We will be there camping, we will put the flags up. I am awaiting a response about where it will be but they are struggling at the moment with the lack of space on site due to the construction work. There is camping but not sure where yet. Sorry not to be much help
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