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  1. Fuel price is doing well, watch it go up significantly when lockdown is completely over and the government tax the hell out of it to clear the billions of debt.
  2. Isn't it great how members help each other in this club. Well worth the membership fee, can't wait to meet up at EOSB after lockdown.
  3. I agree, plus the Conrod is only 2 small bolts versus 10 for main end bolts and much larger. I will try on the weekend and follow Tiger Racing instructions I have a calibrated torque wrench. What could possibly go wrong.....famous last words.
  4. It appears we are always repairing, modding or enhancing our kitcar's. So got me thinking money tends to be the main issue for holding most people back. If money was not an issue what would be your next mod on your kitcar? Buying another kitcar is not an option. For me I would like to replace the old Sierra loom, everything works but it has been extended, shortened and soldered to death.
  5. Thanks Maca, I have a spare engine if it goes bang!
  6. I had the same issue, so decided to buy some leatherette and make my own to my measurements. First one went in the bin, but second one has been on for 5 years. I used some yellow thread to match the dash.
  7. Thanks Maca, I was not sure if this applies when I am replacing the bolts with the ones from Tiger Racing. They say 60 lbs ft. I feel more comfortable with angle guage.
  8. Hi Dave, When my son was younger I used one of these and worked well. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323979320399
  9. Hi, I have looked on the internet and I am getting different results. Does anyone know the torque setting when fitting ERA sump to ST170? I have to undo 4 main cap bolts to fit the windage tray. Any help appreciated. Thanks Mark
  10. MarkBzero

    IVA Sub K

    Looks like a great build, keep going it took me 4 years. The smile on your face after the first legal drive is priceless.
  11. Yes get rid, it should not make any difference.
  12. Keep mine taxed for 12 months because we have some great days for driving over winter.
  13. I got an age related plate in 2014, by declaring the Sierra parts I used and taking some photos of me stripping the Sierra. Wasn't difficult. B reg for me, but now I know more about kit cars I personally would not care about a Q reg.
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