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  1. agent_zed

    how to determine chuck key size

    darn knew it wouldn't be easy. yeah it's a taper fitting so should knock off. Although perhaps i might just spend half hour pulling the garage apart as i just can't understand where it could have gone. thanks
  2. agent_zed

    how to determine chuck key size

    I've somehow lost my chuck key for my pillar drill. It's an Einhell BT-BD501 Drill Press (pillar Drill) 500w. which has a 16mm chuck. I don't know what to measure to know what size key to order. I've seen 16mm keys on ebay but not sure if that's just the size of the key not for a 16mm chuck. Does it help if i measure the hole that the key goes into does this relate to the chuck key size? I've found the manual online but it doesn't mention size. It's certainly a large size as i've got a 4 headed chuck key with different sizes on each but none of them are large enough. any help appreciated.
  3. agent_zed

    Which Small Bandsaw

    thought i'd come back to this topic for completion.... ended up buying the sheppach basa1 as toolstation were doing a money off offer so it cost £150 in the end. So far I've been impressed. Still on the stock blade so might be even better with an upgrade. Seems to be well built and worked well straight out the box, just had to set up the guide wheels correctly. I was concerned the fence would allow wandering as it was only one end fix but it locks down tight and is pretty solid. I've found the trick is to hold the loose end down on the bench and then lock the other end as otherwise it lifts slightly as you lock it and you get a tiny gap, but this way stops that happening. It runs quietly and seems solid. The charnwood although slightly bigger and more powerful sadly didn't look very well made. The doors were a bit more inaccurate in fitting and had no microswitches to prevent use whilst open. Not the biggest of concerns but to me a sign that corners were cut. all in all pleased with my purchase, never realised how useful it would be. I'm renovating my house and just being able to zip through a small spacer or take a mm or 2 off shirting board is just so much easier than a hand saw and safer than my chop saw.
  4. agent_zed

    Steering Column Cowling Cover

    isn't it a case that you would have to get a cowling that was made for the column that you have e.g. sierra. as surely it'll be hard to connect it to anything otherwise as the chances of it lining up with any fixing holes and the stalks/hazard light will be slim?! assuming you are using the sierra stalks/hazard light if you wanted to then make that look better then you could cover with leather or carbon etc
  5. agent_zed

    "cheap" Chinese Gauges

    ah so would that be fitted where the normal oil warning light sender is fitted then? thanks
  6. agent_zed

    "cheap" Chinese Gauges

    don't mean to thread hijack so can start a separate one if necessary but was looking at these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/B332-3-in-1-Car-Vehicles-Gauge-Voltmeter-Water-Temp-Oil-Pressure-Sensor-Kit-Set/153176052522?epid=11023619697&hash=item23aa01132a:g:FFYAAOSwLNpbl7fI:rk:28:pf:0and wondering how they connect up. Volts is easy i guess just connect to battery. Temp i assume needs a specific sender which looks like it's included but is that likely to be a standard size that would fit the pinto? Oil pressure? how does that connect up. thanks
  7. agent_zed

    Prop Shaft

    I hope you aren't planning on using the original rubber coupling as the youngest it will be is around 24years old. Can you not get a proper U joint to work as the rubber ones are more likely to go pop.
  8. agent_zed

    Radiator Hose For Vw Polo Seems Hard To Find?!

    yeah it's the 80hp well according to eurocarparts when i enter the reg. I just expected a ton of new ones easily available. i've got a silicone reducer on order to join the pipe so hopefully that'll do the job. thanks for looking
  9. Trying to find an upper radiator hose for a vw polo 1.4tdi 2006 and it seems to be really hard. Found a few sites like autodoc that list it but are out of stock, so used the parts numbers and searched ebay and currently no listings for that. I've phoned up a few places and they said they couldn't get them. Even eurocarparts don't have it listed. I can't believe it's so hard to find as it must be a pretty common car. Ive done a temporary bodge with some old bits of pipe and tube but i'm at the stage of just buying a straight reducer to join the pipe with a piece of ally tube as it was only the one end that broke because the battery cover plastic had dropped and worn through. I know i can get a silicone reducer from ebay as it's what i've done on the kitcar. might try my local garage and see if they are able to get one. guess perhaps its a symptom of people not actually fixing anything themselves anymore.
  10. agent_zed

    Stainless Steel Bonnet

    I used a jigsaw to cut my bonnet but it was mildsteel not stainless. Nice clean cut though.
  11. agent_zed

    Lidl Jump Starter

    yeah the one i bought is meant to know when it's fully charged and drops to trickle charge. Also has some auto setting to recharge batteries that are completely flat as it does it in a different way up until a certain point then charges normally to regenerate them or something. Know idea what it does but as long as it charges my batteries all for £12.99!
  12. agent_zed

    Lidl Jump Starter

    I bought a battery charger for £12.99 the other day from Aldi, seems to do the job and is much smaller than my old one. Lidl and Aldi seem to have a fair few useful bits. especially when they have 3 year warranties on most of the stuff
  13. agent_zed

    Land Owner Register

    yeah sadly the fields behind my house are earmarked for building. Luckily the house further down knew this would eventually happen and bought a strip of land off the farmer years ago so i have my garden then his garden before the field so hopefully won't be as bad as it could have been (as long as he doesn't sell the strip of land ) If there are big trees you can get tree preservation orders on them even if it isn't your land. As above though if you can buy the land as agricultural land it's much cheaper. Just do a deal with the farmer and have a clawback agreement so he knows you aren't going to profit from it.
  14. agent_zed

    Its A Smoker!

    I remember doing a head gasket and for some reason it didn't seat right at the back of the engine. took it for a run and as it built up pressure it pushed oil out and dropped onto the exhaust which then created a nice smoke cloud... just as i rounded a corner to see a police car checking cars. They were convinced it was going to blow up for a while but i let it cool for 5 mins and turned it back on again and because it only smoked when enough pressure it was fine sat there idling so they let me on my way. Had to then work out what was happening as it was only when i was driving it. This obviously won't be your problem as it's coming out the exhaust but smoking engines got me remembering. I still use the same inlet and carb on my pinto so pcv still plumbed in on mine too. Mine smokes as the engine is tipped forward in the 2b so oil sits on no.1 cyclinders valves. I've changed the inlet stem seal but i think the exhaust also needs doing. Prob need new rings too but hey ho. I mean a 26yr old engine with 128k on it and it's smoking? they don't make things to last anymore
  15. agent_zed

    Its A Smoker!

    you can change the stem seals with the head still in situ. I've done it and it was relatively easy. Using the info on this site (sorry can't remember who posted it as it was years ago). But all you have to do is remove the spark plugs and push some rope in through the hole - turn the engine until the piston locks the valve against the rope and then you can remove the valve spring and replace the seals. Is the smoke coming out the exhaust? are you sure there is no water/oil in the exhaust that is heating up and burning off? just a thought.