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  1. Alvin

    Kev's Locost Turbo Build

    I’m enjoying this build thread, it’s going at a cracking pace! Although, I do feel a bit lazy. In the year I’ve had my car I’ve managed to change the alternator and adjust the seat position. Even at that it was my brother that helped completed the task Alvin..
  2. Alvin

    Kev's Locost Turbo Build

    Hi Kev, interesting build, keep us posted on it. I love the picture with the caption ‘nose cone on for the look’ Alan.
  3. Alvin

    New Portait Of Jim Clark

    Brilliant!! Lets see the finished article. Im not allowed near schools no more so wont see it.. :-/ Alan.
  4. Alvin

    Help! Any Suggestions?

    Hi Dave, I’m guessing normal super glue might be a bit much here? Would this react with paintwork or fibre glass. PVA glue won’t be sticky enough. I would try it on an non seen section first. If all else fails then ‘Pritt-stick ‘ or ‘blu tac’ ;-) Alan.