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  1. When I re-built my Roadster during the winter I just used all silicone hoses with swaged aluminium joiners where required, may cost a little more initially but built for life. All diameters/angled hoses are available in silicone if you shop around they are not too expensive (flea bay/CBS/Tweeks etc.)
  2. No need to run super unleaded.
  3. I'm not aware of a Pinto crank pulley that has markings for 8 degrees ATDC.
  4. Sounds right Maca, must say the 90 degree final tighten on the Torx bolts made me cringe a little but worked fine on my 1990 Pinto. Probably telling you what you already know but make sure the bolt holes are free of any fluid and I would suggest to use clean engine oil on the threads of the new bolts..
  5. Check the valve timing by all means but far more likely is the pulley which drives the distributor has not been correctly timed when the belt has been refitted hence the distributor requiring turning further than its usual position to achieve ignition timing.
  6. Thanks Brumster that sounds like a worthwhile gain, will obviously increase pedal travel which would also be good as the pedal is short and rock solid at the moment.
  7. Sure this subject has been covered numerous times however after noticing Brumster's reply in a recent topic I see he is running a Ford Ka master cylinder, is this a 19mm cylinder? I am currently running one stamped 22 which I am sure is the bore size, but I need more feel and less foot force so the 19mm sounds like the option.
  8. Would anyone out there have an indicator stalk for a MK2 Sierra (1987-1993) its the one which incorporates the round hazard warning light switch on the top.
  9. Have to agree with Alan, 22 sounds a little too high, on my Haynes I am running 18.5 frt and 19.5 rear, although I haven't done that many miles yet, also still playing around with damper settings and still need to do a good run on a hot day. But looking at the other posts I feel you should be able to have a pretty good idea for a start pressure.
  10. Hi Alan, Although I am in Cambs, Burghley or Rutland would be of interest to me if of course a "foreigner" would be allowed, could possibly make mid week as the Chinese have put paid to any work at the moment and for the foreseeable future I'm afraid.
  11. Pipe to the distributor.
  12. If they are just for general road use I would suggest any mid range tyre would be fine (you can always pay more of course) probably more importantly is determining correct tyre pressures.
  13. I got a quote over the phone from Heritage and they promised all the details by e mail 3 times so I gave up on them, called Adrian Flux got a quote and all the details straight away and the quote was better than Heritage.
  14. Car builder solutions have quite a few options.
  15. I guess i'm in the same boat, MOT done but waiting for the 1st of the month to tax it at a ridiculous fee. To produce a "green" vehicle you have to take into account its development/production/use and disposal, and while we are on the development part they all cheat!
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