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  1. I’ve bought some grommets from the states. They look like the new from intatrim. really fast delivery. I haven’t had a chance to fit them yet as I’m away with work. try eBay searching for polaris RZR1000h
  2. You can get a metal bracket called a camber corrector that some members make. It will correct this issue. I’m sure that some of the members will be on here soon.
  3. Have you looked at replacing the rotor arm in the distributor. I had a similar issue on an old Alfa and it was the rotor arm arcing inside the cap and losing the spark.
  4. The 2B plus had the double wishbone suspension as in your photos. The standard 2B was a slightly different design known as a sliding pillar Where the spring was separate from the damper but both were mounted In a near vertical Position beside the front wheel. https://nw.rhocar.org/identification.htm
  5. Looks like it’s be to me. you can see the slim line tunnel, alligator bonnet, the round tube on the floor. suspension looks correct.
  6. Dave Ed

    Road tax

    I’m exactly the same. I got the kit MOTd last month ( first time in 2 and a half years) and had to wait a week for the start of June so I didn’t lose a months tax
  7. Dave Ed

    Road tax

    Yeah it’s starting to get expensive. For the limited miles that I’m doing the costs ramp up.
  8. Dave Ed

    Road tax

    It’s £270 for a year or £23.63 (£283.60) monthly.
  9. Dave Ed


    The Dax Rush used rectangular headlights, if you can find their owners club you may be able to locate some parts.
  10. That’s much cleaner than my version.
  11. Ah, that looks perfect. I was looking for something like this but couldn’t get any of my search descriptions to display them. That’s a lot cheaper than the seat grommets I was looking at. My only concern is how the straps come over her shoulders first. I’ll have to do some trial fitting with my little helper tomorrow after work. thank you.
  12. Has anyone fitted their own harness grommets to their seats. ive just fitted some Westfield seats to my Exmo but as the harness now passes around the sides of the seat, my co-pilot (8) isn’t as well secured as the harness now slips off of her shoulders. I’ve seen some online but it means cutting into the seat. Does anyone have any pictures or experience doing this modification?
  13. I have one somewhere. I can take a few pictures tomorrow for you.
  14. I used folded ally sheet to form the top and spray glued a thin yoga mat and diamond effect leatherette to create mine.
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