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  1. Thanks all for your advice i have left it where i put it Chris D
  2. Have today checked the electrics and the light etc all work. Turned over the engine successfully using start button have not connected the ECU My questions are I havent heard the low and high pressure fuel pumps come on yet ,are they controlled by the Ecu ? Secondly do i have to set up the ecu using the laptop and the disc provided? Am not confident enough to put fuel in tank ,connect the ecu and go for it. Thanks in advance Chris D
  3. Hello all. Have just decided to get back to the project (Life got in the way )after about 2 years of nothing. Have put the car together some time ago and now revisiting some of the questions I had at the time. Have fitted a battery cut off switch near the battery in the engine compartment. But it occurred to me it may need to be in the dash area? Can anyone confirm if this is right or wrong . yours in anticipation Chris D
  4. This may sound like a stupid question, but do the battery connections to the fuse box and starter cable connect to the central rail on the fuse box with the alun key bolt . I thought yes but I thought I would ask anyway cos electrics are not obvious to me as you can probably tell. Thanks if you can give guidance. Chris D
  5. I have also purchased the dash extension and I have fitted it today Next bit of fun checking it all works Chris D
  6. Thanks all for your guidance. I will look into purchasing the dash extension because I hate changing things that supposedly already work. If I only have to follow the wiring diagram and solder wires together this would be my choice . God luck to all of us at this tense stage of the build!!!!! Chris D
  7. Hope someone can help. I am at last wiring the dash to the GBSC wiring loom which I purchased and fitted over the last few weeks and I need to know where I can purchase the correct connector blocks to the guages socket and the auxiliary socket. I have found that the auxiliary socket is a durite product , but cannot find the make of the 20 pin socket that GBSC use for the guages etc socket. Could anyone give me guidance as to where to purchase both of the above items? In antitipation many thanks Chris Discombe.
  8. Could someone give me some advice about my brake set up. I am slowly finishing my project and have fitted disc brakes from a Sierra front and back but am concerned when test time comes around the front braking pressure will be the same as the rear and this would be wrong. With modern cars I know that the rear braking balance is set up 60/40 so do I have to do the same or different . I have fitted the brake system as provided in the kit but have yet to add brake fluid and bleed the brakes.so do I need to fit some kind of brake bias element and where and what do I have to get. Hope you can help a bit of a novice. This project had been over the last 3-4 years and I have lost a bit of focus on it Thanks Chris D
  9. Disco

    Switch Choices

    Thanks to the response from my previous question I have decided to not use the column switches . On looking at the usual suppliers I have seen various options. Can anyone recommend any switches for the following : 1/Ignition switch 2/Wiper 2 position 3/Indicator and hazard 4/ side and dipped headlight I have seen a switch for side/dip and horn is this set up any good? And where is best to have it ? The only problem then is the main beam and flash can a floor switch be fitted easily or is there a better option. Sorry to ask multiple questions I am very grateful for the help and guidance. Chris D
  10. The time has come to sort out the wiring and I gave a few issues to resolve. Due to the time I have taken to build the car the kit has now changed with GBSC and they now have a plug and play wiring loom . I have fitted the old style chassis loom and have purchased the engine wiring loom with the two sockets for ecu and connection to the loom. I have taken ages to decide how the various switches would look on the dashboard and have I think completed the layout. Now I have turned to look at the steering column switches and how I connect them to the loom. At this point I am undecided as to whether to have new individual switches elsewhere than the steering column and I suppose it will be whether it will be difficult to use the existing switches I have. I have contacted GBSC and they advise to use the plug and play loom as they now have steering column switches which have been re wired to suit. This will mean more expense as the new style loom is about £400. I need advice as to whether it is sensible to chose option 1 a new loom or option 2 connect the existing column switches or option 3 buy new switches for wipers,indicators and lights etc and connect each circuit to suit. My preference at the moment is to buy new switches . Hope you can help Chris D
  11. Disco

    Lambda Sensor

    Have now looked at wiring loom and it is a 4 wire supply to the socket. I couldn't have been wearing my glasses when I looked previously. So when i purchase the emerald ecu what is the correct narrow band lambda to buy or is it any make ie Bosch? Thanks for your guidance I am a bit green on these subjects.
  12. Disco

    Lambda Sensor

    I am looking to use the emerald ecu. Would this be a problem? Chris
  13. Disco

    Lambda Sensor

    Thanks for your help.i think I need to have another look at the plug and see if it really is a 5 wire supply. Then it seems with your advice I need to match it with the ecu requirements. Chris
  14. Thanks As I am not using the water rail as provided by GBSC I presume that I need to drill a hole and weld a nut in a metal point in the water system. Is there a preferred position to put them and should they be in different points in the water rail? Chris
  15. Disco

    Clutch Cable

    Thanks to you both that's job number one for Saturday morning. Chris D
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