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  1. Hi guys, What are the front suspension bushes from as well as the inner sleeve that goes through them. Also, where can you get them from as i need all new for one side after the accident Dean
  2. @richyb66 we are going to look at putting box section in place of the flimsy brackets. Should sure things up a bit
  3. @richyb66 You were spot on the bracket is all twisted and out of shape. I need to either bend it back using heat and a bit of persuasion or make a new bracket completely. Which would potentially be easier or is there a bracket that can bolt on/weld on
  4. What else could effect the Camber?
  5. Hi guys after having a knock in to a kerb and damaging the wheel and tracking I am just wondering how to alter the Camber at the front. I have sorted out some new wheels that needed a spacer adding but that is all sorted now and they are quality pieces. My issue now is with the tracking and camber. I have set the wheel so it looks like it is pointing in the right direction but the Camber looks off (the top is pointing out and the bottom is in). How do you adjust this or could this be some further damage that I can't see as the chassis and suspension arms all look ok after a visual inspection. It hasn't moved since the incident could that also be an issue with the wheel not lining up correctly
  6. Cheers Geordie but we have sorted some alloys out managed to get 4 matching ones but just need new tyres
  7. Hi guys. I had an unfortunate accident today whilst out. I hit a puddle, spun the back wheels lost control and hit a high kerb. As a result I have destroyed a front alloy . My question is does anyone have a spare front wheel or two of the superspec arays. If not does the offset matter too much as I wouldn't mind a set of mini lite style wheels .
  8. After a thorough go through it would look like maybe one of the plugs in the back of the hazard switch was a little loose and may have caught something. So to help I have coveres them all in shrink wrap to avoid it
  9. deano266

    T Series Engine

    The main way is turbo, but that would require alot of reworking not to mention the upgrades to the internals to handle the power (most likely). The other option would be to get an engine that already had the turbo from factory if you wanted to keep the t series style engine
  10. Well thats just rude of her, does she not know that kit cars are never finished
  11. Have you checked the firing order of your plugs. I stupidly put mine in the wrong way and it wouldn't start or run properly once
  12. No idea as im not aware when it does go but the left indicator has tripped a fuse so must be shorting out. i had some from demontweeks that were fine and then went and then i splasehd out for the red led indicator relay from CBS
  13. As in was working and now not working
  14. Hi guys. For some reason my superspec has been blowing indicator relays like fun. I have had a 30w one and that seemed to be ok but then today that also went pop. I'm using the premier wiring loom without a hazard relay. Could that be the problem?
  15. Hi guys. Recently my Superspec has developed an interesting quirk. Some days the fuel pump will activate on the key like a good car should. However some days it won't prime unless I attach the fuel pump wore to a live wire momentarily to fire the pump up and then it will run no problem. Does anyone have idea what could cause this. I have swapped the relay for the ECU one and same result
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