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  1. Just a heads up for anyone who might be interested buy online from Sunday 07/02/2021 or instore from Sunday 14/02/2021 I have used Aldi Battery Chargers for quite a few years and they always seem quite good value, as are the ones from Lidl when they are on offer. Depends on who wants to maintain their Battery but NOT SUITABLE FOR LITHIUM IRON BATTERIES ! Auto XS Car Battery Charger Product Ref: 804759437763000 Cheers, Steve.
  2. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY SAFE HEALTHY NEW YEAR 2021 TO ALL PLEASE Lets just all PRAY 2021 is an improvement on 2020
  3. Hi my car was built by GBS and is a 2b Superspec my dials are like this ! Hope it helps and they are all visible when you are driving there are two screws that hold the dials panel in place.
  4. I have one's from Aldi and Lidl which seem to work well just make sure when you purchase it states on the box for continuous Charging or Maintaining they are not normally that expensive I also have one called a Multimate I think will look later and update, that one has been on for nearly 15 years. Just check when you buy it is for continued charging and monitoring.
  5. Hopefully this may be of interest for the future, I met a gentleman today Jason Jones who has a business Bending Tubes, he says they are able to produce Roll Bars and Full Cages for Cars. Their business is at the moment Tubular Staircases I think looking at their website www.bendtech.co.uk they have been trading for about 10 years now and have a bit of experience behind them. Most of their business is word of mouth and recommendation, not much via the internet Contact details as follows :- BENDTECH Unit 9b Beecham Business Park, Aldridge, Walsall, WS9 8TZ
  6. Sounds fascinating would love to be included in the ADVENTURE please. Would need to use the "TINTOP" as Rosemary and Rebecca would also like to see this " SECRET FACTORY " . Reminds me of a year or two ago back in the 1970's when a book came out from memory it was mentioned on the News I think called " Beneath the City Streets " by Peter Laurie ! There was a lot of protesting that it had been published. I took it out from our local library but had to order it in and provide details of why I wanted it ! It was very very interesting detailing why the Roads up to Buckingham Pa
  7. Thanks Steve. I will try them also.

  8. Give A Plan a call or message them they are always very helpful or have been for me Good LUCK, Steve
  9. Cheers Bob I did think of this but the Car is Metallic Blue, will look further but thank you so much for your suggestion
  10. Not really for the Kit but does anyone have any experience of using or purchasing any "SCRATCH/CHIP Repair" products ? I have bought one from Shine Armor but not sure why I bothered as it does not appear to work Any ideas or suggestions appreciated as long as it's not Spray Can or Aerosol paint ! Thank you, Steve
  11. I had my original 1974 Escort Mexico Ziebarted when I first bought it new in 1974. I sold it on with 20K on the clock about 10 or 12 years ago and it is still I believe rust free and won Mexico of the year about 2 years ago, as I still remain in contact with the new owner. He decided to remove all of the Ziebart wax coating from the engine bay as he said he wanted it to look "NICE" I rest my case rust never looks NICE WAXOYL is probably the equivalent of Ziebart and as anyone will know who has come into contact with WAXOYL or ZIEBART it never dries or cures it is part of its properties
  12. Steve49er

    Sad News

    Very SAD to hear of anyone Passing Away our thoughts are with his family at this time, just remember all of the GOOD TIMES. Kind regards, Steve and Rosemary
  13. Yes many CONGRATULATIONS for a HAPPY Long Life together. Steve and Rosemary
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