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  1. Looking good, I have seen similar with a piano hinge through the center. Allowing then to be folded and slid behind passenger seat.
  2. Thanks Richy and Stu, appreciated. T-shirt and hoodie ordered, to account for the extra weight from lock down.
  3. I have thought about type approved, but being a B reg it was before the rules were made. Second to this most plods and MOT testers for that matter look for the silver sticker. As Baldrick would say "I have cunning plan", using an old Ford focus tow bar kit and you've guess it the silver sticker is still fitted.
  4. Sold to fellow member in Hampshire.
  5. Hi, I am selling a ATR lowered sump from GBS https://www.kitspares.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1190 £150 used for last season includes modified oil pick pipe, new cork gasket and magnetic sump plug. Ideally pick up due to size, or I can post tracked/signed for service for another £15.
  6. RWD = rear wheel drive, they tend to shortened to give more ground clearance. I will have a ATR sump for blacktop for sale soon. I got a kit off eBay for engine mounts, tacked them myself in situ and asked friend to do a proper job. You do not need a water, it looks cleaner and you easily fit temperature and fan switch. Some have used original thermostat housing and pipe (hoover tube).
  7. Burnt once, never again. There are a handful of people I would trust but have known them for 10 years. Oh and I know where they live so I can send a few of the lads around.
  8. I have both in not so sunny Telford, which might be to far. My terms are favourable, to club members £100 cash deposit in UK sterling none of that funny Scottish stuff from up North. Non-members and newbies £200 cash deposit. Cash deposit returned when I get the engine stand and crane back in good working order. That's for 3 months, anything longer you lose £10 of your deposit every month. Which I think is a bargain.
  9. It's not the cheapest hobby, but then at 20 mpg who cares.... Sorning the car for half the year might help. I have only done this once in the 7 years I've owned the car but that was down to an operation.
  10. I like the forum over Facebook, I can never find anything on FB. It could be an age thing and fat thumbs!
  11. I might have shorter ones in the garage, what diameter do you need?
  12. Tempted, do you know if there is camping? I cannot find anything on their website or do I slum it in a warm hotel with full English...
  13. Yep, you've guessed it the 1.8 is 80.6mm https://www.burtonpower.com/nural-piston-ford-1-8-16v-zetec-80-6mm-23984-std.html
  14. The 1.6 is 76mm according to Burton's https://www.burtonpower.com/nural-piston-ford-1-6-16v-zetec-e-76mm-23983-std.html
  15. I'm sure the 2l bore size is 84.8mm. I will check my notes.
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