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  1. Roll bar back in, rear tub brackets reinstalled, ready for subframe tomorrow
  2. Merry Christmas to me...bits arrived yesterday back from powder coating
  3. Does anyone know where I could find some replacement rear hub bolts for a Sierra? I've managed to grind the end of one when I was removing. The thread is 10mm x 50mm.
  4. I see what you mean about "steamer", very handy. Yes I am planning on fitting the windscreen, just need to sort out wipers, washers and heater. Just been trying to treat the rust. Using a product called Corroseal that also acts as a primer. Might need a few coats though.
  5. This is the only picture I've got of the tie-bars installed. I'll take some more showing all of the bracketry when I put it back together.
  6. I can't remember who wrote it, but there's great info on here about strengthening the struts and suspension arms. I took some screenshots of what needs to be made when I first found the thread, I'll try and find it again
  7. Thanks Neil, I will add to the list!
  8. All nuts and bolts removed from the floor as they are rusty and need swapping for stainless with nylocks
  9. Rear subframe, roll bar and lots of brackets removed for shot blasting and powder coating
  10. This is what it is looking like as of today
  11. Unfortunately these pics were taken just after it came out of the garage years ago. Sadly these days it doesn't look quite as good, although most of the paint still looks okay
  12. Hi all, New member here. I'm Lewis and I have an Exmo. I have been so inspired by the 'Barn to IVA' thread (thanks NickandNeil) that I have decided to give it a go myself. I started this build about 10 years ago and have unfortunately never finished it. After getting nearly there I had to move out of where I was living and as a result the Exmo has been living outside under a tarp ever since...until Jan when my wife and I bought a new home with a garage!!! Some pics below of the car, lots of work to do, unfortunately a fair amount of rust underneath and a few issues to sort
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