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  1. Daled

    Pinto won't start!

    thanks for the reply, while testing orginally I thought the same thing so I put in about another 10 litres of fuel as I thought she might just be out of fuel. but the video was taken after I added the fuel and checked that there was fuel coming through the hose to the carbs. Both hoses had good pressure to each carb so I ruled it out. I think I will try Foz's suggesstion and check the spark and timing as it seems to be the thing I havent gone through completely. the really confusing thing for me is that it was running fine after I cleaned out the carbs and replaced the alternator belt. An
  2. Daled

    Pinto won't start!

    It was running about 3 weeks ago, but I didn't take her for a run. But It was having an issue after getting an MOT When she was bogging down and losing power. But I think this was due to the webers needing a clean which I did and was running fine.
  3. Hey all pinto masterminds, can someone please help me with how I can troubleshoot why she won't run. I have checked the following: 1. Fuel is getting to the carbs 2. The points and plug leads are on correctly and can see the spark. 3. Tried to make sure the carbs were clear with some carb cleaner and manually checked the jets. 4. Ran some easy start into the carbs, but wasn't happy with blowback it seems to create. I have an engine builder that helped me get the heads, cam and webers setup a year or so ago. But he doesn't do house calls to help. Can take a ca
  4. Hey all, I know it says caterham but I think after most of being home for the last year we could all do with a jar of this to get into our cars again.
  5. So after a couple of hours of trying to get it work after I took it off the column I bought the new part and should be here by the weekend. And for information its all relay based. Thanks to all who replied
  6. Thanks Ian wd40 was my first attempt and it didn't do anything... as if I saw even the slightest improvement I would have gone for the contact cleaner and persisted... but I think Rich is right I will bite the bullet and just get a replacement and hope its not an issue further in the system. Just curious what do you run? as I have seen various methods in other cars from stalks to having a button for everything.
  7. Hi all, hoping to consult with the RHO brains trust as I just had an MOT failure for a headlight switch that doesn't dip from high beams to low beams. I checked the issue over, and it seems that the switch is sticking when the lights are turned on and they don't dip anymore. It's currently running this column switch and indicator stalk https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fiesta-Mk3-Stalks-Steering-Column-Indicators-Lights-Wipers-Washer-Control-Lever-/224311646974?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49292 And if I need to replace it, I would like to know what options other people use as i don't min
  8. Daled

    Cycle Wings

    Great! I sent you a DM.
  9. Daled

    Cycle Wings

    Hi Trev, I am very interested ! Are they still available ?
  10. I messaged gaz to see the width and offset as I am interested, but didn't hear back. I am still interested though
  11. And so the work continues... changing out my square headlights for smaller 4 inch polished chrome ones. Posted a couple of before and after pics
  12. Hi, as it's the beginning of the "off season" I decided to get some done to work done to my old pinto engine so I can focus on some of the other stuff. The cam bearing was quite noisy and the engine was feeling very tired... so I fitted the following: Kent gts1 cam kit Dual Weber 45 DCOE (yes I know it should have been bike carbs) New water hoses Skimmed the head and case. New gaskets etc. Accuspark ignition Electronic fuel pump The result so far is much better idle and it revs very well. I am going to run it in over the next couple of month
  13. I am starting to get a list of things to do for when the weather gets cooler and driving my 2B is not as enjoyable (as I am sure that most of us are) and would like to know whether anyone has a recommendations on the reconditioning a pair of weber 45 DCOE carbs ? I am sure it will need fitting and tuning too but that might will be at the end of the year.
  14. thanks for the information, i will see if i can find any serial numbers and do some measurements
  15. Hi has anyone seen these anywhere before ? as looking to replace the bushes and rose joints but have not seen the setup on any forums or anything, so I dont know where to get spares for it. hoping someone has seen them before.
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