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  1. Joel

    Sports-cat exhaust

    Morning Rich, Are you thinking from a potential heat-generated by the cat point of view? I'm not overly concerned about the mixture - It probably does run a bit rich on cold startup, but is fine once up to temp (running omex 600 fuel injection with oxygen sensor). Anyway, let's not get bogged down with specifics....hypothetically speaking, does a catalyst reduce smells or is it just taking care of invisible atoms and molecules?
  2. Joel

    Sports-cat exhaust

    Calling anyone with a sports-cat fitted to their exhaust system... To what extent, if any, does the catalyst reduce exhaust smells? I'm fed up of ending up stinking any time I go near the car, and will gladly accept a performance hit for a noticeable reduction in pong! Thanks in anticipation.
  3. ...okaaay. Errmmm.....you got a name or anything Barry? Cheers.
  4. Arrange a mutually convenient time with my Dad Steve.
  5. You can, so long as you can collect it.
  6. I've got a *bleep* pinto engine!
  7. I'm having a big garage clearout and have a lot of Pinto bits going spare (mostly induction and ignition stuff). If you can collect it (Coventry) you can have it, it's all going to the tip otherwise. Sorry but I'm not posting anything. >2.0ltr Pinto inlet assembly including Weber 2V twin choke carb (with stepper motor), throttle cable linkage, and inlet manifold. >Various Weber 2V twin choke carbs (for spares) >ESCII Module and sub loom >Indicators (standard RH nose cone type) >2B Windscreen Mounts (chrome plated, usable, but lots of drill holes) >HT Lead sets (one brand new) >Mountney steering wheel 10" with horn push and IVA pad >Oil Cooler >Small Heater matrix >Dash-top gauge pod (for 2" gauges) >IVA unleaded fuel pipe restrictor >Various pinto rotor arms and dizzy caps >Various short fan belts (brand new) >Small heater fan >Sierra Wiper assembly >Pinto thermoviscous fan >Various Pinto master cylinders Too much stuff to photograph, but if there's something specific you want more info on, leave a comment below.
  8. ...alternatively, can you fudge Focus or Mondeo stalks (indicator/lights/etc) onto a Sierra column?
  9. Does anyone know what's involved to switch a Sierra steering column to a newer one (probably Focus?). I appreciate there'll be wiring differences, but mechanically is it a straight swap? Does a Focus column have the triangle end piece to fit a Sierra bulkhead bush? Cheers.
  10. Has anyone got a full working set of Sierra stalks? Middle years - 87 to 89ish. Thanks.
  11. Ok, I live in a small village on the outskirts of Coventry that you almost certainly wouldn't have heard of, and I'm most definitely NOT a yam yam :-p Now, enough speculation about my whereabouts - who's going to buy my megasquirt?
  12. For Sale: MegaSquirt ECU with sub loom, EDIS module and adjustable fan controller. (For 4-cylinder, n/a, fuel injected engines - I think it can also control forced induction, but don't quote me on that) The ECU is a MSII with v.3 main board, built by me. I had it running a pinto engined 2B, up to the point I could pootle around on the drive with it, but I no longer have the time or inclination to take it further. The sub loom comes partially built and has a DB37 connector for the megasquirt at one end, to outlets for injectors, CPS, temp sensors, coil pack, etc, at the other. The EDIS module controls ignition spark in conjunction with a coil pack (Not included). The fan controller fits in the top hose (32mm on a pinto I think), and is adjustable from 70-120 degrees. As per this one... http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/performance/fan-controllers-thermostats/revotec-electronic-fan-controller Also comes with wiring diagram and a stack of paperwork £250.
  13. Joel


    Yep, sounds like I'm stuck in the loop. Ok, thanks guys, I'll give it a try.
  14. Joel


    Thanks Richard, Ahh, that would explain it. Funnily enough I'm also struggling to renew my membership, but I've got Kirsty on the case...
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