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  1. deano266

    Rover MEMS

    I know. Not done a long run yet but the signs are most pleasing. I can't wait for the weather to get better now
  2. deano266

    Rover MEMS

    Just had the pleasure of getting back in the superspec and boy I had forgot what a pleasure it can be. The new ECU seems to be doing the trick as it hasn't missed a beat, stuttered, popped or even tried to stop. When plugged into the laptop the ATS readings were correct and rose slightly when the engine warmed up as the air filter is behind the radiator. The car is very snappy and the throttle response seems better than ever. It was only a quick drive but I have managed to go further than I have in over a year without being towed. Thanks for being patient with me and the future is looking brighter for the car.
  3. deano266

    Etb speedo

    Hi guys. Before I take the dash off has anyone had an issue where an etb speedo has set the zero at any other point than zero. Mine has currently set itself to where 0 is around 30. It's probably a simple loose wire but just wondered if anyone had come across this before?
  4. deano266

    Rover MEMS

    Will know more on that once I get the car a bit more back together. But with how I feel at the moment that could be weekend as still feeling rough. I'll have another check through the device manager when I get back out there
  5. deano266

    Rover MEMS

    Well installed it in the car and fired up first time. I just can't get the MEMscan to talk to it. I have checked the com port and that all fine. It comes up with the check com port
  6. deano266

    Fitting bonnet to scuttle panel

    our scuttle is attached to the chassis and the bonnet just sits on top. When the catches are on the bonnet it holds it all in place very nicely
  7. deano266

    Dashboard cutting

    I know this is a bit late but we replaced the existing dash with a fibreglass one. However we removed the old scuttle and replaced it, but i can imagine if you cut the old dash off and leave on a lip to attach it to it wouldn't be imposssible.
  8. deano266

    Rover MEMS

    No but the list was helpful. He did a search with some of the information I gave him such as the number on the board and model number of car. From there he looked at what information he has from down the years plus info from people that he knew and was able to find it out. Ordered it one day around lunch time and was there the next day. Just now to fitment but won't get to do that for a few days as currently floored by the flu
  9. deano266

    Rover MEMS

    Good news. I found out the actual model of the ECU is mkc 101890 and found a company in alfreton called allcar electronics who specialise in rover ECUs. John was more than helpful and managed to find that he had a few that had even been decoded.
  10. deano266

    Rover MEMS

    Looking at maybe replacing it to see if that's what is causing our issue
  11. deano266

    Rover MEMS

    Hi does anyone know where to find the serial number for the rover MEMS ECU as it isn't on the outside of mine for my RH Superspec
  12. deano266

    Ecu Zetec Blacktop

    Could you not get one from a scrap donor vehicle and use that for it in the meantime?
  13. deano266

    Led Rear Lights

    Mine came with that style already but yes they did. With a bit of sikaflex you can also make any unsightly gaps disappear.
  14. deano266

    Led Rear Lights

    I have the same lights as pintogogo on my superspec. They are incredibly bright and with a carbon surround (D shape) they look incredibly smart and really don't look out of place. my only suggestion would be to get a LED flasher relay so you get the correct flash rate
  15. deano266

    Superspecies Engine Swap

    Yeah. It looks like it is an intermittent fault as I have had the car running on idle a few times and has happened twice now. Probably a loose connection for the rev counter