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  1. Daled

    Cycle Wings

    Great! I sent you a DM.
  2. Daled

    Cycle Wings

    Hi Trev, I am very interested ! Are they still available ?
  3. I messaged gaz to see the width and offset as I am interested, but didn't hear back. I am still interested though
  4. And so the work continues... changing out my square headlights for smaller 4 inch polished chrome ones. Posted a couple of before and after pics
  5. Hi, as it's the beginning of the "off season" I decided to get some done to work done to my old pinto engine so I can focus on some of the other stuff. The cam bearing was quite noisy and the engine was feeling very tired... so I fitted the following: Kent gts1 cam kit Dual Weber 45 DCOE (yes I know it should have been bike carbs) New water hoses Skimmed the head and case. New gaskets etc. Accuspark ignition Electronic fuel pump The result so far is much better idle and it revs very well. I am going to run it in over the next couple of month
  6. I am starting to get a list of things to do for when the weather gets cooler and driving my 2B is not as enjoyable (as I am sure that most of us are) and would like to know whether anyone has a recommendations on the reconditioning a pair of weber 45 DCOE carbs ? I am sure it will need fitting and tuning too but that might will be at the end of the year.
  7. thanks for the information, i will see if i can find any serial numbers and do some measurements
  8. Hi has anyone seen these anywhere before ? as looking to replace the bushes and rose joints but have not seen the setup on any forums or anything, so I dont know where to get spares for it. hoping someone has seen them before.
  9. Its Black as well, cut offs would work very well. Can you post a square about 15 cm x 15 cm ?
  10. anyone know of a repair kit that can be used on the wet weather hood (leather /vinyl type) as i recently took mine out and it has a hole about the size of 5 pence and I can only find the material type of kits online.
  11. Daled

    Runs and maps

    Hey thanks for the reply, apologies for the question above but maybe we should have a thread for it like a social media page for it... anyway it was just a thought.
  12. Daled

    Runs and maps

    Just got my Robin Hood home after having it MOTed and drove it about 25 miles mostly on the m3 and had an absolute blast!! best fun I have had in years. Looking forward to many more runs now that I have her home. I would like to know why there isnt a thread somewhere for people to post pics of their runs and maps where others might follow, we could even rate them. (talking the site owners here...) I know there are events and other stuff that we share, so maybe we could share great runs in the country side too. hopefully other members will like and vote that this should be som
  13. I posted it on eBay, and it sold within minutes.... still yet to get the money and have it picked up. But hopefully it’s gone to good home.
  14. some more pics https://imgur.com/a/Dbn4i8T
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