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  1. Thank you so much for going to the effort of uploading this, very interesting. Wishing I'd seen the video before embarking on the build, oh well, next time! I'm thinking that I will put the wings back on the way I fitted previously, without cutting, get the thing through the IVA and then consider aesthetic issues such as wing trimming afterwards. I paid for the test today and now have a booking at the end of April. Full steam ahead!
  2. Thanks, crapping myself about doing this. Can you remember what the fiberglass was like to cut? Did it splinter or crack much? Not sure whether to use hacksaw or an angle grinder. My fear is if the hacksaw blade snags it is going to potentially chip off chunks of paint. I've modified the picture showing what I think I need to cut-off from looking at yours, what do you think?
  3. Can anyone give me some advice on fitting the rear arches? From looking at other Exmo's, I hadn't fitted the wings quite right originally and need to cut out a section in order for it to fit snuggly and also to look better. I've added a pic below of what I believe needs to be cut. As it's already been sprayed, I am reluctant to do this and quite worried about cocking it up or the paint chipping off. Is there a technique to this? I am thinking of using masking tape and a fine hacksaw blade. Is anyone able to confirm the area that needs to be removed. Also, as you can see, I was using
  4. Hi all, I plan to install an oil breather t-piece so that I can connect an oil expansion tank, but I am struggling to remove the existing unit. From what I have read it should just pull out but I am not sure as it doesn't seem to want to move. Can anyone help with this, pic below? Thanks, Lew
  5. Ta mate. Beginning to wish I had chosen 'garage dust grey' rather than black as it's already a bugger to keep clean.
  6. Instrument cluster. Not fixed in position yet, wiring still to sort.
  7. Transmission tunnel.
  8. Dashboard. Used ply and yoga mat for padding, covered with alcantara.
  9. Since the last post I've been working on the interior and have now finished making the new dash, transmission tunnel, instrument cluster and rear boot cover. Pics below
  10. LewisH


    Okay thanks Richy. I will give it a go, I believe my chassis is zinc anodised steel. When you say Right hand side, is that looking at the car or from sat in the car?
  11. LewisH


    So I could glue the chassis plate and stamp or etch the VIN direct to the chassis then? I don't have welding gear plus I am a bit to far along in the process for welding.
  12. LewisH


    Hi Bob, Is that for both or just the VIN number?
  13. LewisH


    Hi all, For IVA can the VIN number and chassis plate both be riveted to the chassis or do I need to weld or stamp? I am hoping that I can stamp a sheet of metal for the VIN, then rivet to chassis and also stamp a chassis plate and then also rivet that to the chassis.
  14. I've decided to change the headlights to one that incorporates a side light. Hopefully this will suffice. I was thinking of putting them below the headlights either side of the nose cone on the exmo strut arms, but considering the angles of visibility, this is probably not the best place for them.
  15. Okay thanks. Was thinking that I was missing something
  16. One thing I've realised is that I can't find the nose cone mounting & infill brackets...are these available anywhere? I've had a quick look on the kit spares site but can't seem to see what I'm looking for.
  17. Good point, hadn't really considered that. There's a fold in the monocoque just in front of this section, picture below shows it a bit better. Also the engine sump sits quite a bit lower than this so if anything is going to take a thump it's most likely going to be that. I'll have another look at this once I've dropped the rear back onto the wheels just to make sure though, thanks.
  18. I have just removed mine, see pic below. Is this what you need? I also have the diaphragm if you need one. The brake pipe that is still attached has a rusty union and ground off, but won't take much work to get that out.
  19. Hi all, Can anyone tell me if the legal mounting position for the sidelights is the same as the headlights? I can see that the headlights need to be min 500mm from ground but not sure if this also applies to sidelights. Thanks , Lew
  20. Image circled, just wondering what this is for??? It's underneath and just to the left of the oil pressure sender.
  21. Speedo sensor bracket.
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