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  1. zhap135

    Wiper motor

    So wired in the wiper motor yesterday. Am using ford paddles, original ford relay, mini r&P motor, CBS fuse box. Everything works fine except for the Intermittent, which shift slightly and just stop. When turned off they return to park. Fast and slow work beautifully. Have opened the relay and seems in good nick, and clicks over when bench tested, but that is teh extent of my testing HAs anyone had anything similar? I'm throwing this out to all before I buy a new relay - have been somewhat spend-thrifty of late.....
  2. if it's on the ford gear box I think its a straight switch wth a rubber friction fit - should just pushon
  3. I've just now wired in my mini wiper motor to the CBS module with a ford relay and paddles. Largely successful, except the intermittent only moves a smidge - I need to find if this is a motor contact fault. I was so glad I kept the old FB, as that had the correct relay - the CBS only has a fuse and relies on a straight switch for the wipers looking at ford colour wires, the Bk/V going from the switch to the motor should be spliced in as the feed from channel 20 on teh CBS.
  4. Yes, the full on accredited courses they do start about a grand for a week- it's tempting but I'm not sure I can justify it. They currently don't do intro/hobby courses, but I might press them to see if it's an area of business they might want to develop
  5. Thanks all for your responses. It happens that there is a welding supplies and training est. in my town, Letchworth. Having had a chat with them, they've invited me in for an hour or two to have a look at and trial some different products and get some advice. As I was humming harring about getting a welder anyway, I think this seems reasonable - the guy even said why not bring the flywheel in and we can have a go! So happy days! That'll be in a couple of weeks, so back to other jobs until then!
  6. Thanks Spare, yes, spotted that some are higher than 13! Thanks also for your words of warning. A Mig might be the way forward then - was the clarke 135 a decent starter kit did you find? I see that with teh right wire and gas it can also weld ali and SS I hear you also on your view about getting proper intruction, this makes a lot of sense. It's also something that I've been thinking about for a while.
  7. Thanks for that, that's really useful I haven't welded before, but I've been meaning to get a welder for years. Is there a particular unit that's good for starting out?
  8. Thanks Kevin, yes I'm starting to realise I need to get a welder and learn how to use it!
  9. Thanks yes have been trawling YT for some wisdom. Yes, although I have never sunk as low as Aldi for drills, I'm realising I'm going to have to spend more than I have been! Is there any particular supplier you use? I'm always wary on eBay that you don't really know what you are getting, and you can't go by price alone.
  10. Thanks, I might take you up on that if I get no luck with a repair
  11. That's an interesting point. I've not used one before. What is the risk of damaging the fly around the hole do you think?
  12. Aaargh. Had a full on acetylene kit, or my dad did, bit I got rid when clearing his stuff. Have been kicking myself ever since... Isn't the hardness from the carbon content rather than the temper? I'm kicking myself on the extractor I used too. It snapped at the head with hardly any effort - piece of crap. The others in the set went straight into the bin! Spark erosion. I suppose that's another option is find and engineering company to see if they can help out.
  13. So, as the engine was leaking water from behind the sump did a bit of research and decided that it was probably a core plug gone - got the kit, whipped engine out, took the clutch/flywheel off found a very rotten core plug, cleaned hole, replaced nae bother. Trouble was in the process I managed to sheer a clutch bolt. To add to the drama I also managed to break an extractor, and then a drill when trying to go in from the other side . So now I have a very stubborn bolt/drill/extractor chimera embedded on my flywheel, that has defeated several drills Yes, shame and hot coals
  14. Brilliant , Thanks for the clarification Pinto
  15. Mmm, yes. I guess it's a replacement if that's the case. The battery is new. However the volt meter is old, proper old one with a needle which seems to be moving freely. Wonder if I should invest in a new one.....
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