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  1. Zetecs always run hot, something to do with emissions I believe i would test sensor gauge in boiling water. Fairly common to be out a little.
  2. MarkBzero

    Non return valve

    If you are still using the mechanical pump then drain back is normally a sign of the one way valves/diaphragm thingy is on the way out. Fitting a one-way valve will help but probably need a longer solution or retrofit an electrical facet pump.
  3. MarkBzero

    Geometry stuff

    Hi, I was talking to another club member today and we was interrupted and didn't finish the conversation. What is the right order to sort geometry on GBS Zero, and what should the readings be? 1. Tyre pressure hot or cold 2. Ride height and rake 3. Tracking, camber and caster Etc. Etc.
  4. I have invited the Staffs guys.
  5. We could try and do a Leicestershire and Staffordshire meet in the middle, north of Brum on A5 truck stop!
  6. Thanks Andy, I will be there, hopefully the weather will be good and I will take the kit to work in Cannock.
  7. Never thought Gaz would sell it. A very rare beast indeed.
  8. MarkBzero

    Starter Motor

    I will check when I get home, working in office today.
  9. MarkBzero

    Starter Motor

    I have a starter in the garage not sure what it was off, if you upload a photo or pm me I will check.
  10. I'm getting a warm tingling feeling inside! I should get out more.
  11. Thanks Peter, very useful I will check this weekend. So cruising on motorways it would be better to have a 3.38 diff and to put power on the ground a higher ratio of 3.92 but be prepared for more engine noise.
  12. MarkBzero

    Alps in July?

    So jealous, I'm aiming to go to Le Mans next year with NWKCC. Any hints for such a long journey would be appreciated.
  13. Thanks I will look into this but gearboxes tend to be very expensive compared to diffs, even if I decide to go LSD. Not sure what mods are available for MT75 but I will investigate.
  14. Yes it will, but I do try and stick to A and B roads although going to Le Mans next year it could get annoying on the motorway.
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