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  1. Great read from a fellow superspec owner. Thanks for the reminder about the window. Have been meaning to get that laminated for ages! ed
  2. for others reference the timing belt kit was: K015289XS POWERGRIP TIMING BELT KIT S/D2
  3. Think that would be very helpful!! ta, will try and make it!
  4. out of interest did it clear the popping on overrun? mine does this. I believe Al R blocked up one exhaust port and this cleared this (and other issues around lack of back pressure)
  5. This research really helped me out on friday. Wanted to get timing belt finally replaced as its either 23 years old (engine age from manufacture) or 7 years old (from first registration) so over due really dispite embarrassingly low milleage (4000). Garage was reluctant to do work, and we agreed on an hourly rate. Told them mine is a rover 220 and they ordered that timing belt kit. Fitted without incident and cost me £200 all in. Very pleased (oh and passed mot too!) thanks all, really helpful. ed
  6. actually hadnt thought of doing that!!!
  7. edbond

    Mini Heater

    do you still want this? otherwise still available!!
  8. I started to look into this - either an inlet or outlet is behind the pump...so you need to make a manifold to replace the existing water / powersteering pump and then supply water to that to get into (or out) of the engine block! Been a few months - have you got anywhere with this - I still intend to do this, and get a someone to tig up a nice bespoke manifold! Ed
  9. edbond

    20L Jerry Cans

    all gone sorry (pending collection)
  10. edbond

    20L Jerry Cans

    Collect Droitwich! £10 each. cans all good! E
  11. edbond

    Mini Heater

    I picked this up to fit to my superspec and instead wore a thicker coat...... Cant remember what I paid for it - just want it gone! Beer tokens £10 Droitwich U.K collect only Ed 07915089569
  12. Sounds a really interesting project, you should start a new thread and get some photos up!! ed
  13. Think they were Rover 200 stalks.
  14. Cheers for feedback! Had a feeling I needed to do more research! Do want something that will last. You doing any more experience days Rich? Ta Ed
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