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  1. Well drove to meet heard a rattle thought cam was rattly. Engine cut out as got in carpark of pub would not start so left it for a bit.came to.it when time to go started fine had oil pressure just a little rattle then set if home lol drove at 40mph all the way home as the rattle was like marbles in a tin can but still had oil pressure so thought it was cam due to having oil pressure.changed cam started it up and no the rattle was still there so pulled engine out and took sump.off and no 4 big end has gone oops.so need a crank regrind and a check of a old crank I found from a 2litre which looks good but will jo when get it checked and then get some shells and refit and hope is all ok
  2. biksz


    Well was planning on going in the kit but I have done a big end before all the stick starts it has lasted three year of my driving lol so not too bad realy lol but hopefully should be done if not 90 percent chance of me bringing car and caravan lol comfy sleeping for me
  3. biksz


    will be going this one again hope weather is a bit warmer though lol
  4. biksz

    Pinto Problem

    that was just a little 10 minute job it threw a rocker so put it back on you cant do that with a zetec lol
  5. biksz

    Pinto Problem

    Tractor my pinto still runs spot on lol ask Jaimo lol no issues with mine and it was from scrap yard for 80 quid all I did on it was new oil pump and had head done to unleaded and a few tweaks which I won't say lol
  6. I made the hole bigger where the exhaust goes through the side
  7. Will.still.stay in the club I can't justify the car sat in garage doing nothing in the last 2 month I am lucky if I have done 50 mile
  8. Robin hood s7 registered 1994 runs a 2l pinto 4 speed box and 3.92 diff.i am selling as it don't get used apart 2 or 3 times a year for shows does need some tlc as needs scuttle painting. Has got a full Cage fitted looking for £3800o.n.o
  9. Brill weekend yet again the good laughs and banter as usual and everyone chipping in with everything again and helping each other as a club should.brill second family bring on the next one
  10. Could do but got 2 mot's in the morning to do so long as they pass yeah lol
  11. Picked up burgers there is 30 a box and they are 6oz ones lol
  12. Will do Keith might be more than 34 burgers won't no till pick em up
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