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  1. Yeah, I suppose so. Best find out where they are then so I know when to tiptoe
  2. Certainly with you on the 1st one. The 2nd shouldn't be a problem to most folk, as I understand the cameras or triggered over 74dB, which is quite loud. They'll be located in populated areas where constant noise is a public health issue for residents. I work on warehousing projects, and we require all our machinery to emit less than 75 when operated normally. This is for both planning permissions (read residents concerns), and H&S of our work force. I'm interested to hear more on your 3rd point - hadn't heard of shift towards zero tolerance. Got any more details or a link?
  3. zhap135

    Mid trim

    Looking at the how the rear wings are attached to the body it looks S7 ish. I'm doing one up myself Is it a monocoque chassis rather than space frame?
  4. Thanks both, more potential solutions to consider! Cheers A
  5. That's brilliant to know that should be a fairly simple work around, thanks. And thanks for link to your blogspot too! A
  6. Brilliant, thanks for the link. That thread was really useful too, 'bliged sir! A
  7. Thanks, yes it's an option. I was just saying to Nelmo that I'm not sure that I could wing it with the current condition of the scuttle
  8. LOL, yeah, I could just wing it, but my luck dictates that I'd get the thorough chap! I see that you have the proper E mark, and not just a BS. Do you remember your supplier?
  9. Thanks, that did occur to me. The manual says that if fixings are obvious it will be trated as if the screen is missing, although it didn't define fixings. I got the car as a part complete a while back, and the cuttle ha holes for the brackets, and for the demisters and wipers. apart from looking a mess, I was worried that the inspectors would simply say the screen is missing. HAve you heard of that happening?
  10. Great stuff, I'm just pinging an email toe the DVSA to get some advice - hopefully they'll be able to confirm. I'll give you a shout when I hear back from them. Great speaking to you Duck Cheers A
  11. Will you include the postage in the £50? I'm good for weather gear Sounds like you've some spring cleaning to do! The BS number is current, I just need to confirm that the DVSA people will accept it and won't insist on ECE43.
  12. Well our friend Wiki tells me that it could mean either - B83 1967 is safety glass in land vehicles. The /2 might signify which - I'll have to do some more digging. If its the original from the S7 it's probably toughened - not sure that they did laminate. That might get me through the IVA - I'll have to check. Can always put my own lam in later. How much were you wanting, and are you able to post?
  13. Thanks for responding! And thanks for the gen on the MK screen - that was a reservation I had as they seemed to be shaped to fit a curved scuttle. Your screen sounds interesting. May I ask is it toughened or laminate? Cheers A
  14. Hello anyone, I'm prepping my car for IVA - an old S7 I'm trying to replace a windscreen - the old toughened one got broke. I want to put laminate in, and have found a supplier, but I want to know about stamps. The stamp that the IVA mentions is E43 (or is as I understand the manual. The stamp the supplier will put on is EN14449/3/SG. Does anyone know whether that is equivalent, and acceptable for IVA? I know MK do a screen kit for about £500, but sourcing the laminate is about a 10th of the price.
  15. Hello Blue. Long shot I know - did you bin the windscreen? Cheers A
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