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  1. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1424985710967860&id=386205258179249
  2. It's a CAMRA micro pub serving real ale!! https://www.facebook.com/AlestonesTardebigge/ If the courtyards full the old Tardebigge pub car park will be used as well.
  3. ac01

    Gbs Zero Wanted

    Cheers Rich I still have the mug from the Wales trip a few years ago and use it everyday. I'm really happy the car is going to a good home and will be looked after.
  4. ac01

    Cars And Coffee Redditch

    I'll go it's only just down the road.
  5. I can't add photos on here so just made a short clip of the Gould GR55B and the Force PC both in last year's colours. I hope you will get the idea the Gould is the red one!!
  6. Not driving I work on the car in the pits. Last year we finished 6th in the national hillclimb championship the car was a Force pc with a 1300 hayabusa plus turbo giving 450bhp it took 3 years development to get that! This year we have a Gould with a 3.5 litre Nicholson Mclaran giving around 850bhp. Testing is producing some very good times etc.first competitive events are Prescott and Craigantlet in Northern Ireland the end of April.
  7. As last year racing at Craigantlet Hillclimb in Northern Ireland, Friday to Sunday. But should be there Monday all be well. Ade
  8. I have Caterham S3 arms and blades pre bent. It's as if they were made for it! Had them off eBay £15 pair of arms inc. Wipers. Nothing to adjust out of box straight on car. Most parts fit off the S3 and are good quality.
  9. Caterham S3 arms and blades fit no fiddling about
  10. Hammeright smooth black on mine no problems. Looks much better than rust!
  11. Dave I have a members pass and a guest pass for all events at Shelsley. Next 2 are 18th & 19th July Classic Nostalgia event or 15th & 16th August British National Hill Climb Championships. Let me know if any of these dates your free for we could meet up there or if I don't go you could have both passes. I will be busy working on the single seater in the nationals the car crashed there a few weeks ago 137mph into the bottom S. I'm told the August event is the 110th anniversary of the event and the will be air displays etc. Regards Adrian
  12. Following Steve so as long as he don't get lost this time I'll be there!
  13. Can you add me to the list please. Staying at the Llys Olwen Guest House. Cheers Ade
  14. ac01

    La Vie En Bleu 2015

    Thank you again Bob and Mo nice cups of tea and coffee great weekend and weather was great too thanks to Dave for ordering the sun this year. Mo the tent is a credit to you and your assistant Bob a good solid useful structure. Steve what will your fuel consumption be when you get your new high flow fuel pump as recommended by the rolling road tech.
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