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  1. Not a fan of the Golf R. My mate bought the auto, changing gear when giving it some, it sounds like it is farting. He sold it shortly after and got a manual estate instead! I like the thought of the RS6 avant or an M5. Possibly the Texaco RS500.. Is this a daily driver lottery winning car or a toy..? Alvin
  2. Hi Daniel, I agree with Brumster in that you'd need to trailer the car to whereve it's going to go. Even trade plates don't cover you if the car has no mot. I'd think for safety and your own piece of mind that going for the IVA (or indeed an unofficial MOT, but again this would be not binding), would let you just how safe the car is and if your on the right track to building it right. Although I did leave my car sitting outside in the street for six months without an MOT. Wasn't picked up by the police who pass my street all day, everyday.. (I may have used it a couple of times too..) Alan.
  3. Alvin

    Best choice of engine

    Hi Matt, pretty good advice from the other guys so far. Can I ask why your after top side of 200 horses and why an MK? I guess this comes down to money, time and how dirty you want to get your paws. Think about the time and effort in buying the car then an engine etc or do you just go in search of one already sorted? So many options of a 7 style car and endless engine choices from owners. When I bought my Hood with a 2 litre i knew it wouldn't be the fastest thing around but I thought later on I would sort that. Either a cosworth turbo engine (would love to 4wd it!) or for ease a pinto that was already fiddled with. In terms of having a laugh it's nuts. Maybe i'm getting old and slowing down as I'm happy with the performance.. I'm pretty hands on but never looked into all this bike carb carry on... Need to get Googlin.. Alan.
  4. Alvin


    Agree with what your saying, everyone different and cars used for various applications. Well, my car passed it's MOT on Wednesday. 45 miles in one year! I think with mileage like that it doesn't really matter what tyres I choose Think I'll opt for the Uniroyal although it looks like I could get another couple of years out of Yokohama's!! Appreciate all the replies. Alan.
  5. Alvin


    Thanks guys, Car is going for its MOT tomorrow and think the four tyres are on the limit. They were last year but I think it's done under 100 miles between tests! I had Michelin Pilot Sport 2's then 3's (superseeded with a 4 now!) on my M5 but wouldnt put them on the wee car. Dont think they're listed in my size.. A very good tyre but certainly more than I'd ever need on the Robin Hood.. I had Nankang tyres on a 320 BMW in the 90's and had a 'moment' in which the car did a four wheel drift off a roundabout into the next lane and then carried on. I might add that I was driving sensibly at the time. I immediately removed these and replaced them with some quality brand. I think I'm scarred from them so would struggle to go back. I do see they get a good write up though.. I can get new old stock of the T1-R's but wouldnt go down that road. Tempted by the Uniroyal tyre. Sure is a hell of a lot of writing on the side wall though! Alan.
  6. Alvin


    Hi Guys, Not sure if this has been covered before but noticed the tyres on my car are on the limit. At the moment they are Yokohama A539 and the spare is a Toyo T1-R. What are your preferences? I know the Toyo's are replaced with a TR-1. Want something with a decent tread pattern and wont blow the budget. I know you get what you pay for tho.. Alan.
  7. I’m enjoying this build thread, it’s going at a cracking pace! Although, I do feel a bit lazy. In the year I’ve had my car I’ve managed to change the alternator and adjust the seat position. Even at that it was my brother that helped completed the task Alvin..
  8. Hi Kev, interesting build, keep us posted on it. I love the picture with the caption ‘nose cone on for the look’ Alan.
  9. Brilliant!! Lets see the finished article. Im not allowed near schools no more so wont see it.. :-/ Alan.
  10. Hi Dave, I’m guessing normal super glue might be a bit much here? Would this react with paintwork or fibre glass. PVA glue won’t be sticky enough. I would try it on an non seen section first. If all else fails then ‘Pritt-stick ‘ or ‘blu tac’ ;-) Alan.
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