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  1. If you don’t expect to be driving in the rain constantly then you done need such a large washer bottle. Car builder solutions and other vendors do various style of bottles and bags that will suffice.
  2. Have you checked to see if the fuel pump is working properly. If there is an inline filter before the carb is it blocked or letting in air.
  3. I believe that there are a couple of different length dip sticks but the big thing is the last the max mark should sit at the same height. You don’t want the crank frothing up the oil. If you’ve hydro dipped the sump then you can work our depth of the dipstick max level against the bottom level of the sump as the sump is removed.
  4. There’s a Westfield wiring loom on eBay that might be a good solution for you. You’d have to adapt it for the Sierra terminations and possibly extend some cables. Item no 143348898855
  5. Dave Ed


    Sellers name is shopbhp on eBay
  6. Dave Ed

    Mx5 Engine And Box

    The exmo has a tuned redtop in it. The owner was selling it separately for about 4K
  7. This looks like a sub-k that has had a wishbone conversation. You might find it’s a one off so could be out of luck. Have you tried contacting the previous owner?
  8. The chassis no is dealers choice. Provided it meets the vosa directives. you could see if the seller has any build documentation which might show the original buttresses.
  9. It could well be an Exmo. It’s a monocoque chassis and from pictures 9 onwards it looks like the front end buttresses have been cut off and a double wishbone suspension has been fitted. Check that there’s sufficient strengthening on the chassis.
  10. So I’ve just fitted led rear bulbs to my kit. Now the lights look more orange than red. Could this be an mot issue?
  11. The V5 should say RobinHood 2B or similar NOT Sierra.
  12. Dave Ed


    I remember watching it with a friend who was a submariner who laughed all the way through the film.
  13. My cat used to live in the car unbeknownst to me. Never had a mouse problem.
  14. Didn’t some earlier cars use metro steering racks ?
  15. Same as last year, sort the things I wanted to do 15 months ago. But due to work I’ll be doing it in March.
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