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  1. Not wishing the weather changes but starting to get ready for winter projects. What are the best springs and shocks for a Ford zero? Any part numbers and suppliers would be good. Thank you
  2. Hi Martyn, Welcome to the club, I have seen a few and they will have enough power. Probably worthwhile coming to a meet or end of season bash.
  3. I am using twin 45’s running a pressure regulator at set at 2.5. So I suspect it should be OK, although the original mechanical pump would also be suitable.
  4. I forgot about this and drove past many sights, thanks for the reminder.
  5. I moved from gas to induction and will not go back but be careful about house demands if you are considering fitting an electric shower in the future.
  6. Old mini appears to be the easiest and smallest.
  7. What would be the best tyre for grip, thinking I have two options; 1. Best road and 1/4 mile tyre, something universal 2. Best 1/4 mile super grippy tyre that would fit the Zero hub Thanks
  8. After some research it appears Nos can take 2 secs off a standard spec car. Mmm I know the ST engine is strong enough, time to have some fun.
  9. Hi Andi, I went to this event with SKCC a lot of good cars, the NWKCOG was also there. Needs a few more auto jumble stores but still good. Maybe next year.
  10. I agree, once upon a time in the army we had grease nipples on almost everything including Sargent Majors backside.
  11. All, After a great weekend at Sant Pod it got me thinking what are the best mods we can do with our cars to improve straight line acceleration? Obviously we need grip, power and quick reactions, how can this be achieved and more importantly how much? No I am not adding a jet engine to the roll cage!
  12. I thought about this but it’s over a 3 hour drive, I wonder if we could combine with another event or arrange a overnight stay.
  13. Tempted, very tempted if I can get away from work early I will gladly watch. Any mods before your your next run? Who’s driving the kit you or turbobec?
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