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  1. cb750

    Knocking fuel pump

    Is the pump installed correctly (it looks to be vertical)? Doesn't the R1 have the pump horizontal or am I thinking of another m/cycle?
  2. cb750

    Robin Hood Series 3 - project - £900

    My series 3 front top suspension "horns" are not like that, they are wider and cover the wishbones.
  3. cb750

    winter body work

    Looks great! I wrapped my sides and rear panel. As you say, it's straight forward enough, I did my 3A with the wheels etc still in place.
  4. cb750

    It's just NUTS

    For known guaranteed quality items I use a local engineering fasteners suppliers as they will not deal in poor quality items for safety reasons. I've also used Namrick Ltd for UNF and odd size metric and found their service excellent. For stainless fasteners where I'm not too bothered as I use them mainly for cosmetic purposes I use eBay, someone like Kay's or bolt-world.
  5. cb750

    Attack of nostalgia

    Arial Golden Arrow (Super Sport)? Looks really nice, one of my friends had one in the day. He loved laying down a smoke screen from the exhausts!
  6. cb750

    Vacuum advance

    As this has an electric choke, has it been wired in correctly and does it work? I also agree about the cam, when I bought my engine it wouldn't run properly. I found that it had been fitted with a competition Rally cam which was never designed for road use. I changed it and the engine runs great.
  7. cb750

    5 speed type 9 gearbox casing

    It always happens! Had a clear out and took one to the tip the other day otherwise you could have had it.
  8. cb750

    just testing

    Yes, me too. Over 100 cars and 15 bikes! As regards the Borgward, if it was in good condition probably about £8-10K. The coupes are well over the £20K mark with the cabriolets way over that.
  9. cb750

    just testing

    Yes, it's a 1958 Isabella TS. Bought it for £20 in 1965. Converted it to 12 volt lighting but kept 6 volt starter, instruments and the valve radio. Changed the column gear change to floor change when I found a German police conversion in Wolverhampton of all places. I repainted it with Tekaloid coach enamel by hand. I enjoyed it so much I kept it for 13 years. Rob
  10. cb750

    just testing

    Seems to work ok from iPad. Not done with other hosting software though. Still appears to have the file size limitations as before. That's my 2nd Car many, many moons ago!
  11. cb750

    just testing

    Just tried uploading a photo as well
  12. cb750

    Website feedback thread

    I'm getting the same overlap problem on safari on the iPad, in fact it's almost unreadable. Otherwise looks good so far.
  13. cb750

    Its A Smoker!

    20/50 oil is what I've always used on a pinto engine even though some of the oil companies say 10/40 is ok. I use Valvoline Racing VR1 oil as it is supposed to have extra additives to protect the cam. Steve, yes I have autocorrect and that's the problem! Rob
  14. cb750

    Its A Smoker!

    Steve, just edited my post. I meant to put pan scourers, not pan scouters!
  15. cb750

    Its A Smoker!

    Steve, has your catch can got a small outlet breather filter on it? If so, I have found with mine that it causes too much back pressure in the system and I had oil from my dipstick and it actually lifted the cam cover sealed filler cap. I took the filter off and put a pipe from the can outlet towards the ground, since the can was a cheap Chinese one and didn't work properly I filled it with stainless pan scourers to separate any oil from the gases. Problem solved. I have never had a pinto smoke as heavily as yours, doesn't white smoke from the filler indicate water in the oil? Rob