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  1. Cheers Bob I did think of this but the Car is Metallic Blue, will look further but thank you so much for your suggestion
  2. Not really for the Kit but does anyone have any experience of using or purchasing any "SCRATCH/CHIP Repair" products ? I have bought one from Shine Armor but not sure why I bothered as it does not appear to work Any ideas or suggestions appreciated as long as it's not Spray Can or Aerosol paint ! Thank you, Steve
  3. I had my original 1974 Escort Mexico Ziebarted when I first bought it new in 1974. I sold it on with 20K on the clock about 10 or 12 years ago and it is still I believe rust free and won Mexico of the year about 2 years ago, as I still remain in contact with the new owner. He decided to remove all of the Ziebart wax coating from the engine bay as he said he wanted it to look "NICE" I rest my case rust never looks NICE WAXOYL is probably the equivalent of Ziebart and as anyone will know who has come into contact with WAXOYL or ZIEBART it never dries or cures it is part of its properties
  4. Steve49er

    Sad News

    Very SAD to hear of anyone Passing Away our thoughts are with his family at this time, just remember all of the GOOD TIMES. Kind regards, Steve and Rosemary
  5. Yes many CONGRATULATIONS for a HAPPY Long Life together. Steve and Rosemary
  6. I have read what you have said Richy but thought I should just mention that I have spoken to my friend Adrian who would also like to attend the meal too please ?
  7. Richy, can you add Geoff and Pat too please ? Thank you
  8. Hi Paul yes I still have the Portable Garage. Kind regards Steve
  9. Stuart any way they can be put on DVD ? See you Wednesday hopefully ? Cheers Steve
  10. So pleased to know that you are OK after the incident Bob, also that A Plan assisted in such a good way which is always good to know
  11. GUESS THAT MEANS RAIN AGAIN ON Wednesday Hopefully should be there
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