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  1. On the new v5 it will say new vehicle made from used parts, so your 40 years start from new registration.
  2. Have look on the Bang good site for a heater, chinese but the most likley are on t7 design.
  3. There is something not right there registered 1988 they didn`t make that kit till 2004 hence 2b/04
  4. 770 mm just measured a spare one from flange face to longest point.
  5. New motor complete £45.00Ebay fitted one last year after messing around with a pile 30 to 40 year old ones.
  6. Happy birthday Nigel its about time we had another of your lifes rants.. Have a good one , birthay that is.
  7. We are in the Scottish riverra not a snowflake in sight ,not even on the hills ,very windy 39 gusting 50mph three peg day 3deg.
  8. That is a normal 2B chassis
  9. If you have a tow bar tow it on an A frame.
  10. You sound like the bloke i had on the phone tonight trying sell me a new inverter at an extortionate price for my solar panels because i haven`t got a 25 year warranty on it, i`m 71 years old who cares if it breaks i`ll buy a new one. But that is not as important as a rhocar cup i think you should have a meeting with your bank manager and consider investment into a replacement.
  11. Flange to centre of uj 625mm
  12. florin it was a good way of getting them removed!
  13. Nothing, change the phillips head screws button head ones the spokes are 2.5 mm radius
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