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  1. Thanks Gents - The tapometer technique worked!
  2. I'm fitting a set of Gaz coil overs to rear of my kit. I have used a U bracket to mount to the lower end of the shock with a bolt trough the eye. There's a single bolt that goes through the bottom of the U bracket and then though a pre-drilled hole in the lower trailing arm. On the underside of the lower trailing arm, however, there's a dish and the nut for the bolt that passes through doesn't sit square onto the arm. Is this an issue and does anyone have a fix for it?
  3. Yes, with the drum brake arms I've got the cv joint catches on the surface of the arm and you can't insert it fully or it locks it up. I thought I must have had 108 mm joints but a quick check and they measure 100 mm diameter.
  4. The rear trailing arms from my Sierra donor were completely rotten, so I bought a pair of arms in better condition from a drum brake car. Unfortunately after having them all powder-coated I've just found out that the 100 mm diameter CV joints and stub axles won't fit the arms. I'm, therefore, looking for a set of rear trailing arms from a disc brake car. I think it will have to be one of the later models as well so that the 100 mm driveshaft joints fit.
  5. jimpoole

    Rear Engine

    I’m guessing this is what you were talking about... Rear Engine
  6. If its drums: L = BWK085 R = BWK086 If it discs : L = BWK089 R = BWK090 Borg and Beck Part Numbers. If you google/ebay it it gives you a multitude of different makes.
  7. Thanks magh. My next problem is that the steering shaft appears to pass straight through where the alternator would sit. On my 2B, I was able to raise the alternator up and out of the way but it doesn't appear possible with the DOHC engine as the injection inlet manifold is in the way. Anyone any ideas?
  8. I've just installed the steering column in the DOHC 'Superspec' car I'm building and I'm finding that the steering column drops down and rests on the bottom of the hole cut in the drivers foot well panel. I'm guessing that the original design included some sort of bearing there to support it. Does anyone know where this was from and what it looked like? The Ford Sierra one that fits the triangular shaft obviously won't fit with the mondeo column. I was thinking of getting one of the bearings mounted in a pressed steel carrier but wondered how it was best to achieve the angle required. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  9. The rubber on the pulley on my engine has cracked badly and the casting cracked when I tried to remove it. Any body have one lying around?
  10. Well if you look here, this document was updated on the 1st February 2018: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/in-service-exhaust-emission-standards-for-road-vehicles It states that the document is to explain the vehicle exhaust emissions check procedures testers and vehicle examiners use during MOT tests. It states on page two: The following vehicles will be considered as first used before 1st August 1975 - All kit and amateur built cars first used before August 1998 It states nothing about IVA/SVA limits or limits on V5C documents. If I look at my MOT history on https://www.check-mot-service.gov.uk/ is states that the vehicle was registered 31st December 1988. Therefore, it should only require a visual check.
  11. My 2B has just failed it MOT on emissions. High CO2 and HC. I thought I'd find out what the requirements were and went to the gov.uk website and found the 19th edition of the In-service exhaust emissions standards for road vehicles. I'm now confused! The contents of this document, I find surprising... Page 2: The following types of vehicles will be considered as first used before 1st August 1975 - All kit cars and amateur built vehicles first used before August 1998 Vehicles first used before 1st August 1975 are only subject to a visual check. My 2B is E registered 1988. Does this mean that my vehicle only requires a visual emissions test or is the first used date the date of SVA?
  12. Ford Escort Mk2 - May need rack extensions though as tie rods may have been changed. I believe GBS still have some of the original ones, as I got one off them the other week.
  13. I've been pondering the best solution for this issue for a superspec that I'm starting to build. I think I'm going to go with a UJ with a splined end and a DD end from CBS. I'm then going to make a shaft from a piece of 14/15 mm steel or stainless round bar which I'm going to mill both ends to fit the UJ and the Mondeo steering shaft. If you do it carefully, you should be able to cut the flats with a hacksaw and file.
  14. jimpoole

    2B Chassis

    Agent_zed, that's correct. There are adjustment holes on the rear upper shock mounts and it looks like the master cylinder/servo mount backwards with a set of custom made pedals. Apparently the floor was recessed as well and that's why the previous owner cut them out. There's also 4 panels marked second floor skin which I thought were only superspec. I'm guessing that this is some kind of hybrid chassis. Are the superspec and 2B wishbones the same? Did the later 2B have the removable centre section of the bonnet as this chassis has the tangs to mount to nose cone?
  15. jimpoole

    2B Chassis

    I'm getting slightly confused though as this chassis has the welded in bracket for the servo, welded in panels (although the previous owner has cut out the floor), mountings for the Mondeo steering column, stainless panels for the superspec boot cover and different tunnel from the 2B. I thought this was the 2B wishbone chassis? https://www.dropbox.com/s/1ndcq8gup85c5if/IMAG0039.jpg?dl=0
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