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  1. Looks like I can make this one.
  2. What car is it? The Ford zero had hub spacers fitted (1 or 2 each side) and the diff bolts also had spacers so the diff could move about an inch left or right.
  3. I fitted mine to the diff hub flange, drilled a small hole then glued with two part glue. OK for 7 years so far.
  4. I did think about it, but opened the garage door and a washing machine was blocking the car. Same washing machine I should have fitted before Christmas (no I didn't buy it for the wife)! I would never hear the end of it if I went for a drive and not swap them over.
  5. MarkBzero

    Christmas Meal

    Thank you, great to see so many familiar faces and two tiny newbies to the club. Merry Christmas to all.
  6. MarkBzero

    Christmas Meal

    I'm here. I must been slightly confused when I saved the date in the calendar. I must have entered the Christmas meal 1800 to 2200 to stop my PA arranging other meetings. My logic, it would take 1hr 30 mins drive time, but today in a rush thought I needed to be hear at 1800 so left work at 1630! Going mad....
  7. My pin was warn within a year of driving. I was also told to add some rubber padding before fitting the pin because a new one rattles.
  8. OK Andi, might need a good reason for some food and quick spin out.
  9. MarkBzero

    Christmas Meal

    Mark - soup, roast turkey and Christmas pudding please.
  10. MarkBzero

    Christmas Meal

    Yeah, count me in. Only three more presents to get and I'm ready for Christmas.
  11. Going to Le Mans next year, between 28th June to 4th July. So mid to late July would be better for me to give me some time to fix the marriage? Hopefully I'll make this time, shame the site wouldn't move the booking.
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