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  1. LewisH

    Yeading IVA centre

    Thanks Nelmo, feeling a little less stressed already.
  2. LewisH

    Yeading IVA centre

    Afternoon all, Does anyone have any experience of Yeading IVA centre? I had an auto electrician round last week to look at a problem with the headlights, which he sorted within minutes annoyingly, but thankfully. During his visit I mentioned that I had a test booked at Yeading and he told me that is the worse place that I could go. Apparently that is where all of the tester trainers are based and so they are VERY pernickety. The reason I am worried is because I have an EXMO and I have heard that some testers do not like the chassis construction and therefore refuse to pass them
  3. LewisH

    Weber carb

    Many thanks
  4. LewisH

    Weber carb

    Hi all, can someone tell me where this hose is supposed to connect to?
  5. How do I determine which switches I have? Also, none of the wire colours seem to match any vicky green loom diagram that I have seen. Very confused
  6. Not yet, I'll try this later. I'm pretty sure some of the connections are not in the right place as indicators/full beam flash don't work. I'm trying to find a diagram that shows my particular wiring but not getting anywhere. I have noted down all of the wires and connections, does anyone have a diagram for this type of loom/switch setup? Wiper/Lighting - Grey: 58 - Red: 30 - Black: 56 Haz/Ind/Beam - White: 49L - White/Orange: 49a - Violet (or grey)/red: 54 - White/red: 54R - Red: H30 - Red: 49 - 12v feed: 15
  7. Hi all, When I put the full beam on, only one side comes on (near side), and then a second later then other side comes on. Then when you take it off full beam, it takes out the dipped lights, being left with just the sidelights. Then if I turn off lights, I can put them back on with dipped. Any ideas? I've tried changing the relays.
  8. I can access the filler cap easily enough with the nose cone fitted, but it looks to be very close to the highest water point. I've attached a picture, what do you think?
  9. I am very close to plumbing in the rad and filling with coolant ready for engine starting, but I am unsure whether I should take this opportunity to install a header tank. Do you think I need one? My rad has been mounted at an angle in front of the chassis, pic below. I don't have a heater and don't plan on fitting one. Has anyone had issues with engine cooling with the exmo?
  10. Thank you so much for going to the effort of uploading this, very interesting. Wishing I'd seen the video before embarking on the build, oh well, next time! I'm thinking that I will put the wings back on the way I fitted previously, without cutting, get the thing through the IVA and then consider aesthetic issues such as wing trimming afterwards. I paid for the test today and now have a booking at the end of April. Full steam ahead!
  11. Thanks, crapping myself about doing this. Can you remember what the fiberglass was like to cut? Did it splinter or crack much? Not sure whether to use hacksaw or an angle grinder. My fear is if the hacksaw blade snags it is going to potentially chip off chunks of paint. I've modified the picture showing what I think I need to cut-off from looking at yours, what do you think?
  12. Can anyone give me some advice on fitting the rear arches? From looking at other Exmo's, I hadn't fitted the wings quite right originally and need to cut out a section in order for it to fit snuggly and also to look better. I've added a pic below of what I believe needs to be cut. As it's already been sprayed, I am reluctant to do this and quite worried about cocking it up or the paint chipping off. Is there a technique to this? I am thinking of using masking tape and a fine hacksaw blade. Is anyone able to confirm the area that needs to be removed. Also, as you can see, I was using
  13. Hi all, I plan to install an oil breather t-piece so that I can connect an oil expansion tank, but I am struggling to remove the existing unit. From what I have read it should just pull out but I am not sure as it doesn't seem to want to move. Can anyone help with this, pic below? Thanks, Lew
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