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  1. LewisH

    Radiator leak

    Hi all, Pic attached of the leaking part on my rad. Do you think this is repairable? If not, can anyone recommend a suitable replacement? Many thanks Lew
  2. LewisH

    New owner

    Hi Chris, Nit far then. The exmo is quite different to your 2b and my running gear is from a sierra, so not sure how much help I will be! Nonetheless, let me know if you need anything. Regards Lewis
  3. LewisH

    New owner

    I'm in Maidenhead, just finishing an Exmo build. What are you building?
  4. This is stunning. Hat's off to the builder, very nice work.
  5. Cam looks okay. Pulling the shaft further towards me didn't help because the boss stops against the assembly for the lock barrel, so it just ended up giving me more thread through the big centre nut. I've managed to sort it by using some old plastic lids to cut out disks with a hole in the middle to act as a spacer on the back of the boss. Only 3mm or so but just enough to move it away from the indicators. Problem solved and steering now SOOO much lighter. Now I've just got to work out how to get the horn buttons on the new wheel to work.
  6. Okay thanks, I'll give that a go.
  7. I've discovered the reason why my steering is stiff and hard work to turn the wheel (one of my recent fail items). The back of the steering wheel boss is fouling against the sierra indicator assembly, so much that it is gradually wearing down the indicator assembly plastic. Has anyone else encountered this? Pic below is with Momo boss, but Mountney is the same, if not worse.
  8. Has anyone removed the Mountney boss to swap out for a different wheel? I have bought a Momo wheel which has come with a new boss, but I am struggling with how to remove the existing. Pics below, first part of boss removed, but not sure how to remove the rear section. Is this on a thread? Tips on how to get this off would be great, many thanks.
  9. ZT sounds like the best bang for buck option, so any more info would be very helpful as this will most likely be my project for next winter
  10. Part of my IVA fail was the "sharp" edge on my fuel filler cap. Does anyone know where I can source one with a radius edge that will fit? It is the one supplied from Robin Hood and the hole size from the filler neck looks to be around 35mm. Failing that, does anyone have an idea as to how I could fit a piece of trim around the edge? Reluctant to file off the edge but that may be my last resort.
  11. I am planning to swap out the 1800 pinto that is in my Exmo at some point next winter and was wondering what people thought would be the best replacement? I have a 2.8 ford cologne v6 that is in bits in the garage but needs restoring, having looked into costs, I think it would be around £3k to get it restored to how I would like (re-bore to 3ltr). Given that it would probably still be under 200bhp, albeit sounding very nice, I am wondering what other options I could go for on this budget?
  12. Cool, thanks for that mate. Got the in-laws down for a couple of days so I'll try this at the weekend and let you know.
  13. I seem to remember doing this by counting out number of turns on the track rods from a Robin Hood video. Both front wheels are visibly pointing in so could well be far too much toe in. I am going to set up some sort of string alignment tool and try to get a parrallel base setting. Pics below of what I mean. Fingers crossed this sorts it!!
  14. Thanks for the info. I'll have a play around with tie-bar setup and see what difference it makes. Difficult for me to test this though considering it isn't road legal. Might have to be a quick run around the block and hope I don't meet the rozzers. The front suspension is fouling on both front and back of the n shaped outrigger, so I am going to have to "manipulate" and create more room. I'll focus on bending the front out so that I have more room to push the strut bottom forward.
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