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  1. As an update have emptied out the carb and cleaned it - there was a bit of crud in the bottom which has been removed. Still no start. I don't believe that fuel is finding its way from the float chamber to the jet. A second inspection of the anti dieselling solenoid shows it to be bone dry, so I think it's not getting that far.
  2. Hi Bob, thanks I have the top cover off now, and am looking to empty the carb. There is fuel there - it doesn't appear t be floating on water but am going to clear it anyway. The jets and feed tubes seem to be clear, can blow through them no probs Although the solenoid is operating the tip is blackened - I don't know whether this is normal or indicates crud in this area
  3. Good call, thanks. May well give that a go
  4. So, solenoid tested, works a treat, fuel line is pumping Fuel is a bit grubby - So, solenoid test, works a treat. Fuel pump also working beautifully, however fuel is a little grubby It's hard to see here, but there seems to be a certain amount split out fluid, which I presume is water. I was going to look at the fuel anyway, but i think I really need to pump it out and refresh perhaps? Looks like I need to wait for my refurb kit and have a look at the ancillary wiring for the time being
  5. Yep sure enough, found the socket and have attached. There is voltage across the terminal which is good. On my brief attempt to start, no joy. so next I guess is to whip the solenoid out and bench test to be certain Will still check for fuel feed, and have the reconditioning kit on order - bit lucky there happened to be a guy on ebay had a major overhaul lit in good nick for £20
  6. That is a really good steer thanks, I'll look into that too. I had the car running many years ago, but I don't remember that bit. Yeah at some point I mean to upgrade, but I want to get it on the road first and past its IVA. I've got a lsit of upgrades I want to do after that and when the budget will sustain
  7. Beauty - thanks Bob!
  8. Thanks kevin, got one on order!
  9. Thanks Blue, I'll double check the fuel feed. Just to preempt, the carb is a ford VV. I cant quite identify the nut that you mentioned - here is a picture of the unit https://photos.app.goo.gl/yWxGysLGyNSzW9QE9 I'm assuming that I'll need to do a strip of the carb, and for this will need new gaskets?
  10. Hi Blue, yes, the engine fires after spraying with holts, but peters out after a few revs. I'm pretty sure fuel is reaching the carb itself, as I had to tighten up the fuel lie Jclip to prevent it leaking. A couple of possiblities on my mind are duff fuel, and as you point out dirty carb
  11. Carbs cleaned, confirmed compression stroke Turned over, and..... Ignition! This was at about 2200 last night. It petered out after a few revs, but really exciting. Decided to go to bed on a high note!
  12. Thanks Ian. The ignition switch seems okay - I bench tested before wiring up, and since my first post I've been able to get sparks on cranking - simply a neglected lead now terminated. Just that I'm not getting ignition yet. So my to do list is now Clean carbs renew petrol check that spark is occurring on correct stroke Try again!
  13. Thanks for the tip on the plugs - just t be clear I don't mean dripping, but there is fuel on them Engine mounted fuel pump I'll take the plugs to the other end of the garden and dry with rag before heating them up Thanks, I'll give all this a try as soon as I can
  14. Thanks Blue Yes, I mean not starting but getting sparks. Have removed one spark plug and earthed it and can see sparks on cranking (although I haven't tested all 4) Brake cleaner - just simple Holts or similar? The fuel seems to be getting into the cylinders as the spark plugs are "wet" Next 2 things that I'm going to do - make sure that spark occurs on the compression stroke (rather than the exhaust stroke - I presume that it only sparks every other cycle on a four stroke) refresh the petrol - it's been in the tank for a while. Luckily there's not much there
  15. Hi Blue, thanks. I'm actually using segments of the original wiring. As it happens I was just studying the haynes wiring diagram, and found the black lead from the EIM (sorry referred to it as the ESC Ig mod above) and traced it back through the harness. I attached this to the appropriate terminal on the box for the coil, and hey presto I now have sparks when cranking! Simple error on my part, but feels good. Now, still not getting ignition. I believe that I have the plugs in the correct order, BUT the next thing I want to rule out is that they're actually firing at the correct point in the cycle - preferably without striping a load of stuff down.
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