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  1. Welcome back. However slow the build is, it will defiantly be faster than mine was Jez
  2. Hi, I seem to remember this issue when I fitted mine many years ago. I think I used some chemical metal to straighten it up and then fully tighten up when cured. I had the thought that if it failed I would come up with a different solution. So far no issues.
  3. I bought mine some years ago from somewhere near Doncaster He advised what size springs to use. I will look tomorrow to see if I still have the info Its just come to me, they were from Dampertech
  4. Could be good news for me as I always have family commitments on the bank holiday weekend making it nearly impossible to attend Stoneleigh.
  5. I think it was a k3 from memory but I will check tomorrow when I take her out as it was quite a few years since I bought it. Emerald supplied the initial map to get her started and then it was quite easy to tinker with. i went the full way with a wide band lambda. The final mapping was done by John Sleath who defiantly knows his stuff. I can let you have a copy of the 3 maps I have as I'm sure it would be a good start as it's only the boost which is different
  6. Since passing the SVA a few months ago I've not been able to drive my car properly because of heating issues. Last week I finally fathomed out my errors and did a bit of re jigging of the pipes. On the test run the temp stayed just under 90 degrees even driving on a duel carriage way which would have gone up above 100 previously. On the same run the car just wouldn't pull and seemed to have no more acceleration than a normal family car. Yesterday I finally found time to connect the laptop up to the Emerald ECU and found I had no feedback from the throttle position sensor. During my work on the water pipes I must have disturbed the plug. A quick fix and then another test run. I have 3 maps on the ECU, emissions, low boost and high boost. I have never tried the high boost as the car simple wasn't ready or run in. Low boost runs at 0.4 bar and high at 1.1. Wow what a difference that makes. It actually felt like the front wheels lifted although I'm sure they didn't I can actually start to enjoy the car now and attend some events in it. Jez
  7. jmspec


    Did you find the diagnostic page? Looked on my Emerald this morning and found the page by accident. Helped me find my problem. I think it was under the help menu button. Glad its now sorted but may be worth fitting a fuel filter to the pressure side to stop and more dirt.
  8. I agree that the 6mm pipe on the turbo could do with being the same bore as the inlet although I assume this is correct because the 6mm pipe is steel .
  9. I was seriously looking at the air flow and thinking of altering the sides and bonnet with scoops and vents. Obviously there is no way back from that so wanted to make 100% sure this was the right path. I was looking last night at the thermostat housing. I noticed that I have mounted 2 temp sensors. This is the trouble when it takes so many years to build as I cant remember if it had 2 originally or if I've used a bleed point to mount the second one. I think i will alter the bottom one (Dash clock) and put a tee piece in and use it as a bleed point.Then drain off again and fill up really, really slowly. If that doesn't work then the jig saw will be coming out and improving the air flow as I know the turbo does produce a lot of extra heat. Thanks for comments
  10. This is a crude drawing of the set up. I think the main difference is the 20mm hose from the expansion tank to the centre of the rad. It looks like its recommended here to tee in to the pipe into the thermostat. Any advice.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. I will contact "Red Robin" for any advice. The radiator is the standard one which came with the kit. The intercooler does restrict the radiator a bit. I did think it could be air blockages. What is the best way to get rid of any air blockage. Ive tried filling really slow and squeezing the pipes at the same time, running for a bit then topping up. Jez
  12. I've read through this topic trying to see if anyone has had many problems with overheating. Most problems seem to be with underheating or slow warm up. Mine seems to be the the other way round. It warms up to 90 degrees in about 3 mins and seem fine if the ambient temp is below 15 degrees. Any warmer than that and I have a problem. Can't sit in traffic and can't run for 5 mins at 3000 revs on a duel carriageway without 100 plus degrees which panicked me the other day. If I run it without the bonnet on all seems fine, fan kicks in when stood still at about 98 and knocks off at about 93 and on duel carriageway ran about 92. Im sure if I drove it hard for any time like a track day the result would be catastrophic. At first I thought it was a air flow problem but now I think it may not be piped up correct. I followed the advice from Robin Hood but I don't think it's anything like the advice given here. Tomorrow I will make a crude drawing of the circuit and put it on here so any advice would be greatly appreciated. I know the turbo makes a difference but I don't think this is correctly cooled either. Jez
  13. jmspec

    First run

    Thanks for the advice The diagonals should be very close as the corners were within 1/2 kg lifted it all 15mm which made such a difference. Didn't bottom out once
  14. jmspec

    First run

    I’ve used GAZ shocks all round. Will lift it up this week about 15mm all round as I like the look sitting low. Took a bit of time to set up the suspension using scales. Managed to set it up to less than 1/2 kg side to side
  15. jmspec

    First run

    I really hope to make Stoneleigh although I don’t think it will be for the full weekend probably try to make a couple of area monthly meets as well
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