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  1. Thanks Brilliant, thanks! That's cool, I'll probably follow your lead and dispense itht hte complication f the lugs. This has been really useful, thanks so much!
  2. Wow, what a spanker!. Glad to see that cross member, was thinking of something like that, although was thinking of welding lugs for the anchor bolts. How is your arrangement working, does it just lift the belts to the right height?
  3. thanks for that Lewis, that's a pretty substantial solution! Can you let me know what gauge steel you used there? Did you have guidance that that's what is required, or were you taking a belt and braces x1.5 approach? On the shoulder mounts did you check teh height of the mounting as per Snapper's post above? According to the IVA I'am about 2" too low to mount directly to the interface of the tub/roll over bar (where I marked o with teh blue arrow on my photo), - one thought I had was welding a cross member to the upright stanchions of the ROB, and mount directly to that
  4. zhap135

    Timing (maybe

    Hi Snapper, thanks very much for that detail. as it happens I acquired a 36 from one of the other members a couple of weeks agao. That information woiill be really useful!.
  5. I got the kit as a part complete some time ago, so the original plates are lost to history - don't remember them coming with it, and of course things may have been different at the time of manufacture. Thanks for the heads up about the shoulder mounts, yes I'd love to see your build diary, thankyou so much. Will send an email now
  6. Aaaah, thanks Paul, that's really encouraging. Were they the typical square ones with a captive nut, about £3 a pop from CBS? So I'd guess at a bolt in a couple of corners of the spreader, have got some M6 8.8 tensile ones I think. Does that sound about right? Also would love to know more about the modifications to the roll bar. I didn't spot anything in the IVA manual in section 19 seat belts about that - is it mentioned elsewhere?
  7. I've got an S7 , which has a monocoque chassis. Has anyone else fitted seat belts to this arrangement for IVA? how does it work? The IVA manual says that fit to flat panels is a source of concern, however I can't see what else I can fit to (the 3rd mounting point I believe to acceptable for the roll bar supports to the rear chassis - high;ighted in blue). I was considering attaching both waste belt anchors to the panel behind the seat where the tunnel and wheel arch box section is bolted too the panel (red in pic), BUT I'm hesitant. I would at the very least need to weld some spreaders to this panel (I believe) but I don't want to start drilling /welding until I know that it's the right thing to do. There were original 2 holes that appeared to be for seat belts (yellow in pic), but no spreaders and not easy to access to weld Any ideas?
  8. Magic, thanks so much really useful. My bonnet has very little space on teh flange to do this, but I'm sure I can make it work. Have ordered a set of pins
  9. Hi Smig, dunno if you'll get this - do you perchance have a photo of how you set this up?
  10. Sorry, smig, I only just spotted this (9 months later......) - thanks very much for the tip. I may well follow this advice
  11. zhap135

    Timing (maybe

    Thanks for responding Snapper. Is your opinion that the 36 is oversized?
  12. Brilliant, I'm in Letchworth so just up the road from you.
  13. Sold to the badger in the tree! How shall we do this? Paypal? If on the outside chance you are anywhere on the A1M corridor in the near future might be able to meet up....
  14. Hi Peter. I'm looking for a manifold too - might have found one I think. How much were you after for the carb?
  15. Hello Trev, might be jsut what I'm looking for. Will this fit a 1600 Pinto? Do you have any idea about the postage? Am in North Herts
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