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  1. Snapperpaul

    Rear Diff Nuts and bolts

    The top “filler thread” is actually a missing breather tube and whilst I suppose you could drains fluid out of the when not bolted to the car and fill it, the proper filler hole is also a level plug, when oils drips out when filling its full. you can get an adaptor to fill the top hole with a barbed fitting for a tube from CBS then runna length of rubber pipe for a breather
  2. Snapperpaul

    Bbc2 Sunday 11Th November

    This was a pretty amazing collection of film made all the more moving by the commentary. The colouring of the video made more of an impact than I expected. Great piece of work
  3. Snapperpaul

    Harness Anchor Points

    One of the issues that you should be aware of is the mounting height above the seat base. This is sometimes misread from the IVA guidance as 450mm. It is a bit more than this because of a block placed on the seat which moves the top mounting point requirement dependant on the seat base angle. The block is 53mm heigh and 136mm long. In reality it moves the required seat mounting points to above 503mm height but you should check the IVA manual. Or look for my response to Macramsays post Iva Seatbelt Upper Anchorage The problem with shoulder straps through a seat at the IVA station I use (Norwich) was to just loop the belts round the seat not through the seat for the test. In reality you should dummy mount the seat, do the calculations about seatbelt height and check where the mounts should be to not rub the straps on the seat.
  4. Snapperpaul

    Pretty Sure Its A Blown Head Gasket

    You would only get your calculation if there was no overlap and all cams have some overlap. There are also some laws of physics that come into play. The Americans use dynamic compression ratio as a target that guides the required static compression ratio that you would build an engine to and its so much more than just cam overlap. It takes into account, stroke, rod length and angle, cam lobe vented and a hole lot more. Yes I did read articles on it and no I dont fully understand it but it makes a bit of sense how you can run higher static compression ratios with high lift higher overlap cams and why you shouldnt use higher compression ratios with high lift low overlap cams
  5. Snapperpaul

    Timing Gear; That Didn't Work So What Now?

    Glad it worked for you
  6. Snapperpaul

    Pretty Sure Its A Blown Head Gasket

    These are the expected compression figures CR Fast STD Road Rally Race 8:1 146 139 132 124 9:1 171 162 153 145 10:1 196 186 176 166 11:1 221 210 199 188 First column compression ratio Second standard cam Etc A restrictive carb such as a single twin choke will show lower figures than a choke per port
  7. Snapperpaul

    Pretty Sure Its A Blown Head Gasket

    Cam belt drive cog pulls off but its tight and access is not good due to belt guide. There is a woodruff key in the crank nose to locate. See topic well that didnt work to see my recommendations for removal
  8. Snapperpaul

    Timing Gear; That Didn't Work So What Now?

    Yes they are bar stewards to get off Because of the belt guid you have little chance of getting a puller on so I applaud you home built one. Perhaps clouting it whilst turning the puller bolt wil get it to move. I ended up with a large screwdriver that I got behind the gear the tap and turn the crankshaft then tap again for hours until I had room for a larger bar. Once its part way off the woodruf key itll slide off.
  9. Snapperpaul

    Pretty Sure Its A Blown Head Gasket

    Check head and block are flat Gaskets often go between 3 & 4 as that is the narrow point. Depending on head bolt type you may need new bolts
  10. Snapperpaul

    Rh Suspension Upgrades? Ditching Sierra Rear Arms?

    I used straight bars with no problems but the brackets that attach to the monocoque sides are far to small. You need them wider and a thick plate under the floor with similar inside to spread the forces or the monocoque will buckle, I also ran 25mm x 50mm box under the car joining both tiebar mounts like a strut brace.
  11. Snapperpaul

    Rh Suspension Upgrades? Ditching Sierra Rear Arms?

    Front is stiff due to antiroll bar, change to tie bars and reduce springs to 130lb Rears can stay at 180lb Original shocks were motor bike shocks with coil over collars put on them, changing to adjustable coil overs such as Gaz improved mine no end
  12. Snapperpaul

    Which Head

    The injection head was mostly unleaded but check head for stamped letter in side of head near rear exhaust port The inlets are slightly higher giving a better port angle but the main difference is that the port near the valve has a smooth shortside turn into the valve seat whereas the non-injection Head has a very sharp edge
  13. Snapperpaul

    Pedal Box Cover

    You should have a firewall between engine bay and cabin, without the cover your open to fumes and unwanted heat, and a covers looks better
  14. Snapperpaul

    Newly Bought S7 - Questions

    Its all gone quiet... I sent a Dropbox link of a lot of stuff I had spent quite a bit of time putting together Did you download it? Was it any use to you?
  15. Snapperpaul


    I used signmakers plastic sheet that you can worm with a hot air gun and fold once cool it holds its shape and has enough spring to clip over the sides. I then glued yoga mat over it and finished off with grey vinyl looks great