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  1. Brilliant, I'm in Letchworth so just up the road from you.
  2. Sold to the badger in the tree! How shall we do this? Paypal? If on the outside chance you are anywhere on the A1M corridor in the near future might be able to meet up....
  3. Hi Peter. I'm looking for a manifold too - might have found one I think. How much were you after for the carb?
  4. Hello Trev, might be jsut what I'm looking for. Will this fit a 1600 Pinto? Do you have any idea about the postage? Am in North Herts
  5. zhap135

    Timing (maybe

    Thanks Ian, am slowly piecing together what all teh nubmers and letters mean!
  6. zhap135

    Timing (maybe

    Thanks Trator! yes disconnected, but didn't block the pipe, will have another look in over teh weekend
  7. zhap135

    Timing (maybe

    Thanks Bob! Yup, got the haynes and identified the grooves and filled them with tipex to highlight them. What does the numbers 32/36 refer to?
  8. I have the old Ford VV fitted at the mo - has anyone got a weber or aga lying about?
  9. Probably to late, but is the carb still knocking about?
  10. zhap135

    Timing (maybe

    hanks Ian - can well believe that, although managed to pick up service kit a year or so back, and replaced all the perishable parts. With teh DGAV, is there anything I should particularly be looking for, or si a DGAV from a 2l a straight swap? I'm seeign 32/36 a lot, which I think is suitable for an engine like mine
  11. zhap135

    Timing (maybe

    Hello all. 1.6 sierra pinto, PC project, venturi carb. Engine runs , but barely sustains tick over unless given a bit of throttle, and even then.... Very little torque/power. HAve had a timing light on the pulley, but get some very odd readings off that - the grades are rarely orientated even close to the marker on flash. I think the mix is okay (but not even certain about that), and I have never changed/moved the timing/dizzy (although I couldn't guarantee that the previous owner didn't mess/move it) Any tips on where to start?
  12. Yes, definitely is.That's brilliant, thanks Ian!
  13. Aaah, thanks Ian, and thanks for the tip! I really didn't think of that. So the bleed can be stoppered with teh assumption that any air accumulating at that point will be eventually blown into the rad?
  14. Hello! I have a Pinto SOHC. . The Thermo bypass has been stoppered since before I gotthe car as a PC project. What I find is that the the (mechanical) stat doesn't want to open when the engine is hot. Is it because there is no flow of hot water over it? Should this stoppered bypass actually allow water to flow over the stat allowing it to operate? I've replaced teh stat anyway (had a spare) but in any case when tested the stat worked. Originally I believe it had a header tank, but now has omne of those rads with an integral header and pressure release cap.
  15. zhap135

    Sad News.

    So sorry to hear this, deepest condolences to his family and friends. I never met him in person, but he was one of the quickest with advice over the past couple of years in response to my clueless posts and questions RIP Andy
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