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  1. cb750

    Website feedback thread

    I'm getting the same overlap problem on safari on the iPad, in fact it's almost unreadable. Otherwise looks good so far.
  2. cb750

    Its A Smoker!

    20/50 oil is what I've always used on a pinto engine even though some of the oil companies say 10/40 is ok. I use Valvoline Racing VR1 oil as it is supposed to have extra additives to protect the cam. Steve, yes I have autocorrect and that's the problem! Rob
  3. cb750

    Its A Smoker!

    Steve, just edited my post. I meant to put pan scourers, not pan scouters!
  4. cb750

    Its A Smoker!

    Steve, has your catch can got a small outlet breather filter on it? If so, I have found with mine that it causes too much back pressure in the system and I had oil from my dipstick and it actually lifted the cam cover sealed filler cap. I took the filter off and put a pipe from the can outlet towards the ground, since the can was a cheap Chinese one and didn't work properly I filled it with stainless pan scourers to separate any oil from the gases. Problem solved. I have never had a pinto smoke as heavily as yours, doesn't white smoke from the filler indicate water in the oil? Rob
  5. cb750

    Windscreen Marking

    I wouldn't want to be driving behind a tempered glass windscreen if it shattered. Even though the particles are supposed to be blunt they can still damage your eyes. I got my marked laminated windscreen cut at a tractor windscreen suppliers of all places!
  6. If you can't get one of the "open" ones I used a piece of powder coated aluminium diamond mesh that I picked up at a show but is available on eBay etc. Car Builder Solutions may have something similar. Don't go for too small a size that will restrict your air flow. I replaced my grill with it to protect the radiator from stones and the cooling system worked well all through the summer
  7. cb750


    I've got 17" 40 profile Rainsport 3s on mine and find them great. You have to watch as they have soft sidewalks so I run them at 20 psi, any less and they "squirm". They will take a bit more pressure without giving too hard a ride but I didn't find any improvement in handling.
  8. cb750

    Braided Brake Hoses

    Always used Hel on my Harley's and Goldwings - excellent!
  9. cb750


    Couldn't believe that the forecast was for snow at 10.30 this morning but it's here!
  10. cb750

    Timing Belt Tensioner

    According to my rebuild manual, with the spring tensioner type, after the belt is positioned correctly with the tensioner backed off you release the tensioner so that it can tension the belt. It then says that because this has only tensioned one part of the belt you turn the engine half a turn clockwise and THEN tighten the locking bolt/nut on the tensioner.
  11. cb750

    The Fairies In The Garage

    Have you actually checked for a spark at the plugs? Could be the distributor. If it had been one with points I would have suggested the points closing up.
  12. cb750

    Timing Belt Tensioner

    Haven't used one of those early spring type tensioners on the pinto for ages but from what I remember you can remove it with no problems once it has been slackened to to take the tension off the belt as it's not under tension side to side. Just slacken the fixing bolt steadily. Just looked in another manual on rebuilding the pinto and it just says "remove central bolt and remove spring tensioner". Rob
  13. cb750

    Timing Gear; That Didn't Work So What Now?

    Here's another tool idea using angle, looks stronger than the one I made using bolts http://www.fordpinto.com/general-help/73-2-0-timing-crankcase-gear-will-not-come-off/
  14. cb750

    Braided Brake Hoses

    Quite a few companies stock the Euroquip brake line parts to assemble your own but I always try and support Car Builder Solutions when possible as their service is great.
  15. cb750


    I bought a KA master cylinder when I got rid of my brake servo. It is used because it's a smaller bore than the Sierra one and compensates for the lack of servo. It was supposed to fit directly in place of the servo but needed an adaptor plate making to get it to sit vertical and then I realised the bonnet wouldn't close with it fitted as it sat too high on my 3A ( the 2B is apparently OK) so I had to take it off again. I'm currently running no servo, a Fiat 132 cylinder with custom made push rod and remote reservoirs. When I was using the Sierra system I picked a Sierra master cylinder up off eBay with no problems.