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  1. Hi I bought the titled item from Machine Mart to put on our drive to put my new car in, sadly when I assembled it it was too large for our drive. In the current Machine Mart catalogue its listed at £334.80, when it arrived I unpacked it to check it was all there. I also decided to Waxoyl all the Tubes and metal parts that were not treated to hopefully stop them deteriorating whilst it was outside and assembled. I have subsequently bought another one and am open to sensible offers from anyone who might be interested in purchasing my too large Portable Garage. It would need to be collected from my home in New Arley near Coventry in the West Midlands. Thank you for looking. Steve
  2. Steve49er

    2B Fitting Front Wings drilling holes

    Hi Andi hope you and your family are all well and enjoying the sunshine today ? Thank you as always for your kind words and input So I am guessing no one has had their wings blown off then ? Will investigate further Stay safe and well all please Cheers Steve
  3. Steve49er

    2B Fitting Front Wings drilling holes

    Cheers Mike I will look at that as an option and thank you so much for responding. Enjoy the weather whilst it’s being kind Cheers Steve
  4. Hi all, my front wings on my 2B Superspec have been repaired and I now have to refit them. Does anyone have any idea of the correct way to mark measure then drill the mounting holes ? The wings had previously cracked and are now whole again but I do not wish to ruin the refurbished wings. Thank you for any assistance. Cheers Steve
  5. Steve49er

    Sad News

    Very Sad news. May Graham Rest In Peace. Condolences to the Family at such a sad time, but looking back remember all of the Good Times
  6. Steve49er


    Vauxhall is the oldest British? car producer. As continually quoted by PSA in their adverts Perhaps PSA hope this will encourage people to part with their hard earned £'s bit of a JOKE really IMHO Lets see how Vauxhall progresses in time ! Under new ownership
  7. Steve49er

    Warks / Worcs / West Mids Xmas Meal Wed 30th January 2019

    Attending please Rosemary, Rebecca and Steve Might have some other friends who wish to attend can I add them later please ? HNY Cheers Steve
  8. Steve49er

    Lidl Jump Starter

    Keep my Kit and Bike on what I think they call "Battery Optimisers / Optimizers" they are on permanently and monitor the batteries condition and keep the battery in Optimal Condition and purportedly slow down or minimise any deterioration of the Battery. Yes as has been mentioned by Andi previously watch out for deals on Aldi and Lidl where there are normally 3 year warranties which benefit us all
  9. Steve49er

    Reversing Light Switch

    Thank you for the picture it looks wonderful, as does the weather. Welcome to the Club it's full of so much information and very wonderful people, enjoy your car please. Cheers Steve
  10. Steve, have visited earlier this year and it is a pretty brilliant place. Just a £1.00 Donation to Charity for each entrant ENJOY Cheers Steve
  11. Steve49er

    Jim Clark- Best Motor Racing Driver Ever!?

    "When I were a lad"......I regularly cycled to Brands to watch anything going on. The most thrilling races I watched were between Mike Hailwood and Giacamo Agostini. They were riding almost un rideable bikes, too much power for the frames, which twisted every which way. Those guys had steel balls....... I'm probably biased because I could then stand right at the side of the track & be deafened. I'd love to see Rossi race in person, he looks scary just on the TV. Bob when I were a LAD I was lucky enough to meet Mike Hailwood when he had just got off the Honda 250 6 that he rode on the IOM TT in 1967. I was with a couple of guys who worked next door to my place of work. They worked for Stanley Schofield SOUND STORIES and as I was on holiday on the IOM during Diamond Jubilee TT week they asked me to come with them with the Sound Recorder for them to make the LP's of the TT. I tried to shake hands with Mike and all he could offer me was his leather elbow, he showed me the palms of his hands that were covered in blisters as he explained when you open the throttle there is so much power all it can do is keep shaking its head ! ............ As Bob rightly says they had the steel balls and the hands to match ! He was also an absolute pleasure to watch Giacomo Agostini was also very very amiable too
  12. Steve49er

    Under Body Protection

    Yes WAXOYL for me my 1974 Escort Mexico that is now owned by a friend is still rot free this was Ziebarted from new and is very similar to WAXOYL Yes shove it everywhere
  13. Should be there but only in TinTop Steve
  14. Steve49er

    Super Spec Alternator Belt Removal

    Rimmer Bros ?? Anything to do with RED DWARF ? Cheers Steve