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  1. rebeccakelly2009

    Santa pod late night special. July 20th

    After going santa pod this weekend and Keith having a run down the strip I would like to go and have a go. Weather depending we will be heading down there on 20th July. Its a late night special so open from 8am till 8pm. (track opens at 10) if anyone fancies coming your more than welcome. The next late night special I can make is 28th September which we might also go to. Thanks Becky
  2. rebeccakelly2009

    KITFEST club stand Fri 14th to Sun 16th June 2019

    Me Keith and the Kids are booked in however we wont be there on Friday night as have a family party to attend. We will be there early on Saturday morning though.
  3. rebeccakelly2009

    Hog Roast At Stoneleigh?

  4. rebeccakelly2009

    Stoneleigh Kit Car Show

    This is also my 40th birthday weekend so if anyone is arriving on the Saturday I am sure that Keith would appreciate the help, i am doing a fancy dress run in the morning with some friends but it would be nice to be able to spend the afternoon with him. We will both be there on Sunday and mondag but I have a party booked Saturday night. If you can help please let Keith know. I would appreciate seeing my hubby on my 40th birthday!
  5. rebeccakelly2009

    Kid Racing At Eosb

    Has anyone thought of games for the adults on the Friday night. I have found some cards and will bring some of the kids games. Will print some colouring sheets off for the kids aswell and get some pens for them to use.
  6. rebeccakelly2009

    Kid Racing At Eosb

    can I bag 4 of the sets, 2 for mine and 2 for friends that are bringing kids, I bet keith wont have organised anything!
  7. rebeccakelly2009

    Midlands Run To Wales 11Th To 13Th August 2017

    Matt and Keith are coming to meet everyone at the copper kettle. On our way now. ETA 9.15
  8. rebeccakelly2009

    Leicestershire Christmas Meal 14/12/16

    see you all later!
  9. rebeccakelly2009

    Leicestershire Christmas Meal 14/12/16

    Has Keith put mine and his names down?
  10. rebeccakelly2009

    Lifes A *bleep*

    Cracking idea. Fine by me. I will be showing my face on the Friday night for the end of season bash and hopefully Sunday morning. xx
  11. rebeccakelly2009

    Bob & Mo's 10Th Bbq Weekend 19-21 August

    I got some great photos, will stick them on the forum tonight.
  12. rebeccakelly2009

    Bob & Mo's 10Th Bbq Weekend 19-21 August

    We now both have the day off so should be leaving around lunch time ish. cant wait. xx
  13. rebeccakelly2009

    Mid Wales Camping Weekend

    Isnt that Stoneleigh dates?
  14. rebeccakelly2009

    Yorkshire Steam Fair Sat 23Rd-Sun 24Th July

    Blimey, a lot to read from a weeks break! We have just left Cornwall, should,be back in leicester for 3,30 ish, give an hour to unpack and pack ! I have the bbq in the van ready so burgers and sausages for dinner. I assume that no one has brought buns so I will get these on the way. If anyone has Any requests text me. My number is 07930685530 . Looking forward to seeing you all again!! Xx
  15. rebeccakelly2009

    Yorkshire Steam Fair Sat 23Rd-Sun 24Th July

    Do the burgers come with buns? There are 13 people down on the list, who's bringing partners? 1 Keith 2 Becky and kids Add names please Andrea, keep receipts for the curry, rhocar have agreed to provide some funding for us x