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  1. Cheers guys thanks for the advice I'm crap when comes to electrics
  2. The sender I got from kit spares has only one threaded pole or rod on the top of the sender with one wire on the inside. I connected the power and sender signal wire to the pole and the third wire to earth. When the ignition is switched on the gauge goes up to full. When the the ignition is switched off the gauge goes down to half and stays there. Whether it's a coincidence or not that the tank is half full I Don't know. Electrics are not my strong point guys
  3. Just fitted a reconditioned sierra sender unit and when I switched on the ignition on the gauge went straight to full even though the tank isn't???
  4. What set up have you chaps got for a choke for cold starting with bike carbs
  5. richard mackay


    What are your thoughts on the E10 fuel thats coming
  6. For the last while I have been doing a Zetec upgrade it was a crated motor so no engine number I've sold the pinto so what do I do about engine ID.
  7. Morning folks, anybody on here got indicator/hazard warning stalk for a 1986 1.6 sierra? It was my Donald car years ago. The hazard switch will no work any more there is power there but that's all. Cheers Richard
  8. My Sierra was a 1986 1.6L it had 13' steels. I fitted 14' bk racing alloys that were on a MK4 Escort. When I went for what was the SVA in 2004 I was worried a about the Speedo reading slow but I needn't have worried. Now I'm fancying a classic sort of look and minilite style wheels do the job for me.
  9. Cool, no issues with offsets etc.
  10. Has anyone on here ever fitted minilite or superlite wheels on a Sierra base car and what size etc
  11. What is the latest on engine Swaps or upgrades for older cars having new or newer engines fitted?
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