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  1. I'm no expert, however, a brand new fully charged car battery has thick electrodes and strong sulphuric acid. The energy is in the acid. As current is drawn the atoms on the surface of the electrodes migrate into the acid. The acid gets "weaker" and becomes more and more a salt. When the battery is charged the current returned causes the electrode atoms in the salt to return to the electrode surface. These two processes take their turns as the battery is discharged and charged. In a perfect world this would go on for ever. In reality, slowly, less and less of the electrode surface is returned
  2. I thought I could weld directly to the tank, however, with a trial piece of SS of the same thickness as the tank I soon found the limits of my MIG welding skills. The tank seams are welded by bringing the edges together as deep seams that are welded at the edge, this removes the problem of blow through and reduces potential warping.
  3. The Exmo that I am rebuilding had the same filler design using original Sierra grommet and filler pipe. It worked well for all the time I had it on the road. Dismantling for the rebuild I saw that the grommet had hardened and would need replacing, so I looked for a new one....... the cost as you have probably found is now north of £30 if you can find one. I resent having to pay lots for something so simple. So I have made and fitted my own filler pipe by making a flanged tube and bolting it to the tank. I copied an idea I saw for sale on the web for ones made in aluminium, but wanted stainless
  4. Thanks for the snap of the tie bar, also searching for "Steamer" in the forums gives loads of useful references to EXMO mods of all sorts. I also notice that your Exmo does not have a windscreen, do you plan to fit one ?
  5. Thank you for posting the shots of the strut top mods, even better, I see you made a tie bar conversion, something else that I am considering.. any piccies of these, at some stage would be nice, no rush, it's nothing I am going to do imminently... now its getting cold in my garage.
  6. I'm rebuilding an Exmo also, will keep an eye on your build, good luck! I notice you have chopped off the ends of the suspension "arms" so you can have cycle wings. I have standard system and am looking at the problem with the strength of the arm around the top mount for the strut. When you get to it I'd like to know if you took any steps to strengthen this area and use a taper bearing perhaps.
  7. Thank you for that mouse clicking exercise .... does it feel good to expose yourself to a wider audience? Soon we will be seeing all about your invovment in the PPE fiasco. Seriously though I hope you do get the chance to tell the real story and don't forget royalties!.
  8. Before I fitted the pillars I made an outline drawing on a piece of A3 paper. That is I plonked one on the paper and drew around it. I used the drawing to calculate the angle via triangulation. I have made a PDF of the drawing. If you have access to an A3 printer then you too can have the outline. I attach the PDF here. Ignore all the dimensions, they are for the right angle trianges I made to derive the slope. The outline is obvious, and an A3 "actual size" print will be the actual outline. Both pillars are the same. I cant see why you could not get hold of some thick sheet steel, and cut the
  9. If it helps, like Brumster, my Exmo pillars are not the same as yours, I have mesured accurately and done the old SOH CAH TOA calculation I learned in school, they all come out at 65 degrees, between the "base" and the pillar.
  10. While we are on mouse stories. My next door neighbour used poison, while I was using traps. A while after there were no more mice in traps or signs of droppings or gnawed bags of flour etc. I noticed a bad smell whenever I took a shower, at first I thought it was usual BO ... but one morning the smell made my eyes water. I investigated in the loft, as soon as I stuck my head through the trap door the smell was like a wall. Torch in one hand, cloth over my nose and mouth with the other I picked my way over the joists to the large header tank and peered over the edge to see a decomposing bloated
  11. Yes I agree with nelmo, Old farmhouse is probably harbouring a plague, they are using the car as a playground and not living there. I've had similar problems in the past. Forget humane traps or poison, keep putting down spring traps until no more mice are caught. Smooth peanut butter worked best for me, not a big dollup, just enough to fill the little bowl on the trap. Position the "front" of the trap so that is up against a vertical surface, like a wall or the side of a box etc. This makes sure the mouse approaches from the side and gets a good clean chop of the neck when the trap closes, qu
  12. I purchased an Exmo in one of the batches, not sure which, think it was second batch. Echoing what others have said this was a budget kit. I bought an MOT failed Sierra, stripped it down, fitted the parts to the kit and hey presto! .... well not quite so easy as I found out. I have the original simple brochure and order form that I picked up at the Exeter car show where I saw a fully built example that started me on a path of many triumphs and tragedies. I also have copied all the build videos to digital format, but they are quite long, poor quality and no longer any use as no one has a fresh
  13. Apologies, I forgot to congratulate you, well done! ...also I remember that the SVA pass certificate had to be the original and they kept it .... so make good copies of everything (sorry if thats grandma sucking eggs). This period of time is very frustrating, you are all ready to go out joyriding, just need to get those plates. Patience.
  14. It's been years since I did this, however it was just paperwork pushing ... and not much cash, at least then. I'd start with this link to the gov site ... https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-registration/kitconverted-vehicles Good luck.
  15. For some reason I find a bit more time on my hands just now. I often look at For Sale and other forums (fora?) that are near the top of the list ... but not scrolled down ... now I see Chit Chat ... and over another cuppa .. notice this thread ... and see that on Feb 1st I was listed as a new member .... suprising since I have been paying subs and getting mags for years ... no matter ... I saw a new member in Chichester ... then looked at the map but neither of us were there ... then I saw the request to add ourselves if we wanted (I agree, you cant do it automatically, its confidential) ... s
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