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  1. Can't make this one, taking daughter to Uni on Saturday.
  2. Great event, highly recommended to anyone who missed it. Thank you to everyone involved.
  3. Excellent news, a great achievement. Why don't you come to the End of Season Bash (EOSB) you can come in a tin top and meet fellow members, camping is available. Look forward to seeing your car on the road.
  4. Hi Andi, I cannot make this one, job interview in South Wales.
  5. Hi Wanderer, Thank you for keeping this post alive, you appear to very keen and we need people like you with the passion for kit cars. Just an idea, why don’t you organise a meet in your area? Give about a months notice and if possible get it in the magazine because not all members are on the forum. Could be a great start to a new area. All the best for the future.
  6. Good event, worth going again lots of different cars with various mods, drifting and race track open. It could do with more autojumble/car parts etc. Thanks to all who attend and bringing the club gear.
  7. The IVA test criteria is free to download and will provide a good starting point.
  8. Well done Joe, we need more willing volunteers.
  9. Wow, sounds and looks great.
  10. Well done, great news.
  11. MarkBzero

    Fooling around

    Nice weather for it.
  12. Hi Andi, Sorry I can not make this one due to holiday, I will pass onto Jase and co.
  13. Right you lot, I only think it’s fair if you do not talk about Wales or Hoodstock trips anymore or I will not enjoy my first family holiday without foster kids for 12 years.... Gutted I am missing both events, last time I throw money at misses and say stop moaning and just book a holiday!
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