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  1. Thanks Steve. I will try them also.

  2. Thanks Bob. I will follow that up. Ref the noise, I have recently had a free flow and ceramic coated exhaust fitted, which improves things immensely !

  3. Thanks Mark. i will check them out.

  4. I have my Brooke kit car in storage, and the inurance is due for renewal. Does anyone have details of recommended insurers that provide good rates for both storage and on the road coverage ? Thanks v m.
  5. Hi David, Thanks for your prompt response, positive feedback and advice. I'm afraid I had to look up the GBS Zero, but it looks great and must be good to drive. I rented a Caterham 7 wide from Caterham for the day with a friend a couple of years ago, and had a great day out, which helped me to decide on the Brooke. As commented to Blue, my seller's advice seems to be correct, so I will go with that for the time being.
  6. Hi Blue. Thanks for your prompt response and positive advice. I will follow this accordingly. I was advised to use 20psi front and 22psi rear from the seller, but had no documents to confirm this, so your value is similar.
  7. I have recently acquired a Brooke ME190, registered in 1998. Does anyone have any knowledge or experience of these cars, especially the recommended tyre pressures on Yokohama R15's ?
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