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  1. jmspec

    First run

    Thanks for the advice The diagonals should be very close as the corners were within 1/2 kg lifted it all 15mm which made such a difference. Didn't bottom out once
  2. jmspec

    First run

    I’ve used GAZ shocks all round. Will lift it up this week about 15mm all round as I like the look sitting low. Took a bit of time to set up the suspension using scales. Managed to set it up to less than 1/2 kg side to side
  3. jmspec

    First run

    I really hope to make Stoneleigh although I don’t think it will be for the full weekend probably try to make a couple of area monthly meets as well
  4. jmspec

    First run

    Finally after 12+ years, she is complete and registered. Had its maiden voyage today. i find it hard to believe these cars are road legal. Before its next trip I have to raise it a little as the sump guard caught a couple of times. Wow, that was fun. Thanks for the help over the years. Jeremy
  5. jmspec

    Rear wheel camber

    Thanks for the drawing. I bought some postal scales this week which weigh up to 300kg so the idea is I'll try to set up the suspension as good as possible then make some camber wedges to bring it to about 1 degree Its a job for next weekend
  6. jmspec

    Rear wheel camber

    Given this problem a lot of thought this weekend. Done some more checking and it appears that one side is slightly higher than the other. I spoke to GBS who have told me they lifted the suspension so the car would be ok on the rolling road for the test. Ill have to spend some time trying to set up again. Thanks
  7. jmspec

    Rear wheel camber

    Hi Yes the car is fully loaded. It passed its Iva last week so it's fully built. The springs are ok and same poundage. The car sits parrellel to the floor. All looks ok, but I've never stripped off the rear hubs, so the problem could be there. i think I'll have to take off the rear hubs and have a good measure to check alignments. I agree that it doesn't sound right to put different shims in each side. Doe anyone have any drawing of the camber adjuster wedges? Thanks Jeremy
  8. jmspec

    Rear wheel camber

    I bought my super spec from Robin Hood as a rolling chassis so the rear axle was already fitted. The rear wheels have got different amounts of camber. One about 1 degree and the other approx 4 degrees. It looks to me that the 1 degree is about right im not sure why they should be different but am I ok to put a tapered plate on the 4 degree one to bring it back to the same as the other side. i suppose I can put a parallel plate on the good side to keep the distances even. Any advice would be great Thanks, Jeremy
  9. jmspec

    HELP!! Building a Super Spec From Rolling State

    Hi Lloyd, Mine went for the test last week which it failed on but very minor things. It appears that although the test hasn't changed, the testers in my area have left because of work changes. Mine was tested by someone who had to drive up from another testing station miles away and he had never seen a Robin Hood. One minor point was it was listed a 450 kg front end when in fact it was 451.5kg which he failed it on. One thing which cam to light on mine before it went for the test was the fuel tank fastening. My fuel tank was fastened in by Robin Hood but it appeared to be only secured by 2 screws at the back. It had to have a brace fitted under the tank at the front to firmly fix in place. Got to admit I didn't spot this as it was only apparent when the tank was lifted up and down with some force If you need any photos of anything just let me know although I dont always check my personal emails.
  10. jmspec

    Nearly ready

    I didn’t know the GBSC route was so popular until I tried to book it. Been wait months for the booking. The other reason is I took it there is it’s only 30 minutes away thanks for the comments
  11. jmspec

    Nearly ready

    After to many years the car is nearly finished. I have booked it in to GBSC to get it through the IVA. I know its a bit of a cop out at this stage, but work seems to get in the way so much and I don't want the build to stall yet again. I hope they don't find too much wrong as I feel I have done a decent job. My main problem will be that I haven't followed the IVA spec to closely, just built it as I think it should be. Fingers crossed. Jeremy
  12. jmspec

    Nord Lock Washers

    Ive used these for years at work. They really are as good as they appear, but I think its a bit overkill on cars. Ive just about finished my build and havent used nordlocks.
  13. jmspec

    Superspec Rewire

    I ripped the lot out and started again. Seemed like a good idea a the time Mind you it has taken me 12 years so far to build it If you need some diagrams let me know I'm away for a few days though Jeremy
  14. jmspec

    Emerald Rolling Road Tuning

    Picked the car up yesterday from john Sleath. He had trouble with the boost control valve which was not working. He done 2 maps and told me to return once on the road and he do a power map on full boost. I've got a "emissions" map and a low boost map The low boost gives about 160 bhp and runs perfectly Should be looking at 230-250 on full boost Really happy with the results
  15. jmspec

    Emerald Rolling Road Tuning

    Thanks for the replays The first place I took the car didn't fill me with confidence even though it's a we'll know place Like I said, I left my lap plugged i.in for a couple of hours no problem I used the he adaptor from emerald They were not a fan of emerald and got the felling they wanted me to change it for one they supply Think I've made the right move