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  1. spg

    Phosphor Bronze

    Defo up for a bit of guidance from an expert. Regards Steve
  2. spg

    Phosphor Bronze

    Might be a good while to finish this one, not used a lathe since I was at school and it's not coming back that quickly lol Steve
  3. spg

    Phosphor Bronze

    I'm having a go at a gauge 1 Loco https://gauge1.wordpress.com/armig-the-other-way-round/ Bought in the cylinders, Motion Gear, Chassis and Etch Kit. Having a go at doing the rest my self. Steve
  4. spg

    Phosphor Bronze

    Thanks Steamer I thought the lighter coloured one was the PB104 as its' the same colouring as a piece I have for the regulator. And ithats a bugger to machine. Hope the darker piece isn't even harder to cut. Cheers Steve
  5. spg

    Phosphor Bronze

    There both meant to be PD104, It's for bushes for a boiler I'm building.
  6. spg

    Phosphor Bronze

    Ordered two pieces from Ebay but one looks more like copper to me. Phoned up but they said it's because there from different batches and there both definitely Phosphor Bronze of the same grade. What do you folks think ? Regards Steve
  7. Thanks for the help the qbond manage to tack it but no real strength. Luckily managed to find a new replacement for £30 delivered from German. Cheers Steve
  8. Thank Fozzy giving a go as I can't find the Loctite stuff anywhere.
  9. Thanks for the replies going to try the Loctite if I can find somewhere that stocks it. Cheers
  10. No markings just a date stamp. Thanks
  11. I've broken the casing on the headlight water jet on the Audi its some sort of Nylon or Polywotsit. I've tried super glue , model glue and araldite non of the bond to it. Any idea what I can use ? Cheers
  12. http://www.wikihow.com/Calibrate-a-Torque-Wrench Also some vids on youtube Steve
  13. spg

    My 2B For Sale

    Excellent first drive very glad you enjoyed it. Have fun.
  14. spg

    My 2B For Sale

    Off to a good home
  15. Yes well done Mark stunning car. Just a thought its not a Robin Hood. :-p
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