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    2b, gone libra gone too, garage empty!!!
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  1. Mitch


    Old thread I know, but cant put up a forsale post due to club rules, But I have a brand new screen (glass only) available free to any member who can collect (or meet locally) to chorley, cant post as its glass and PO wont accept, If you want it, pm me and we can sort it out, Mitch
  2. you lying cheating barsteward,,, you told me HE lived in Southampton , how am I supposed to give you an alibi if you don't give me the correct info,,, Lisa gonna hang me too now !!!!
  3. Good luck with the future Steve. Had some very memorable trips with you over the years. And someone will get a great car . Mitch
  4. Cheers buddy.. call for a brew any time .
  5. if any of you have a empty seat, give me a shout ,,,,, im missing mine !!
  6. Oh nooooo 16 ". Your gonna need new fillings lol
  7. That's. Interesting . 195.we're always cheaper . You realise by having dif tyres in front and rear you now can't rotate them Dave
  8. Maybe time for more rubber on back Dave... 205's on back ??? Bit dearer but may help put the power down . Used camskil before good company just need local fitter then so add another 10$ per tyre
  9. Your dad has it.... Ohh that's the gtm lol
  10. Mitch


    It surprised me how many people kept asking questions about it, sometimes over period of a few days, one guy for weeks, (but were stupid ones, don't think I would have let him have it anyhow, 1 question, does boot lock, then is it central locking, !! and many more, then to say Im not ready to buy now, saving up for a house !!, and now same ones asking if its sold, and oh I wish!!!, well they had plenty of chances, as it sold via ebay within 24 hrs, so now what next,...........................................................
  11. cant you still take it to a place of repair? which can be home if you do it yourself, ? or get a decent garage who will "bend" the rules slightly, of course you need to know them very well and they trust you to do it, I know of one such garage lol
  12. Mitch


    deposit taken, car goes Friday, may still see it, only going to Bolton !!!!!
  13. The 250 one hasn't got a log book
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