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  1. sorme

    Clutch cable

    The replacement 2wd Cosworth clutch cable fits great,in the past I've had struggles with getting the standard cable to racket up, I think because of the sharp angle via in-between manifold, just put the cossy cable on 2 pushes of the pedal started the car and in went into gear smooth as butter,thanks for recommending the cossy cable,the old cable been on a year,I'd heat wrapped it made a bracket to keep away for manifold just looked at it and it's melted and seized.
  2. sorme

    Clutch cable

    Does it look like this racket end? Then a smaller one clutch end,I've had a couple cables I bought that were wrong,I just assumed classic ford cables would all be the same but there not.
  3. sorme

    Clutch cable

    Just ordered the QCC1585 cable from Burton power,cost £30 but hopefully fingers crossed.
  4. sorme

    Clutch cable

    Cheers great help
  5. sorme

    Clutch cable

    Is this a longer cable ? Found one on Burton power doesn't say if its a bit longer though.
  6. sorme

    Clutch cable

    Give anything a try.
  7. sorme

    Clutch cable

    Any help?running a pinto and I keep going through clutch cables more than I'd like,its due to it running between the manifold,I've heat wrapped the last one but still after near on a year its starting to become hard ( after a run and warm) to get into reverse gear without a clunk!! as the cable stretches. Struggling to find a extra long cable as it's a 82-84 and it's the cable with little T style ends,plenty out there with the eyelet type/ adjustable. Or is there any companies out there that make cables up.
  8. sorme

    Garage Clear Out

    Hi have you still got the hood Cheers Simon
  9. As long as the nut and bolt do not rub on your tyres,as the clearance should not change as the wheels and guards move together,I can just manage to get the nuts on the bolts on mine.
  10. Have seen there expensive ones,did think about having a weld on one like in grass track racing etc
  11. Yep mine is like the first picture,on my second one now,its the little rubber bits that wear down on mine that stick out on the surface when the wheel is off,if I pull them out and pop them back in it tightens up a bit but after a week or so the play comes back.
  12. As anyone bought a slim quick release hub that lasts more than 2 months before you start to get play/ wobble in it? I'm running a Sierra column and on my 3rd quick release hub,the best one was a sparco looky likey which worked great but put the wheel under my chin so I purchased a slim one ( cheap £20) which to start with was great but after a few months the wobble starts,I'm on the 2nd slim one now just starting to wobble,I know that you can buy some for £100 + but just wondering if there are any around a bit cheap( that lasts) .
  13. Can anyone help I've got a s7 and just had the front arche bracket snap today where it mounts on the top ball joint, I did a quick weld repair (on the car)but just been out again and it's gone again needs removing and welding properly but I was thinking of just getting a new set for both sides,I see for sale sets for the 2b but will these fit my s7? As they cost around £140 I don't what to buy them and find out they do not fit,any help?
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