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  1. MarkBzero

    Moog6 Update

    Gutted to hear that after all the effort to create such a good looking car.
  2. MarkBzero

    Dashboard cutting

    +1 for aqua dip very unique and personalised.
  3. MarkBzero

    Good quality tool chests

    I have the Halfords unit and it has been very well made and robust.
  4. MarkBzero

    Website feedback thread

    Dark theme is better, still getting use to the format but getting on iPhone. Not checked laptop yet, but feels and look fresh. Well done. Mark
  5. OBD 2 fault codes, still require diagnostics to pinpoint the actual issue causing the fault code. Could be wear, pedal pivot bush warn, dirty or corroded contacts in electrical plugs and so on....
  6. MarkBzero

    Stainless Steel Bonnet

    Plus 1 for cutting disc, let the disc all the hard work dont force just a little pressure almost the weight of the angle grinder will do it
  7. MarkBzero

    Stilton Run 2019

    I have just received my tickets today.
  8. In my experience they will profit from selling you the extended warranty and when you claim there will be something in the small print to prevent them from paying or it will not include fair wear, consumable parts and if you do not keep up with regular servicing (preventative maintenance) everything will be void. Talking from experience!
  9. MarkBzero

    Diffusor From Gbs Zero On My S3A

    I agree extend it would be better.
  10. MarkBzero

    Led Rear Lights

    Seen them on a few kits, looks good with stainless steel body but less so with paint because of the chrome look lenses.
  11. MarkBzero


    I took a slightly different approach and instead of fitting a heater, I fitted seat heater pads. They work really well but doesnt clear the screen, so I carry a hand held heater and passenger!
  12. MarkBzero

    Fuel Drain

    The non-return valves in the mechanical pump deteriorate over time and break up or scum build up causing leak back. Personally I would blank off and get electric pump.
  13. MarkBzero

    Interesting Things Needed

    How about splitter fins https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4x-Universal-Front-Bumper-Lip-Splitter-Fins-Body-Spoiler-Canard-Valence-Chin-DA/112613298425?hash=item1a384690f9:g:eAcAAOSwFWVZo7Mg Might help keep the nose down when hitting excessive speeds.......
  14. MarkBzero

    Smell Of Fuel

    Seal around the fuel level sender mount is a common place for petrol to escape especially when full. They appear to perish very quickly.
  15. MarkBzero

    Car Insurance Renewed

    Just renewed with Footman James, limited mileage reduced to 3000 £176.11 fully comp £47 increase because the engine was changed from 1.6 to 2.0. They did not really care about the engine size but focussed on bhp.