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  1. codo

    1.6 Pinto and IVA

    Excellent, thanks Peter.
  2. codo

    1.6 Pinto and IVA

    Excellent, thanks Dan. Maybe not so much of an issue then. I'll see if I can find the markings on the exhaust port.
  3. codo

    1.6 Pinto and IVA

    Hi Guys, I'm hopefully going to get going with my build again after it stalled and wasn't sure if I would still get through the IVA using the 1.6 Pinto. It's a totally standard engine, so wasn't sure what work I would need to get it through any emissions tests and also if I'd be able to run it using the new E10 Unleaded fuel. I have a feeling this is so old it would have struggled on the old E5, so would need hardened value seals as a minimum? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, as I don't want to get down the line and find this will be a massive issue. Cheers, Dan
  4. codo

    Alternative To Gauges

    Hi Guys, I have had the mad idea of using a Raspberry Pi with a 7" TFT screen, instead of normal gauges. Assuming I can get it working, should this be acceptable for IVA? I was thinking of having the Speedo and Tacho displayed, also with the warning lights (indicators, handbrake, etc). I assume this would need to be backlit, but could I have problems with glare? It would also need to boot very quickly when the ignition is turned. As mentioned, this may just be a mad idea, but thought I ought to check if it would be IVA legal before giving it any more thought. Any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers, Dan
  5. codo

    Battery Choice

    HI Guys, Looking at purchasing a battery for my Zero build and was wondering if this would do the job: http://www.amazon.co...48233794&sr=8-1 Looks to be a slightly higher spec than the one sold on kitspares and is still quite cheap. I'm planning on running a 1.6 Pinto, but may move up to a 2.0lt in the future, so hopefully this will still be man enough for that? Also, any recommendations for a decent battery charger/conditioner as my next job is the electrics, so battery may take a bit of a hit. Not too expense, as I am a bit of a skinflint! Cheers, Dan
  6. Massive thanks to Big Jim. Brackets arrived today and they are spot on. Cheers, Dan
  7. Hi Big Jim, Exactly what I am after. PM sent. Thanks for your help, Dan
  8. Hey guys, Just been looking on the Kit Spares website for the brackets to swap from rear drums to discs and they are £46 inc VAT! This seems quite pricey, especially as they are not even powder coated. Anyone got any ideas where I can source alternatives, or does this seem a reasonable price? Cheers, Dan
  9. Hi guys, I'm thinking of putting disc brakes on the rear of my Zero and was wondering if they would be OK with my Wilwood front discs. I was looking at the 240mm vented Sierra discs and callipers. Would these complement the 260mm Solid discs and callipers (Wilwood) I have on the front? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers, Dan
  10. Hi guys, Can anyone advise what size Viscous Fan spanner I need to remove said item from a 1.6 Pinto? Have seen both 32mm & 36mm for Ford. Cheers, Dan
  11. Hi Guys, Just wanted to check, are the auto-adjusters on the Sierra drum brakes handed or should they both look identical? Also, I assume the back plates are handed? Cheers, Dan
  12. Hi John, I was looking at www.topgear.co.uk, as they have the 15" Pro Race 1.2 for £499 including tyre fitting and balancing (which I don't think GBS do). They also have depots all over the country, so should be able to pick-up locally. The Monza R White is very nice. Keep thinking of going for White Pro Race as I have Navy GRP on the Zero, but may just stick with Silver. Too many decisions!!! Cheers, Dan
  13. Hi guys, I'm currently looking at buying the wheels for my Zero and have a couple of questions. I have become slightly obsessed with the Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2, but can't decide on 14" or 15" rims. I have just discovered that the 14x7.0 rims are only available in offset et25 - 38. Any ideas if any of these offsets will work? The usual offset seems to be et15 on 15x7.0, which I can get. Would this be a better solution? Any suggestions would be greatly received. Cheers, Dan
  14. Hi Guys, Been looking at putting the rear suspension together, but when putting the bolts through the rear suspension mounts they don't line up. I'm fairly sure the tubes on the end of the suspension arms are not quite straight. Am I ok to "adjust" the holes, as they are only about 1-2mm out. Any other ideas would be much appreciated. Cheers, Dan
  15. Hi Guys, Just looking at the Rally Design 2010 catalogue and noticed the Wilwood Hydra Mechanical Caliper. Does this look like it could be an option instead of rear drums? There is a kit (BK64) for £219.45 + VAT. Would this give enough stopping power or would I need to look at the Powerlite (Handbrake Caliper) instead? I am currently going to fit the Wilwood Sierra Donor (BK1S) kit to the fronts, so was wondering if the Powerlite would be too much for the rears. I assume I would need the rear caliper mounts from a Sierra, are there any alternatives to these? Any ideas would be much appreciated. Cheers, Dan
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