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  1. MarkBzero

    Supercar Fest

    Hi Danielle, Will we have a club pitch or all thrown together in the reserved parking area? Thanks Mark
  2. Good move I could do with clearing my garage. Tempted to get the red steering wheel and donate to EOSB bingo! Yes I am looking forward to the EOSB and the bingo, how many days to go? Edited because I have fat thumbs.
  3. Bypass valve for race track is a winner!
  4. The best I have seen was some leatherette wrapped around some pvc half tube and glued on with silkaflex.
  5. You could wrap the scuttle so no holes are visible.
  6. I agree with Nelmo don't fit windscreen for IVA.
  7. MarkBzero


    Great idea, but I am working in Dublin that week.
  8. There's lots of good stuff on this site. When I done the conversion I used parts from RetroFord like the idler puller and alternator brackets. You will have to get a very small alternator most people use a denso used on Nissan/Diahatsu cars. Other suppliers include Burton, if you have spare time you make all the brackets out of steel plate.
  9. Hi David H, There's a few of us in Telford area, feel free toake contact. What car do you have? Mark
  10. Wow, serious flames from the exhaust.
  11. Great job, a true expert.
  12. A great gift idea ready for December. https://www.thetoolacademy.com/wera-05136600001-tool-rebel-2019-advent-calendar-78633-p.asp
  13. Thanks I was heading down this route https://www.vibra-technics.co.uk/kit_car/ford_mt75_gearbox_sierra_2wd
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