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  1. deano266

    Digital Speedo Who's Got One

    Etb dials with speed sensor that picks up from propshaft bolts. Incredibly accurate and easy to set up
  2. deano266

    Superspec silencer

    He is very friendly. I think it goes through as a Morris minor haha
  3. deano266

    Superspec silencer

    We have a hole in the silencer can itself. The car for as long as we have had it never has had a catalytic converter on it so we were thinking of maybe adding one to the system. In terms of the silencer on it at the moment only has the one outlet so never had that back pressure issue. Obviously we don't want to impede the sound of the car as that is one of the main selling points and looking at the ones with the cat at 400 quid is very steep, especially considering that you can buy a silencer and an in line cat for cheaper. If we did install an online cat does it go before the lambda or after it? Also, where would the best place to get a silencer from other than kitspares?
  4. deano266

    Superspec silencer

    I know the superspec has a bespoke silencer but the silencer now has a hole in it. My questions are: 1)What is the diameter of the exhaust on a superspec 2)will the current kitspares silencers fit straight on
  5. deano266

    Dashboard cutting

    How did you make the tunnel cover. That is so much better than mine and might look to replicate
  6. deano266

    Another Super Spec cooling question

    I think we will also be looking at adopting Andy's design as our car takes 15 - 20 minutes to warm up even with a blanking plate across the front, even in these unusually warm days
  7. deano266

    HELP!! Building a Super Spec From Rolling State

    Yeah took me a few tries. Have you tried all the email addresses on the website as I think their are 2
  8. deano266

    Another Super Spec cooling question

    It must be said I have changed radiator to an alloy polo radiator so I'm not running the sd1 radiator anymore. My fan is run off a thermostat in the radiator rather than off the system itself
  9. deano266

    Another Super Spec cooling question

    If it's the branch that goes to the hose that ran across the top of the engine to the rad, then yes. That one I put a stop on it and it's not caused an issue
  10. deano266

    Another Super Spec cooling question

    That's good. I did put a blanking plate over the hole at the front during winter and need to take it off now it's getting a bit warmer. That should also help it cool, but sat in traffic it did go up to 98ish. I think mainly due to the plate being in place
  11. deano266

    Another Super Spec cooling question

    What should the running temp be as now I have it running properly I was t to make sure it's right. I currently have the thermostat for the fan set at 90. Is that too high or just right?
  12. deano266

    HELP!! Building a Super Spec From Rolling State

    I wired in some push switches for the dipped beam and main beams. I have drl headlights which are wired up to my sidelights and are permanently on
  13. deano266

    HELP!! Building a Super Spec From Rolling State

    When I get home I have a wiring diagram for the focus stalks and send it to you. Hopefully they are the same as the mondeo
  14. deano266

    HELP!! Building a Super Spec From Rolling State

    With regards to the stalks a focus MK1 column stalks slides nicely on and isn't to big or bulky. They also wire in nicely. In terms of the old loom to a new loom, I went with premier wiring systems and i sent him the stalks and he wired them in. Also the barrel only requires 3 wires to it. If you need the wiring for the barrel I could let you know when I'm near the car.
  15. deano266

    HELP!! Building a Super Spec From Rolling State

    I don't know is if you had noticed but I had about 1000 posts going at once about my car and then decided to change ECU to see if it was that. Lo and behold it has run sweet since. If only I could change people's brains as easily haha