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  1. MarkBzero

    MT75 Clutch Fork and Release Bearing

    I have a MT75 gearbox and I used a Ford Escort clutch cable. Unfortunately I am away from home, I might have the part number. It’s a short cable with long adjustable screw thread.
  2. MarkBzero

    How do I attach a photo

    Vaughan one of the easiest ways to resize photos is to send them by email back to your email address. It will ask what size you from keep original, 75% etc. Then save it back in your photo album/folder then upload to this site.
  3. MarkBzero

    Road legal

    You need more padding.... I recommend a few Pukka pies and ale every week!
  4. MarkBzero

    Staffs area notification community users

    Thanks Andi, might take a few weeks but I will try to arrange my work locally to make this meet.
  5. MarkBzero

    Staffordshire Area Meet 4th March 2019

    Hi Andi, I am keen to attend these events, unfortunately I work away so touch and go for some nights. One of the reasons why I am a member of 3 clubs if I miss one I can go to another. Maybe that’s another choice, try a joint meet with other regional clubs. More the merrier!
  6. MarkBzero

    Clutch conversion

    Hi John, A lot of cars run without brake servo, just remember to press harder but I’m with Richy on the hydraulic clutch. Don’t do it cable is easier to fix and adjust.
  7. MarkBzero

    Staffordshire Area Meet 4th March 2019

    Touch and go for me Andi, working in Atlanta next week returning on 2nd and missed son’s birthday so lots of creeping when I get back.
  8. MarkBzero

    Sad News

    Rest in peace Graham.
  9. MarkBzero

    help with unregistered car

    OK you better download the IVA book and start working your way through. When you get stuck or need a different viewpoint please post here or come along to a local meet and compare against another car.
  10. MarkBzero

    help with unregistered car

    Hi Murray, Do you have any further information, has been through SVA/IVA? Was it registered historically and sold without plates? Could it be a a illegal car registered incorrectly in the past or using donor plates?
  11. MarkBzero

    RHOCaR Treasure Hunt 2019

    Retirees should be handicapped like horse racing! You must tow a 500kg weight, only use left foot braking and accelerating, wear pink shell suits, shoes should be at least size 13 Doctor martins and only travel between twilight hours......when your anus is aligned with Jupiter.
  12. Hi, First thing wow that sledge was built when I was born and yes I know about the snow in Basingstoke because I had to stay in a hotel for two days more expected. Not fun!
  13. MarkBzero

    front indicator problems

    I’m with Derek, sounds like a poor earth. Easy to test with a jumper cable from the earth to chassis, try to back probe the indicator with a split pin or bed of nails on the cable.
  14. MarkBzero

    Kev's Locost Turbo Build

    Looking good so far, are you going to paint or powder coat the chassis?
  15. MarkBzero


    I like the other sign. I think we can start a great post with the new club stickers ‘show us yours’ I mean where have you displayed your stickers?