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  1. A deep clean, treat the vinyl, rubber trim and clean in side of light lenses.
  2. Leicester and EOSB left, with a maybe for Wales.
  3. Try this place https://metalhardware.co.uk/lift-off-hinge-right-hand-jspl01r-12 I believe they are the 1st picture in the list on the link above.
  4. Showroom shine works on my stainless steel.
  5. Never have you seen how quiet the roads are, flask of coffee, packed lunch and quick comfort break in a bush!
  6. Leathermans, adjustable spanner, cable ties, spare coil and clutch cable.
  7. I know we have done this before, but for the new members please state below what tools and spares you carry in the kit car?
  8. First on list for is to clean the garage is has been neglected over the last few months. Then finish the nitro, make a tow bar for trailer tent, replace ATR sump with ERA sump. Then in month 3 of the lock down thinking I will paint the garage walls and put up some old signs.
  9. What's the next job you intend to do on the kit car or tin top, whilst isolated in the garage?
  10. I was looking at Yokohama A048, fitted to Elise sport.
  11. We can operate on your leg, after a few drinks, I have played operation before and I tend to fix anything with gaffer tape and cable ties. How hard can it be?
  12. MarkBzero

    Spark plugs

    The instructions suggest a single earth pin can get very hot and cause pre-ignition, 3 pin earth spreads the heat and less likely to cause ignition prematurely.
  13. MarkBzero

    Spark plugs

    I have just started to play with nitrous and for higher powered jets I need to retard the ignition and fit colder spark plugs with 3 earth pins. Always fitted OEM parts so how do I find colder spark plugs with 3 earth pins for ST170 engine?
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