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  1. im pretty sure my wiper angle is 105 but i wouldnt do what i did and have the wipers sat in front of the driver. I would have them finish the wiper angle on the drivers side so that ou have maximum visibility
  2. i have recently just stripped and painted mine. I have used hammerite spray. At the moment it is holding up very well but not had much rubbing on it
  3. Hi guys what is the size of the centre hub caps as need to buy some new ones as two wheels that i bought second hand dont have them already attached TIA
  4. if you want to go low profile, why not consider using sikaflex to the bars then clearance is for the bars only
  5. HI guys, I am wanting to create a new tunnel cover for the superspec, i am thinking about using sheet metal but before i do are there any other ways (easier and smarter) that has a low profile TIA
  6. i bonded some big head bolts with fiberglass to the back of the dash, sikaflexed some l brackets and attach it using wingnuts
  7. i swapped out the sierra unit for a lucas mini wiper unit. best decision ever
  8. Well the drivers side was not too bad but the passenger's side I gave up and got the grinder out. On a positive they're both out now
  9. Hi guys. What is the best way to remove seats from a 2b Superspec Dean
  10. Hi guys, What are the front suspension bushes from as well as the inner sleeve that goes through them. Also, where can you get them from as i need all new for one side after the accident Dean
  11. @richyb66 we are going to look at putting box section in place of the flimsy brackets. Should sure things up a bit
  12. @richyb66 You were spot on the bracket is all twisted and out of shape. I need to either bend it back using heat and a bit of persuasion or make a new bracket completely. Which would potentially be easier or is there a bracket that can bolt on/weld on
  13. What else could effect the Camber?
  14. Hi guys after having a knock in to a kerb and damaging the wheel and tracking I am just wondering how to alter the Camber at the front. I have sorted out some new wheels that needed a spacer adding but that is all sorted now and they are quality pieces. My issue now is with the tracking and camber. I have set the wheel so it looks like it is pointing in the right direction but the Camber looks off (the top is pointing out and the bottom is in). How do you adjust this or could this be some further damage that I can't see as the chassis and suspension arms all look ok after a vis
  15. Cheers Geordie but we have sorted some alloys out managed to get 4 matching ones but just need new tyres
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