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    1.6 Pinto and IVA

    Think it's down to when it was registered for emissions. Mines was registered August 2002, so it's based on the engine. After September 1st 2002, it's different. Stolen from Pistonheads, credit to Paul S. (I'd read it on a .gov site before, but can't find it again)
  2. My VIN has 4 numbers that seem random (possibly chassis/Robin Hood issued number?), RH, then the guy that got the first V5c's initials. Then SCOT, presumably for Scotland, then 2002 for the year of registration. ****RHASGSCOT2002
  3. Excellent. The auction place put a lot of emphasis on there being no certificate, which was why I was slightly concerned.
  4. Cheers guys I was going to apply for a lost certificate, as I believe it must have been done to have a V5c, but wanted to try and find out more before potentially opening a can of worms. Was hoping the Type Approval was a get out clause, to make sure everything's legit.
  5. Make is down as Robin Hood on any online checks
  6. Evening folks Just bought a Robin Hood kit car at auction on Saturday, and picked up the V5C today. Still to get the car home yet, this query's probably just the start. It was sold as not having a SVA/IVA certificate, but on the V5C, there's a number where it says Type Approval No AAXXXXXX First registered 2002, Make is down as Robin Hood, Model/Type is 2-Axle Rigid Body Sports. It states it's rebuilt - Made from parts. The number plate on it is from a 1989, which I'm assuming was the donor vehicle (1993 8v EFI engine). So the question is, does the Type Approval number make a difference to the requirement for the SVA/IVA? Is it possibly the SVA/IVA number? Thanks in advance, any information appreciated.
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