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  1. No idea as im not aware when it does go but the left indicator has tripped a fuse so must be shorting out. i had some from demontweeks that were fine and then went and then i splasehd out for the red led indicator relay from CBS
  2. As in was working and now not working
  3. Hi guys. For some reason my superspec has been blowing indicator relays like fun. I have had a 30w one and that seemed to be ok but then today that also went pop. I'm using the premier wiring loom without a hazard relay. Could that be the problem?
  4. Hi guys. Recently my Superspec has developed an interesting quirk. Some days the fuel pump will activate on the key like a good car should. However some days it won't prime unless I attach the fuel pump wore to a live wire momentarily to fire the pump up and then it will run no problem. Does anyone have idea what could cause this. I have swapped the relay for the ECU one and same result
  5. Hi has anyone had any issues with the indicator signal on the premier wiring systems from the relay. I have replaced the switch and the relay and can get a signal when the stalk is moved into position but I am getting no lights Thank you
  6. Quick shifter (flappy paddle or knock up and down) to help with gear changes, copious amounts of turbo or supercharging and nitrous
  7. Hi does anyone know what the spring rating that came on the zimmeride shocks for the superspec and would upgrading the sprig make it much stiffer as it is very bouncy at the moment due to soft springs
  8. what i found with mine is that the mulit plug to the lucas motor is very loose. It might be worth checking there first. if not have a look at your intermittent relay ( if you have one, i personally don't) as it can be very easy to catch and pull those plugs loose
  9. I have a non turbo variant and I have two thermostat plugs. One (the top) is for the ECU to sense the coolant temp and the second (bottom) is as you say for the dash. Personally I would put a bleed valve in the highest pipe so potentially the one that goes at the top of thermostat to the radiator as most installations have the water bottle feed point below this
  10. If the louvres on the bonnet don't work try putting some vents or scoops in the side of the body to get cool air in and out
  11. Well I have replaced the new cable (what a farce that is). On the plus side I made a new bracket and put some PTFE spray in and what a difference it makes. The clutch is so much lighter as I have put the mounting point closer to the driver exposing more cable in the pedal box and making it straighter. I could only do that as the top of the clutch pedal is slightly bent allowing the cable to pass straight by it.
  12. I would check for air blockages but are you using the standard radiator or an aftermarket one. If it's aftermarket are you using a separate intercooler for the turbo and a radiator for the engine ensuring both are getting good airflow
  13. Oh well. At least I'll have them today to be able to drive round in it. I'm guessing going hydraulic would be alot of work. Has anyone done it yet on a 2b or other
  14. I have just ordered 2 from eurocarparts as they are still readily available through them and with their discount code they come to about 25 quid each to get me back on the road. Looks like I might have to do some minor modifications to the clutch pedal alignment before I install one again
  15. Oh and another thing. How can I make the clutch any lighter. As my dad who has had a knee operation gets a sore knee after driving it for a while due to the force required of the clutch pedal
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