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  1. I would have to agree with brumster in my experience these joints do vary greatly in quality, remember when greasing the grease is only added through the "cross" of the joint and will follow the line of least resistance so don't be shy and keep firing it in there!
  2. Thanks for the replies, very helpful, armed with the info you have supplied I feel I know how to proceed.
  3. Thanks for the reply, yes I have the log book for the car it has been on the road but I have it sorned at the moment, although I bought the car running my intention is to strip it down myself over the winter and get it MOT'd next spring.
  4. I am a new member looking for info on my Haynes roadster, although I am an experienced mechanic this is my first venture into kit cars, it's a project for me and my grandson. Looking for some info on windscreens, where to purchase? must I have windscreen wipers/demister etc or can I simply remove for MOT purposes. Thanks.
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