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  1. Very sad. My favourite memory was when we went to his house for the annual camp over and we made mini boats and tried to sail them in his pond, mine and Keith's failed miserably. Bob gave the members some good advice and whilst he sometimes said the wrong thing he always had the best interests of the club at heart. Xx
  2. woo hoo, a camping trip which we are not on holiday for. I have just booked pitch 28 Friday to Sunday I might have to bring a tent as we have a bit of a gas leak in the caravan....
  3. Bloody hell, we go away to somerset on the saturday. we have had 2 weeks away this year and they have both fell on camping weekends you lot have arranged! maybe next time! have fun guys
  4. Now that lock down restrictions begin to be lifted in parts of the UK, the club committee would like to request that any events / area meets conform to the government guidelines and follow the strict social distancing required to continue to control the virus. The club has a reputation of being a family friendly, approachable club and we have all worked hard moving the club forward, thus increasing the member numbers. Please do not undo all of this hard work by having meets / events/ run outs which do not conform to the government guidelines which have the potential to generate negative posts on social media, thus damaging the club. The government has set out its plan to return life to as near normal as we can, for as many people as we can, as quickly and fairly as possible in order to safeguard livelihoods, but in a way that continues to protect our communities and our NHS. The most important thing we can continue to do is to stay alert, control the virus, and, in doing so, save lives. Everyone’s actions have helped to reduce the transmission of coronavirus in our communities. Fatalities and infection rates continue to fall. People will be trusted to continue acting responsibly by following guidance. The overwhelming majority of the British public have complied with the regulations, and the wider guidance on how to keep themselves and their friends and family as safe as possible. Taking this into account, we trust people to continue acting responsibly, and to follow the guidance on what they should and should not do. If attendees do not follow the guidelines or don't social distance, a reminder will be given by the event organiser, if people have to be told again, they will then be asked to leave the event, no excuses Please be mindful of this when drinking alcohol, we can often forget about the reason we are having to do this once a few drinks have been consumed but the guidelines must be adhered to all of the time. The club committee cannot take responsibility for any events that have been arranged on the forum and any questions regarding the measures in place for social distancing should be directed to the event organiser.
  5. we gave it to matt and jasmine, not sure if they still have it. They also have some club burgers and sausages in their freezer so could perhaps bring them along too.
  6. After going santa pod this weekend and Keith having a run down the strip I would like to go and have a go. Weather depending we will be heading down there on 20th July. Its a late night special so open from 8am till 8pm. (track opens at 10) if anyone fancies coming your more than welcome. The next late night special I can make is 28th September which we might also go to. Thanks Becky
  7. Me Keith and the Kids are booked in however we wont be there on Friday night as have a family party to attend. We will be there early on Saturday morning though.
  8. This is also my 40th birthday weekend so if anyone is arriving on the Saturday I am sure that Keith would appreciate the help, i am doing a fancy dress run in the morning with some friends but it would be nice to be able to spend the afternoon with him. We will both be there on Sunday and mondag but I have a party booked Saturday night. If you can help please let Keith know. I would appreciate seeing my hubby on my 40th birthday!
  9. Has anyone thought of games for the adults on the Friday night. I have found some cards and will bring some of the kids games. Will print some colouring sheets off for the kids aswell and get some pens for them to use.
  10. can I bag 4 of the sets, 2 for mine and 2 for friends that are bringing kids, I bet keith wont have organised anything!
  11. Matt and Keith are coming to meet everyone at the copper kettle. On our way now. ETA 9.15
  12. Cracking idea. Fine by me. I will be showing my face on the Friday night for the end of season bash and hopefully Sunday morning. xx
  13. I got some great photos, will stick them on the forum tonight.
  14. We now both have the day off so should be leaving around lunch time ish. cant wait. xx
  15. Blimey, a lot to read from a weeks break! We have just left Cornwall, should,be back in leicester for 3,30 ish, give an hour to unpack and pack ! I have the bbq in the van ready so burgers and sausages for dinner. I assume that no one has brought buns so I will get these on the way. If anyone has Any requests text me. My number is 07930685530 . Looking forward to seeing you all again!! Xx
  16. Do the burgers come with buns? There are 13 people down on the list, who's bringing partners? 1 Keith 2 Becky and kids Add names please Andrea, keep receipts for the curry, rhocar have agreed to provide some funding for us x
  17. Just paid £20 for me and keith (and jake and Jessica) we will see you sometime on friday night i would think. xx
  18. Right, 2 weeks to this event, as i am away the week before i need volenteers for stuff. I have applied for funding so hopefully i can reimburse people , if not we can just have a tin like we did last year to make sure everyones costs are covered. I will bring a gazebo, BBQ, tea coffee, a kettle (Small one) and suger etc. I need someone to pick up the burgers and buns for the friday night BBQ and the saturday lunch BBQ. last year we had curry on the evening, dont mind trying to sort that out (andrea made is last time - any volenteers this time? ) If we get the funding we could always got a chip shop run? I am going to email about the passes tomorrow from work. I am going to pick all the bunting and stuff up from Phil this week and the tea urns if possible. can anyone else think of anything else? Getting excited now!!
  19. I have sent all the forms I have over and I got this email response from the organiser: Hi Becky That sounds great. Yes Keep taking entries - the stand attracted lots of interest and favourable comments. The show should be bigger this time as we have more exhibits and attractions. Passes should be out in around 14 days. Thanks, Simon Very positive comments and good that we have been asked back. Lets see if we can get some more cars, even if its only for the day/days
  20. Don't think there is any point for one car!! (Keiths)
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